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Minecraft Gamerules

Last modified on Jul 26, 2022 in General

mc head By Dalton Whalen


In Minecraft, there are many features that occur in the background. Some of these features, named game rules, can be toggled or changed. This can create eternal day, remove any item drops, and many many more. Whether they are used to add increased difficulty or ease to a survival world, or to make an adventure map more logical, there is a lot of variety that is available with these. There are plenty of game rules, but some are only available on certain platforms. Here at Apex Hosting, we have put together a list of game rules to check.

Available Game Rules:

All Minecraft game rules are formatted as /gamerule [Game Rule Name] [Value].

E.g. /gamerule announceAdvancements false


GameruleDescriptionDefault ValueJavaBedrock
announceAdvancementsWhether or not advancements are announced in chat.TrueYesNo
commandBlockOutputWhether command blocks notify admins when performing a command.TrueYesYes
commandBlocksEnabledWhether or not command blocks are enabled in-game.TrueNoYes
disableElytraMovementCheckWhether the server should skip checking player speed when a player is wearing an elytra.FalseYesNo
disableRaidsWhether or not raids are disabled.FalseYesNo
doDaylightCycleWhether the day/night cycle moves forward.TrueYesYes
doEntityDropsWhether entities other than mobs have drops.TrueYesYes
doFireTickWhether fire will naturally spread and extinguish.TrueYesYes
doInsomniaWhether phantoms will spawn.TrueYesYes
doImmediateRespawnPlayers respawn immediately without a death screen.FalseYesYes
doLimitedCraftingWhether players can only craft items when they have the unlocked recipe.FalseYesNo
doMobLootWhether or not mobs will drop items.TrueYesYes
doMobSpawningDecides whether mobs will naturally spawn, not including monster spawners.TrueYesYes
doPatrolSpawningWhether or not patrols can spawn.TrueYesNo
doTileDropsControls if blocks have drops.TrueYesYes
doTraderSpawningWhether or not wandering traders will spawn.TrueYesNo
doWeatherCycleWhether the weather cycle will change naturally.TrueYesYes
drowningDamageEnables or disables drowning damage.TrueYesYes
fallDamageEnables or disables fall damage.TrueYesYes
fireDamageEnables or disables fire damage.TrueYesYes
forgiveDeadPlayersWill stop angered mobs from being hostile when the target dies.TrueYesYes
freezeDamageEnables or disables freezing damage from powder snow.TrueYesYes
functionCommandLimitThe maximum commands that can be executed through the “/function” command.10000NoYes
keepInventoryWhether or not players will keep their items and experience upon death.FalseYesYes
logAdminCommandsControls whether admin commands are logged to the server.TrueYesNo
maxCommandChainLengthMaximum length of a command chain that can be executed in one tick.65536YesYes
maxEntityCrammingThe max number of entities that can be crammed in a space before taking suffocation damage.24YesNo
mobGriefingWhether mobs are able to change blocks and pick up items. This includes villager items and bartering.TrueYesYes
naturalRegenerationWhether the player can naturally regenerate health without the use of items.TrueYesYes
playersSleepingPercentageHow many players are required to sleep through the night.100YesNo
pvpWhether or not player vs. player is active.TrueNoYes
randomTickSpeedHow often a random block tick occurs, affecting growth and decay. 0 will disable the random ticks.3 (JE)
1 (BE)
reducedDebugInfoWhether or not the F3 menu, hitboxes, and chunk boundaries are shown.FalseYesNo
respawnblocksexplode‌Prevents beds/respawn anchors from exploding in alternate dimensions.TrueNoYes
sendCommandFeedbackWhether player-executed commands appear in the chat. This also affects the command block output bar.TrueYesYes
showCoordinatesWhether or not the player’s coordinates are displayed.TrueNoYes
showDeathMessagesWhether player death messages are put into chat. This also affects pet death messages.TrueYesYes
showTagsHides the “Can place on”, “Can destroy”, and lock information on an item.TrueNoYes
spawnRadiusThe number of blocks away from the world spawn coordinate that a player will spawn at.10 (JE)
5 (BE)
spectatorsGenerateChunksWhether or not players in spectator mode can generate chunks when moving.TrueYesNo
tntExplodesWhether or not TNT will explode.TrueNoYes
universalAngerControls if angered neutral mobs will attack any nearby player, rather than just the one who attacked it.FalseYesNo



With that, you now have access to all available game rules that are currently available in Minecraft. Whether you’re disabling command block output for a map or simply removing features to make it more difficult, you will have full access to control these any time in-game or through the server console. Use this power responsibly and remember to have fun!

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