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Setup and Play a BigChadGuys Plus Server in Minecraft

Last modified on Dec 18, 2023 in Modpacks

mc head By Nathan Young

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Fans of Minecraft Dungeons and Legends may want to emulate their favorite features from these games on their server. Whether they want brand new biomes, mobs, items, or abilities, all of this is possible with mods. There’s countless of them online, occasionally overwhelming players looking to modify their gameplay experience. Fortunately, there’s a large modpack that combines countless mods called BigChadGuys Plus. This gives players all kinds of unique features, including items from Minecraft Dungeons, Story Mode, a wide variety of biomes, enhanced dimensions, custom bosses, and lots more. If you’re wanting a casual experience that’s flexible enough to also provide challenges, consider trying out this modpack. Setting it up to play with friends is quickly done on our panel, as it comes preinstalled for your convenience. All it takes is a few clicks and minutes to get everything configured, which doesn’t require prior knowledge to accomplish. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and play a BigChadGuys Plus server in Minecraft.


The BigChadGuys Plus modpack was developed and released on CurseForge by jflec on April 10, 2023. This is for Minecraft Fabric 1.19.2, gathering close to 200,000 downloads so far. There’s around 150-200 mods in this pack, giving players the best possible experience in-game. From the awe inspiring terrain to the improved combat system, there’s plenty of possibilities with BigChadGuys Plus. This even includes Pokémon and countless other fun mods to always entertain you.

Client Installation

Before playing, you’ll need to install CurseForge to support this modpack. This gives you a custom profile to safely store all your files for BigChadGuys Plus, avoiding any issues otherwise. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to install this launcher and the modpack to start playing.

  1. Navigate to CurseForge and click the Download button for your operating system.
    CurseForge Download
  2. Save and open this file on your computer to begin the installation process.
  3. Once this finishes, startup the launcher and press Browse Modpacks from the menu.
    CurseForge Browse Modpacks
  4. Continue to type “BigChadGuys Plus” in the Search field, then click Install.
    BigChadGuys Plus Download
  5. Wait for everything to download, then press Play from My Modpacks to load it.


Server Installation

When installing this on your Minecraft server, we highly recommend creating a New Profile so no pre-existing files interfere with BigChadGuys Plus. This is completely optional, but helps to avoid any conflict with other configurations. Otherwise, simply review the steps below to quickly install the modpack to begin playing with friends.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and locate the Game File area.
  2. Once found, click on the currently selected option to reveal a dropdown list.
    Minecraft 1.20 Server
  3. In the text field, type “Big Chad Guys Plus” and press it once found.
    BigChadGuys Plus Server
  4. Afterward, click Change Version and Create New World when prompted.
  5. When you’re done with this, continue to press Restart Now in the final prompt.
    BigChadGuys Plus Server Guide
  6. Wait for this to finish installing, then join with your installed modpack via CurseForge.


Getting Started

BigChadGuys Plus Server Hosting

Upon entering your BigChadGuys Plus server, there’ll be tons of new biomes, mobs, and items nearby. You receive two starter books, Paladin’s Furniture and Runic Grimoire that provide useful information about some aspects of this modpack. More of these will appear later on, but aren’t needed to enjoy the game. Besides this, players can choose their starter Pokémon to begin battling wild creatures. This adds extra fun to the overall experience, especially when you’re playing around with other features. Due to the overwhelming amount of new items, abilities, structures, and other aspects, we’ve compiled the best ones to keep in mind down below. This should help you get started with BigChadGuys Plus in Minecraft and showcase its many unique features. However, the JEI mod is installed with this modpack and will help you learn about everything in-game.

Starter Pokémon

One of the first steps towards kickstarting your new adventure is choosing your Pokémon. This is achieved by pressing X on your keyboard upon joining a new world. Select from a wide range of them to use against other creatures, but can also be a friendly companion during your journey. Whether you want a fire or water type, there’s plenty of them to choose from. Keep in mind that you can always get more than one Pokémon, which is done from winning battles. These features come from Cobblemon, an extremely popular mod that has lots of content. For example, there’s all kinds of Pokéballs and Apricorn items to use for crafting.

Minecraft Pokemon Mod


Healing & Storage

Minecraft Pokemon Healing Storage

Other features from this particular mod include a healing and storage system. If you’ve lost a few battles with your Pokémon, then heal them so they can begin fighting some more. Otherwise, you can store all the ones you’ve obtained and switch them out depending on which kinds you want. These systems are extremely important, as Cobblemon plays an important role with this modpack. However, there’s plenty of other features to try out if you’re not interested in Pokémon.


Random Wildlife

While you explore this amazing new world, there’ll be countless animals and monsters to encounter. This changes on which biome you’re in, meaning some of these mobs are exclusive. This is amplified at nighttime, but there’s still default creatures from Minecraft to watch out for too. With Pokémon involved too, the amount of wildlife from BigChadGuys Plus makes the world feel alive. There’s even new mobs in other dimensions, but tend to be extremely dangerous.

BigChadGuys Plus Mobs


Unique Biomes

BigChadGuys Plus Biomes
BigChadGuys Plus Biomes

As for all the biomes from this modpack, it’s generated by Terralith and Oh The Biomes You’ll Go. These are two popular mods for changing the world, which combines into an ever changing environment in-game. There are some mountainous, flowery, oceanic, forestry, and deadly areas all around the map. Besides these, there’s still default biomes to encounter, but are enhanced with their own unique properties. Players will have a difficult time finding a good spot for building a base, as there’s many beautiful environments. Keep in mind that this also applies to other dimensions, while also having special structures scattered around in all worlds.

