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Category - Minecraft In Education

Minecraft is known nationally as a unique and phenomenal game, in which expression and creativity are necessities. It is a game for enjoyment, as well as for learning. In 2016 Microsoft dropped software with which teachers can utilize in the classroom for learning purposes. Microsoft provides a free download of the software from their website for both students and teachers. This program allows for collaborative, creative work. With this new edition the possibilities for educating are endless.

Using the software in history class is another way to bring this new and innovative way of learning into the classroom. MinecraftEDU has already created many three-dimensional replica structures of historical monuments that you can import into a community that students can explore. Structures such as Roman Colosseum and the Globe Theatre in London are just the beginning of the list of all the possibilities for teaching opportunities. This game allows for students to use these locations for dioramas, stage plays, and presentations to display their knowledge of the time period and the historical significance each structure has.

Another way to utilize the game in the classroom is by involving it in the writing classes as well. The educational program allows for teachers to add a writing tool for students to use. This tool can be used for several things such as creating backstories for their characters, students can also write stories with different plot elements using the game as they play, along with recreating certain scenes and plot events. This will help students with creative and standard writing techniques and reading comprehension. Allowing each student to create a world based on their own inferences, points of view, and their own interpretations.

This program can also be utilized in a math classroom setting. Math requires critical thinking and problem-solving. The game is designed to utilize both of these processes and help improve them. Teachers and students can set challenges for students inside the program to display their use of critical thinking and problem-solving. Helping improve these skills can improve students ability to understand math processes easier. From displaying proportions and ratios students can improve heavily in the math department from the use of a tool such as Minecraft.

Utilizing this tool in the Science department is also possible. The game allows students and teachers to create many things such as a 3D model of a human heart to measuring gravity’s effect on sand. This tool will allow students to see science in a new and efficient way, while also allowing each student to display their new found knowledge in a creative and exciting way. When students are presented with an enjoyable, hands-on option for learning it can excite them to learn more than ever before.

Of course including the game in any art curriculum is one of the easiest to do. Allowing students to create 3D models, design structures, and landscapes. This program was made to be utilized in a creative class setting. Teachers can set certain task for students to accomplish so that certain techniques can be displayed. With endless possibilities for creative and new ideas, the art classroom is the perfect place to introduce students to this amazing tool.

The educational software contains a multiplayer mode where students can create complex economies. Allowing students to set up shops to buy and sell goods teaching them the basics of supply and demand. This element makes this the perfect tool for any economics classroom. Teaching students hands-on how a system such as supply and demand so that can experience it themselves and grow from it. This gives students a chance unlike ever before to learn great things about the market of economies.

With this program being centered around teaching students in new and innovative ways, it also helps build social skills for all students even those who would not ordinarily be as social. The game lets students work alongside one another to create amazing worlds, scenes, and many more things. Social development is vital in the stages of childhood, your socialization skills ordinarily set the tone for the rest of your life and this video game is providing a platform for all children to have an opportunity to have input and feel as though they are part of something.

Video games in the classroom may seem like a bizarre idea for traditional teachers but have no doubt that this program will not only help students but it will also help the teachers understand students in a new way. Teachers being able to observe the ways that help the students learn will help them incorporate those methods in other teaching strategies. It can also help aid the teachers to understand their students better overall as they create a working world together. We support the use of Minecraft as an educational tool and have even created a scholarship focused on this.