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The Abyss 2 Minecraft Mod

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mc head By Nathan Young

The Abyss 2 Mod


Adventuring in Vanilla Minecraft with friends can be a wonderful time, as you battle through various challenges to ultimately defeat the Ender Dragon. Other times, players will explore other dimensions of their world to collect valuable resources or complete achievements. Once everything has been finished, some may desire for more activities and features in their server. This leads them to search for modifications to enhance the gameplay in their image. If you’re wanting a new dimension filled with wondrous items, magic, mobs, bosses, and more, then consider trying The Abyss 2 mod. This adds onto the default Minecraft experience with tons of challenges and features, while not disrupting the classic game’s mechanics. There are many possibilities with this modification, leading players on a grand adventure. Setting this up to play with friends is easily done on our panel, as our user interface is designed for your convenience. However, not everyone fully understands our system and may get confused about this process. Due to this, we’ll show you how to install and play The Abyss 2 on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting guide.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to The Abyss 2 on CurseForge and click Files near the top.
    The Abyss 2 CurseForge
  2. Locate and select your desired Game Version in the list.
  3. Proceed to press the Download button on the right-hand side of your screen.
    The Abyss 2 Mod Download
  4. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.


Keep in mind that beta versions of The Abyss 2 require Patchouli and GeckoLib, as they’re dependencies. We highly recommend avoiding any unstable builds of this modification since some features may not fully work or be entirely supported. This means using the 1.16.5 version is better for your server and players, until the mod officially updates to 1.19 or above.


Client Installation

Before anything, you’ll need to install Forge on your Minecraft launcher. This provides the necessary support for mods, allowing you to safely set up The Abyss 2. Make sure to get the correct game version for your client so everything works as intended. When you’re ready, follow along below to begin this process.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher and navigate to the Installations section.
    Minecraft Installations
  2. From here, locate and click the Folder icon for your Forge profile.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  3. In the new window, find and enter the mods directory from the list.
    Note: If you cannot see this, then create it before proceeding.
  4. Afterward, drag and drop the modification file in the folder.
    The Abyss 2 Installation
  5. Return to your Forge profile on the launcher and click Play to begin loading it.


Server Installation

Similarly to the client setup, you’ll need to activate Forge on your Minecraft server. This is done by selecting it from the Game File section in the main panel. Ensure it’s using the correct game version to support the mod, which is most likely 1.16.5 unless you’ve used the beta instance. Afterward, restart the server and follow along below when you’re ready to install The Abyss 2.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Type your Password in the text box, then press the Login button.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. While viewing the directory list, locate and enter the mods folder.
  4. Afterward, click the Upload button at the top left corner.
  5. Proceed to drag and drop the modification file in the respective area.
    The Abyss 2 Server Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel to Restart the server.


Getting Started

The Abyss 2 Mod Guide

Upon joining the server, you’ll be greeted with a unique book called The Other Side. This provides you with introductory information regarding The Abyss 2, such as revealing details about how to get started. Essentially, you and others will need to sleep in beds to access the dream dimension. After doing this for a couple times, players will need to hunt down a randomly generated abandoned house. This contains a broken radio that allows you to obtain needed resources for the Abyss Portal. The subsections below will guide you through the entire process for reaching the main dimension, while providing useful tips and tricks to help you survive the hefty challenges awaiting you. However, we strongly recommend installing the JEI modification to view new crafting recipes from The Abyss 2, as this will come in handy later on.

The Dream Dimension

In your new world, locate and slay sheep to obtain Wool blocks. Make sure to have enough for everyone on your server, then cut down some trees for Wood Planks. Afterward, simply make beds and place them down in your base or anywhere else in a safe environment. When nighttime rolls around in the Overworld, go to sleep and you’ll be transported to the Dream Dimension.

The Abyss 2 Dream Dimension

This allows you to become slightly familiar with the upcoming world, while giving you an opportunity to collect some resources. The duration of this is short, so don’t waste time while doing this in-game. Additionally, players will receive some achievements after doing this two times.

Locating the Radio

The Abyss 2 Broken Radio

After sleeping two times, players can freely search for the abandoned house containing the broken radio. This structure only generates in Plains and Forests, making it somewhat challenging to locate. In most cases, it’ll be near the spawn point of your world. However, if there aren’t any applicable biomes available, then it’ll be further away. Once found, head inside and right-click the radio block near the beds.

