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Setup and Play an All In One Server in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

All In One Modpack Hosting
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Playing Vanilla Minecraft offers minimal challenges, as the vast majority of the gameplay is peaceful. This can be problematic for players wanting to experience a difficult version of their beloved game. Fortunately, modifications can change the features in Minecraft to make it more challenging for users. It’s best to combine these mods into large collections, known as modpacks. An extremely popular pack to try out is called All In One, which mimics Skyblock and introduces brand new aspects to the game. The only way players can obtain unique resources is by continuously breaking a single block that slowly switches between different dimensions to provide a wide variety of items. This and other activities contribute to your journey, as completing the modpack’s quests is required to advance. Whether you’re trying to stay alive with limited materials or progress far enough to build automatic machines, the possibilities are endless. Playing this pack with friends on a server is a wonderful way to experience the game differently compared to vanilla. Setting it up is easily done on our panel, as it comes preinstalled for your convenience. However, some newcomers to this scene may be unfamiliar with our system. Due to this, we’ll show you how to properly set up and play through the All In One modpack on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.


This modpack was developed by NaturaSpell and published on CurseForge around the start of 2021. Since its release, the total number of downloads exceeds 1.3 million, making this a fan favorite in the community. The All In One modpack is for Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 and is regularly updated by the developer. Its main in-game purpose is to challenge players by limiting their access to resources and changing the types they can collect during specific times.

Client Installation

Before playing with the modpack, you’ll be required to download the official CurseForge launcher. This application allows you to install All In One directly on your computer. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to do this process.

  1. Navigate to this CurseForge page, then press Download for your operating system.
    CurseForge Download
  2. Save and open this file to begin the installation process.
  3. After it’s done, run the launcher and click Browse Modpacks from the menu.
    CurseForge Browse Modpacks
  4. Proceed to type “All In One” in the Search field, then press Install once found.
    All In One Modpack Download
  5. When everything is finished, click Play from My Modpacks to begin loading it.


Server Installation

As for installing the All In One modpack on your Minecraft server, it’s entirely done through the panel. This process will only take a few minutes, with the loading stage being the most time consuming. Follow these steps to begin setting up your server with the pack.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and locate the Game File section down below.
  2. Click the currently selected option, which reveals a dropdown menu.
    Minecraft 1.19.3
  3. In the text box, type “All In One” and press it once found.
    All In One Modpack Server Installation
  4. Afterward, click Change Version and Create New World in the following prompts.
  5. Continue to press the Restart Now button to begin loading the modpack on the server.
    All In One Modpack Restart Server
  6. Once it’s finished, join with All In One from the CurseForge launcher.


Getting Started

All In One Modpack Server Hosting

Upon entering the modded server, you’ll notice there’s hardly a world available to use. This is by design, as players must begin breaking the center block for additional materials. There’s a time limit on the first phase of this feature, as it switches between different sets of obtainable resources. However, you’ll want to first create or join an existing party so quests are fully functional. Doing this requires you to execute the following command in-chat: /ftbquests party [create/join] [name]. Afterward, you can begin playing the modpack as intended. Although, there are a few tips and tricks that’ll be useful to you. Follow the subsections below to learn more and get started with All In One.

Beginner Books

Brand new players will notice five items in their inventory, which aren’t necessarily required for progression. The books are used to provide you with information about certain modded materials, among other aspects. It’s encouraged to keep them for later, as they’ll be helpful when you’ve advanced enough. For example, Materials & You gives you knowledge about the Part Builder, Stencil Table, Patterns, and other tools that’ll help you craft stronger equipment.

All In One Modpack Quests

However, an extremely important item is the Quest Book. This opens a menu to view all available missions, activities, and chapters to play through. Alternatively, using the Inventory options is another way to open the same area in-game. Once viewing the quests, click on the Getting Started ones and complete them so it’ll open the first chapter. These are located on the left-hand side of the menu, with highlighted ones being either finished or in-progress.

When you’re reading about a mission, it’ll show the Task Items and Rewards for completing it, along with a brief description.

Flatland Chapter

All In One Modpack Guide

The first chapter of quests to work on is called Flatland, which is a phase for the middle block. Breaking this spawns specific materials, such as Leaves, Grass, Clay, Sand, Dirt Chests, and many more. Most of your gameplay early on will consist of collecting these resources. In some cases, passive mobs will appear from breaking the middle block. These include the normal ones, such as Chickens, Cows, Pigs, Sheep, among others. This chapter is straightforward, as players will need to gather key items and/or begin crafting basic blocks. Remember, each quest has Task Items to collect and should be followed accordingly in your world. This is how everyone will advance in the chapter, meaning it’s essential to the modpack.

When you’ve placed dirt around the island to increase its size, try to transform them into Grass Blocks. This is achieved by the 128x Dirt quest’s rewards, as it provides you with the material needed. Afterward, shift + right-click the block with your hands to obtain Pebbles. These items are used to create Cobblestone, which requires a minimum amount of four in the crafting menu.

All In One Modpack Cobblestone

Once you’ve obtained enough, make sure to place Saplings down on the grass to produce Trees. This allows players to create chests, crafting tables, and basic tools. These will come in handy while you and others slowly make progress towards future quests.

