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How To Install Minecraft Data Packs

Last modified on Oct 26, 2022 in Control Panel

mc head By Nathan Young


While playing on your Minecraft world, you may find the server missing some features. This can lead to a desire for adding unique abilities in your game, such as teleportation or player head drops. Installing datapacks can solve that scenario, as it allows for many custom features in your world. Whether you play on vanilla or use mods, any 1.13 and above server can support these packs. It’s a great way to customize your map and allow players to enjoy an enhanced version of Minecraft. However, the exact processes for installing and using datapacks can be difficult. Due to this, Apex Hosting will teach you how to correctly upload and play with them on your world.

Downloading Datapacks

  1. Head towards Vanilla Tweaks and select the datapacks you want installed.
  2. Once everything is selected, press the downwards arrow and click Direct Download.
    Vanilla Tweaks Download Datapacks
  3. Drag the zipped file(s) onto your desktop or somewhere easily accessible for later use.


Do not extract any zipped files you downloaded. If your datapacks aren’t zipped then zip them via 7zip or WinRAR. Additionally, you can use other websites to download datapacks, but do it at your own risk.


How to Upload Datapacks

  1. Head to your Apex server panel and press the Stop button.
  2. Afterward, click FTP File Access in the top left corner and login with your password.
    Apex Server Panel FTP File Access
  3. Once there, enter into your world’s directory and press the datapacks folder. Example: /…/MyWorld/datapacks
  4. In the top left, click Upload and drag the zipped file(s) in the respective area.
    Uploading Datapacks to Minecraft Server
  5. Wait for them to reach 100%, then press Back to view what you uploaded.
  6. After returning to the folder, checkmark any zip files and press Unzip in the top right corner.
    Extracting Vanilla Tweaks Datapack ZIP
  7. Press Submit and wait until you see the “Done, returned Ok” message in the console display.
  8. Head back to the main server panel and click Restart so the datapacks can load.


Datapack Commands

Here’s the entire command list for datapacks to help you manage them all.

/datapack enableEnables a desired pack in the world.
/datapack disableDisables the targeted pack for your world.
/datapack listDisplays a list of all enabled/disabled datapacks.



Spicing up your Minecraft experience with datapacks leads to many fun and useful features in the world. Combining tons of packs together can truly build a custom server that your friends can enjoy without having to install or set up anything themselves. This is a major advantage over mods, as players would be forced to download them to even join the game. Datapacks can be found all over the internet, but make sure you find credible ones to use on your world. Otherwise, it may lead to nonfunctional packs or problems with your server. Besides that, we hope you and other players enjoy the new datapacks on your Minecraft world!

Common Issues

Cannot Locate Datapacks Folder
In some cases, your world will not generate a datapacks folder or simply doesn’t have one if it was an uploaded/custom map. To fix that, enter into your world’s directory and press New folder in the top left corner. Proceed to name it “datapacks” and click Submit. Afterward, you can continue to upload the files normally. However, if you have server profiles enabled then make sure you’re entering the right one for this installation.

Datapacks Don’t Work
Double-check to see if your datapacks are zipped or not, as they must be zip files to properly load. If they aren’t correctly set up, checkmark the datapack folders and click Zip in the top right of your screen. Otherwise, do the similar process on your desktop via an external program and re-upload the files. Although, if your datapacks are zipped then try using the datapack enable [file name] command in the Console.

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