This automatically transports you to the Dream Dimension. Multiple players can do this, but serves only one purpose: collecting loran items.

Collecting Loran

While inside the dimension, everything will be pitch dark and confusing at first. It’s best to run around while jumping to easily navigate this mysterious world. Players will find areas filled with cyan colored vegetation, which is a needed item for your new adventure in The Abyss 2. Make sure to break every single plant you see, as they’ll drop Loran for you to pick. There’s only about a minute for this process since players get transported back to the abandoned house.

The Abyss 2 Loran

Fortunately, anyone can redo this as many times as necessary if not enough items are collected.

Portal Preparation

After gathering lots of loran items, you can begin preparing for The Abyss Portal. Unfortunately, players will need to have Diamond Pickaxes available to obtain Obsidian and Crying Obsidian blocks. This means you’ll have to dig around in caves and gather these resources before building the portal. However, there’s a special item needed to activate this for players to access The Abyss Dimension. Review the crafting recipes and requirements for this process down below.

Unstable Obsidian

The Abyss 2 Unstable Obsidian

The new portal’s frame is made from Unstable Obsidian, which requires some difficult blocks to craft. This involves collecting 4x Obsidian, 4x Loran, and 1x Crying Obsidian. Using these materials in a crafting table provides you with 2x Unstable Obsidian. Players will need to do this until they get 12 or more blocks to begin building the portal frame.

Luckily, it resembles the process for reaching the Nether Dimension, meaning its design is the standard vertical rectangle.

Abyss Portal Activator

Once enough unstable obsidian blocks have been crafted, you can make the Abyss Portal Activator item. This is used to spark the portal in the frame, acting like flint and steel. It requires 4x Loran and 1x Stick, making it an easier recipe than the above one. It’s encouraged to make a few of these, as they can easily run out if you continue using them.

The Abyss 2 Portal Activator

Similarly, having additional unstable obsidian may be helpful too if you get lost in the new dimension.

Creating the Portal

The Abyss 2 Portal

As mentioned above, the portal frame itself resembles the Nether variant. Simply build a vertical rectangle with your Unstable Obsidian, only requiring 12 or 16 depending on if you use corner pieces. After making this in your base or somewhere else, right-click any block inside the frame with your Abyss Portal Activator. This should instantly trigger it, allowing players to freely enter The Abyss Dimension.

Before jumping into this new and mysterious world, make sure to arm yourself with strong equipment and supplies.

The Abyss Dimension

The Abyss 2 Dimension

Finally reaching The Abyss Dimension reveals its amazing scenery, creatures, structures, and resources to all players. However, this may be interrupted right away from hostile mobs lurking nearby. This depends on where you spawned in the world, as sometimes it’ll be underground while other times on the surface. If you happen to get an unlucky starting point, then your best bet might be to recreate the portal somewhere else in the Overworld and/or become well equipped with powerful gear. Hopefully the placement of your portal was perfect to leap into this grand adventure awaiting you. There’s a lot of important details and survival tips to keep in mind during this journey, so make sure to review the subsections below.

Unique Biomes

Most of the terrain and vegetation across this unfamiliar world will be similar, meaning the colors are relatively the same. Everything is darkened with blue, purple, black, and green blocks. Occasionally, players will stumble on different biomes, full of pink or cyan trees. Alternatively, there are large mountains with hardly anything on them that standout compared to its surroundings.

The Abyss 2 Biomes

At first glance, it’s a wonderful place to begin building a base. However, this isn’t a good move due to dangerous mobs constantly around the world.

Dangerous Mobs

The Abyss 2 Mobs

There are countless beasts wanting to attack you on sight throughout The Abyss 2 mod, with some being stronger than others. Some of these creatures can fly in the sky, quickly sprint around, or pack a punch behind their attacks. Standard diamond armor isn’t enough to prevent damage, so it’s strongly encouraged to have netherite gear when facing these types of mobs.

Otherwise, bring along your friends to fend them all off. Upon slaying any of these beasts, players will receive unique item drops. They can be used to craft other materials, blocks, or equipment.

New Resources

As you continue exploring The Abyss, it’ll become clear that there are many new resources to collect. These include lots of different wood planks from specific trees, special mineral ores for energy/fuel or equipment, food items that give abilities, and special interactable blocks for other activities. Additionally, there are retextured vanilla materials in caves such as diamonds or iron for you to find.