Better Structures

BigChadGuys Plus Structures

While continuing your adventure, it’ll become clear that there’s many structures around the world. These include custom towers, flying ships, underground campsites, and many more. Some of them will be improved default buildings, such as the pillager outpost. However, the vast majority of structures are custom from the BigChadGuys Plus modpack. Whenever you encounter them, it’s strongly recommended to explore the entire area since there’s valuables nearby.

In addition to the new ones, there’s better villages that have unique buildings and villagers. Instead of a normal water well, there’s a Waystone for players to use. This allows you and players alike to transport between waypoints, but only after you find them. Besides this, there’s plenty of loot to discover in almost every building. Alternatively, you may find unique crops and other items to use during your adventures.

BigChadGuys Plus Village
BigChadGuys Plus Dungeons

Other structures include dungeons, which can be found underground or on the surface. For example, one of these is a large mushroom tower full of monsters and chests for the taking. Avoid these areas early on, as you need to gather strong weapons and armor to win the battles. Otherwise, you can try your luck to overcome the dungeon’s challenges to take your winnings. In some cases, this may lead you to a grand adventure that even has a unique boss to slay at the end.


Loot & Rarities

As you look through chests, barrels, and other storage containers, you’ll find some unique items and materials. These include tools, weapons, armor, bows, and collectables that provide abilities. Almost all of them have rarities too, with some having innate enchantments. It’s suggested that you find these items instead of trying to craft them yourself, as they’ll always be better due to their unique properties.

Minecraft Dungeons Java Mod

A few notable weapons are Soul Fists, Firebrands, and Frost Scythes that come from Minecraft Dungeons.

Building Materials

BigChadGuys Plus Building Blocks

Instead of weapons or armor, you can craft and discover brand new building materials. There’s even some that allow you to make machines, which is from the Create mod. Otherwise, you can use unique blocks to make some interesting bases that can be highly decorated with furniture. The BigChadGuys Plus modpack gives players all kinds of ways to have fun in Minecraft.

We strongly encourage you to explore the wide variety of building materials to see what works best for you.

Combat System

When you’re fighting enemies, you’ll notice the combat system is different from vanilla Minecraft. This amplifies the battle, as it feels as if you’re truly in one. The special animations played after swinging your sword depends on the type of weapon used for it. Most of these will resemble Minecraft Dungeons, while others have their own unique ways. Although, it’s not only animations and style that are different since there’s lots of other features too.

BigChadGuys Plus Combat


Special Skills

BigChadGuys Plus Skills

This brings us to the skills menu, accessible by pressing K on your keyboard while in-game. Players are given lots of options to improve, such as their health, strength, defense, and other aspects. If you’re wanting to level up your character, then you need to collect experience points from killing monsters, mining ores, and smelting items. It’s encouraged to build a mob farm to quickly gain all your skills, as they can reach up to level 100. This means you can become an overpowered force to be reckoned with in your Minecraft server. Keep this in mind when you’re adventuring since forgetting about these skills might be your downfall. Although, there’s even other menus too such as jobs that increase your levels too.


Custom Bosses

BigChadGuys Plus Bosses

Later on in the gameplay, you and others may encounter terrifying monsters with special powers. These are known as bosses, especially if they have a health bar near the top of your screen. Some of these can be easy to defeat, while others are extremely difficult to slay. For example, a Lich will float around and constantly regenerate their health upon every hit. A team of players must come together to win this battle, as its regen is too quick for a solo fight. We suggest finding or making the best possible armor and weapons before taking on this challenge.

Improved Dimensions

If you’re needing extra materials for items, traveling to the Nether is a wonderful way to accomplish this goal. There’s lots of new biomes and creatures to explore, especially when you’re prepared for a wild adventure. Instead of a darkened red theme, there’ll be tons of colorful areas and structures to enjoy. Besides this, rarer loot is found in this dimension that may help you advance more quickly than normal.

BigChadGuys Plus Nether
BigChadGuys Plus End Dimension

The same concepts apply to the End dimension too, meaning that there’s plenty of biomes and structures to encounter. This gives life to this world, as the default version is desolate. Expect to see enormous mushroom-like trees with unique blocks all around. The End has wild vegetation and wildlife to explore as well, giving players more opportunities to have fun. However, defeating the Ender Dragon is required before venturing into this improved void dimension.


Common Issues

Unable to Join Server

In cases where you’re unable to join the server, make sure to have properly installed the modpack on your CurseForge launcher. This means you need to have and select the latest version of it so the connection is successful. On rare occasions, players may not be able to load BigChadGuys Plus at all. This typically happens due to low allocated memory, which needs to be increased for the best results. Otherwise, there could be an issue with the server itself that causes this situation to arise. Double check you’ve chosen “Big Chad Guys Plus” from the Game File area in the panel, then restarted so everything works as intended. Although, creating a new server profile is highly recommended if the situation persists. Another way to resolve this problem is to update the modpack, which should help fix it.

My Server is Lagging

Sometimes, players may notice the server is lagging. This happens after restarting too many times or having low dedicated memory to run the modpack. We suggested 6-8GB of RAM so everything works smoothly, especially if you plan to have a group of friends all online at once. Alternatively, you can see about optimizing the server to resolve the situation. For example, limiting the amount of entities in-game or tweaking global settings may help reduce the lag. Otherwise, contacting our Support might be another way for you to fix these performance problems.

Server Configs Outdated

An extremely common issue is noticing the “Server configs are outdated…” message in-game always appearing. This happens randomly, but tends to show up after dying in the world. Solving it is straightforward, as all you need to do is run the byg update_configs dismiss command in the server’s console. Alternatively, executing byg update_configs update will try to resolve the issue once for all. This may require a server or client restart though, so we encourage using the first command to fix this situation.

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How To Make a BigChadGuys Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your BigChadGuys server will be created instantly