Entering New Phases

All In One Modpack Farmland Phase

Remember, each phase is limited and will not last forever so new resources become available. This serves an important purpose, as it’s the only way to continue making progress on your quests. This feature is also what makes everything so challenging since if you miss out on the Farmland chapter, then you’ll lose lots of possible food items. Take advantage when the phase changes, which displays in front of your screen so it’s unlikely to be ignored.

For reference, each one will typically last for around 10 minutes, but can be sporadically extended at times.

While in this new chapter of the modpack, some quests may not be fully completed from the previous one. This is intentional and will likely happen for most players, but don’t worry. There’ll be a time later on in the gameplay where you can finish the leftover quests. Besides this, continue to review each task and reward to determine your priorities. Some players may have different playstyles than others, changing how they progress through All In One.

All In One Modpack Quests


Underground Dimension

All In One Modpack Underground Phase

As you make progress in the world, there’ll be an Underground phase for the middle block. This is a critical portion of the modpack, as all players can now obtain rare mineral ores. Whether you get lucky and collect lots of Diamonds or Uranium, there are tons of them to find. However, you’ll want to craft a Cobblestone Pickaxe beforehand so you can successfully break most blocks. In some cases, hard materials will appear and take time to mine.

If you can’t collect an ore due to an insufficient tool, it’ll still be accepted in the quests if broken. This also is one of the longest phases, giving you plenty of opportunities to obtain materials for powerful equipment. Unfortunately, since this is supposed to be cave-like, there are hostile mobs that occasionally appear from thin air after breaking the middle block.

In-game Suggestions

As you may notice by now, lots of items will be obtained by players enjoying the All In One modpack. This can create some issues, such as not being able to store everything collected. Solving this requires you to craft many Chests, but you’ll need a Tree Farm to do that. These can be any type, as they are multiple kinds of saplings to use. Besides this, using modded blocks like the Part Builder with Patterns can help you create stronger tools that surpass the default ones.

All In One Modpack Tips

Remember, all players can view any recipe through their inventory menu on the right-hand side. Once you’ve started progressing through more and more chapters, the Overworld phase will become active. This allows players to get Villagers, which can be used for trading depending on the job you assign them. For example, using coal to get emeralds for better trades is an excellent method to get enchanted books. Another good tip to keep in mind is building mob farms to collect Bone Meal, as you’ll want to gather unique seeds for a large farm to satisfy your hunger.

The Endgame

All In One Modpack Tutorial

After a long gameplay session, you may find yourself nearing the end of all chapters. At this point, you should have enough resources for magical tools, automatic machines, among different kinds of features. This is when most players are considered finished with the modpack, but can still thrive in the world despite completing most quests. For example, building large cities or castles is extremely difficult even after advancing far enough. Depending on future updates, there could be more content to enjoy with All In One.

Common Issues

My Modpack Won’t Load

An extremely common problem to encounter is the modpack being unable to load properly. This occurs when incorrectly installing it on the server or launcher. If this happens on our panel, then make sure you’ve generated a new world after selecting All In One from the Game File section. This is required for the modpack to work properly, as a normal map isn’t sufficient. Besides this, using the wrong Server Profile could be a contributing factor to the overall situation. Ensure you’ve either created a new one or deleted unwanted/older files in the FTP panel. If the situation persists, then consider manually installing the pack on the server. This is a foolproof way to make sure everything is going to work without further problems. As for the client-related issues, simply delete the old instance of the modpack and redownload it through the launcher. Alternatively, allocating more memory may help load everything properly.

Cannot Join the Server

When players are unable to join the server, there could be a few reasons it’s happening. These include using an older version of the modpack on the server or client, not loading it through CurseForge, or entering an incorrect address to make the connection. The first is easy to resolve, as you’ll want to simply delete the jar folder from the FTP area and Restart to begin updating the pack. The others are equally quick to do since all players will need to ensure they’re using the latest version of All In One from CurseForge, then load into Minecraft through that launcher. Additionally, make sure everyone is typing the correct IP Address:Port or Subdomain so no connectivity issues arise.

Flying Isn’t Enabled

This happens when a player falls down into the void and triggers the server’s flight prevention to kick them. Solving this is easy, as you’ll need to enable flying in the settings. Follow this guide to accomplish this goal, but remember to Restart after you’ve toggled the feature to apply the changes. Alternatively, forcibly killing the falling player will resolve the situation without tweaking any options in the server’s configuration. This is done by executing /kill [player] with operator privileges or in the Console area of the panel without any slashes.

The Server Crashed

In cases where the server is crashing, there are some solutions to try without losing the world. The first is to restore from a backup through the panel, but will revert some progress. However, if you’re able to join before it crashes, then remove any ticking entities to prevent the situation from happening again. Otherwise, you may need to review our Modded Optimization Guide to check what other solutions are available. As a last resort, contact our Support team so they can work with you to resolve the situation.

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How To Make a All in One Server With Apex Hosting

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  4. Complete the order and your All in One server will be created instantly