The Abyss 2 Resources

These are just a small portion of what’s available in this dimension, so we suggest viewing everything in JEI’s menu from your inventory for more information.

Powerful Equipment

The Abyss 2 Equipment

Later on during your gameplay, powerful equipment will become available to craft or find. These can be reinforced netherite tools, ignisithe armor with status effects, rings with abilities, among countless others. Almost all of them will have special properties, giving players more options to try out.

Whether you’re activating an energized ring to become faster or using the strongest sword in-game against enemies, there’s plenty of items and equipment to use. Keep in mind that these can be obtained by looting chests in structures or getting lucky with an item drop from a hostile creature.

Hidden Dungeons

While digging away in caves for resources, you may encounter a hidden dungeon with valuable treasures waiting to be discovered. There will be countless creatures protecting the loot, which is amplified by occasional mob spawners in specific areas. Breaking this block or preventing enemies from spawning will be your top priority, as they’ll continuously fight you if nothing is done about it.

The Abyss 2 Dungeons

After successfully overcoming these challenges, open nearby chests to reveal enchanted equipment and unique materials. If you get lucky, some artifacts will be available for you to use in combat situations.

Special Villagers

The Abyss 2 Villagers

Instead of surviving The Abyss’s difficulties, you may come across a friendly villager-like character in a house. These NPCs offer valuable trades, with the main currency being diamonds. Players can quickly obtain materials, tools, weapons, armor, and other resources from these characters. Make sure to have enough diamonds for them though, as only a few trades will require other items.

However, these structures are hard to find in The Abyss Dimension. This means players will have to search across the dangerous lands to find this trader.


Instead of normal mobs in this dimension, you’ll encounter minor to intense boss fights. These will have special names and a health bar at the top of your screen, indicating it’ll be a difficult battle. Some will drop unique items, while others will give you powerful materials and equipment. Keep in mind that some mobs will have a name tag over their head, but no health bar. This means they’re special, but not technically a boss to fight. Remember, diamond armor alone isn’t strong enough to manage the damage dealt by these challenging enemies. Make sure to be fully decked out in netherite or better gear to survive these combat situations.

Common Issues

Unable to Join Server

Sometimes, players will be unable to join the server due to a few reasons. The most common issue to encounter is incorrectly entering the IP Address:Port or Subdomain when connecting. This directly impacts how the player joins the server, as a simple typo or mistake can result in a failed connection. With this in mind, ensure everyone is using the correct values for this process. This can be verified by checking the corresponding area in your main panel, revealing the exact numbers or characters to use. Besides this, another common issue to stumble upon is having either an outdated version or incorrectly installing The Abyss 2 on the Minecraft launcher. Make sure players are using the right type of mod and the exact installation process to successfully join the server. In many cases, the wrong game or Forge version is used and rejects their connection.

The Abyss Won’t Work

In some cases, the modification will not work on the server or client due to a variety of reasons. For example, uploading the file in your panel while Forge isn’t enabled through the Game File area can result in failure. Make sure you have the correct setup before installing it on your server. Additionally, always ensure to restart after uploading files on the FTP panel so everything can load correctly. Besides this, using an existing Server Profile with other game files can become problematic. It’s encouraged to create a new one for this, but isn’t required as long as the other requirements are met. As for any client-related issues, ensure that the correct Forge version is installed and that you have a mods folder created in your localized game directory. This is needed for The Abyss 2 to work properly, but Minecraft may need to be restarted for it to function without further problems. Similarly to installing the mod on your server, ensure the file gets transferred into your client’s mods directory too.

Flying Isn’t Allowed

On rare occasions, players will be kicked after teleporting to the Dream or Abyss Dimension. This can happen if your spawn point isn’t ideal, meaning you’re stuck in a wall or another similar issue. Additionally, it can happen while teleporting back to the Overworld. Solving this requires you to enable flight on the server. This is done by accessing the settings from Config Files in the main panel, then restarting after saving the changes. Other times, you may fall into the void from a glitch and lose all your items. This can be really frustrating, which can be resolved by becoming an operator and manually teleporting yourself or entering creative/spectator mode. Alternatively, using gamerules to enable “keepInventory” is an option. Simply execute the following command in-chat while being opped or in your console to accomplish this: /gamerule keepInventory true.

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