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How to Make Custom Weapons in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

How to Get Custom Weapons in Minecraft


As you build an armory in Minecraft, you and other players alike may want personalized weapons. These can range from custom enchanted swords to renamed colored bows, along with brand new items to try out. It all boils down to what Minecraft edition and setup you’re using, as it determines what you can do in-game. For example, Java users can install plugins to create their own custom weapons. Otherwise, vanilla or mods can be used to achieve similar results. These can come in handy on dedicated servers, as some may want to stand out from the rest. Whether you renamed your sword to be your favorite mythical creature or added new enchantments with addons, you have plenty of opportunities to accomplish this goal. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to showcase the possibilities for making your own custom weapons in Minecraft.

Custom Minecraft Weapons

There are many ways to get custom weapons in Minecraft, from using mods or plugins to vanilla mechanics. This even goes for server resource packs or datapacks to further this customization. However, most players would rather have standalone addons or specifically configured weapons in-game to show off. Due to this, we’ll be showing you the available methods to accomplish this feat across all Minecraft editions and setups. Unfortunately, the majority of custom weapons are only obtainable through mods and plugins rather than the default version of the game.

Vanilla Method

Custom Weapons Vanilla Minecraft

If you’re wanting to avoid using any external addons on your singleplayer world or dedicated Minecraft server, then using vanilla features to make custom weapons is advised. These are for both Bedrock and Java editions of the game, as they’re built into them. Essentially, you’ll want to gather experience points and enchant your items with specific abilities, then rename it accordingly. The following information will help you know some tips and tricks regarding this process. When you’re ready, review the sections below to get started.

Collecting EXP
Minecraft Mob Spawner

The first step towards making a custom weapon in Minecraft is collecting EXP, as it’ll come in handy when enchanting and renaming. The best way to do this is by creating a mob farm or searching for natural spawners in the world. For instance, having an automatic grinder configured for skeletons or creepers provides you with lots of experience points. Whether you AFK nearby or manually slay these hostile mobs, you’ll be gathering many EXP orbs.


Enchanted Books

Once you’ve gathered enough EXP, preferably 30 levels, you can begin enchanting books for specific abilities. It’s encouraged to waste small amounts of experience if you have no desired enchants available. After this, it’ll reset the types for you to choose and use again. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the number of enchanted books you have stored.

Minecraft Enchanting

Players that don’t have too many books should consider making a sugar farm for paper, along with cows.

Renaming Weapons
Minecraft Anvil

After making your perfect and ideal weapon in Minecraft, it’s time to continue customizing it with a name. This can be anything you want, which is done through the anvil like applying enchanted books. Sadly, this will take some experience points away from your character. Make sure to keep this in mind when renaming a sword, bow, axe, or anything else considered a weapon.


Plugin Method

Custom Weapons Plugins Minecraft

Instead of using only vanilla mechanics, players can choose to use plugins instead for custom weapons in Minecraft. These range from brand new items to unique enchantments, meaning you have lots of options to consider. For example, using Crazy Enchantments allows you to merge more abilities together that exceed normal limitations. Instead of customized enchanted weapons, you can try using EpicRename to have colored names for them. This adds onto the personalization of your swords, bows, axes, and other items.

Furthermore, players can make entirely new weapons in Minecraft with the ItemsAdder plugin or similar kinds. Sadly, this is a premium addon that requires payment before usage. Looking for other plugins is another option for you to try, as you might discover something else to achieve the same goal. Keep in mind that these are only available on dedicated Minecraft servers, as they aren’t designed for singleplayer.

Minecraft Custom Weapons Plugins

If this isn’t ideal for you, then consider using resource packs or datapacks to see if that works out.

Modding Method

Custom Weapons Mods Minecraft

If you’re wanting to have custom weapons regardless of being on servers or not, then modifications are perfect. This is amplified with modpacks, as they’re entire collections of standalone mods that implement a wide range of features to the game. For instance, BigChadGuys introduces you to Minecraft Dungeons weapons for more custom items. Although, normal mods can achieve the same task if you want to avoid using modpacks.

Minecraft Custom Weapon Mods

An extremely popular mod called Apotheosis allows you to build your own custom weapons in Minecraft through enchanting and tinkering. This also provides you with many chances to discover them in hidden dungeons throughout the world. Modifications are certainly the number one way to have these Minecraft custom weapons.

We strongly recommended trying them out to see if they’re best suited for your setup.

Custom Weapon Benefits

The pros of having custom weapons in Minecraft are being able to show off to others and build your own unique armory. For example, while having specific mods or plugins installed, the name of your item appears in-chat with all its enchantments. This only happens after hovering over it, but can also be publicly visible with other addons too. It all comes down to what setup you want on the server or singleplayer world, with the vast majority of users having this on multiplayer. Other benefits may include having personal gratification for using a weapon you carefully designed. This applies to both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions, with some players having behavior packs with custom items too.


Having custom weapons in Minecraft is a wonderful way to display your prized possessions, especially if you’ve taken the time and effort to make it a powerful tool. Whether you only wanted new enchantments or an awesomely named item, there are plenty of opportunities in Minecraft to get custom weapons. Amplifying this is easily done with mods or plugins, as you’re given many methods to make unique swords, axes, bows, tridents, and crossbows, among others.

Minecraft Conclusion Apex Hosting

With this in mind, we hope this Apex Hosting guide helped you learn all about custom weapons in Minecraft.

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