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Minecraft 1.21 – Tricky Trials Update

Posted: May 2, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Minecraft 1.21: Tricky Trials is here! This update adds many new features to the game. Whether you’re excited about new dungeon trials or automated crafting, there’s something for everyone. This latest release is jam-packed with content, which is available right now for Minecraft servers. Previously, this was only accessible with experimental settings – but no longer! Grab friends and begin exploring all the new features in the Tricky Trials update for Minecraft. However, we’ll showcase the most popular changes in this article to get you started.

Copper & Tuff Blocks

Minecraft New Copper Blocks
Minecraft Tuff Blocks

For those who love to build and decorate bases in Minecraft, there are now extra materials to play around with, including copper and tuff blocks. There are many variations for copper-based items, as its metal oxidizes – creating discoloration. This also applies to the new bulb, acting as a new light source in Minecraft. As for tuff blocks, they’re extremely similar to stone with minor differences. All of these materials are perfect for making the perfect base in-game with friends.

The Crafter

Tired of manually crafting in Minecraft? Consider using the Crafter! This is a redstone-powered block that can automatically produce anything you want. We recommend setting up a redstone repeater for infinite loops to activate the crafter. Using hoppers and chests can instantly store the goods created by this block, along with replenishing any materials inside of it. This is perfect to create factories without mods in Minecraft, especially with mob farms.

Minecraft The Crafter


Trial Chambers

Minecraft Trial Chambers

One of the biggest changes to Minecraft in the Tricky Trials 1.21 update is trial chambers. These underground structures offer challenges to anyone willing to explore its domain. Countless mob spawners and obstacles await you – but so do rewards. Players can obtain keys to open vaults for a one-time loot party, meaning multiple items will be unlocked. These range from emeralds to enchanted equipment, along with a unique material exclusive to trial chambers.


Ominous Trials

Wanting more of a challenge in Minecraft 1.21? Find an ominous potion to obtain the bad omen effect, then jump into a trial chamber. This process activates an ominous event, resulting in powerful mobs to spawn with even higher rewards. Whether you want to test your true power or quickly obtain rare loot, these types of trials are great for that. Just make sure to have some friends nearby, as there are some dangerous creatures scattered around.

Minecraft Ominous Trials


Breeze & Bogged Mobs

Minecraft Bogged Mobs
Minecraft Breeze Mobs

The two new mobs in Minecraft 1.21: Tricky Trials are the Breeze and Bogged. The first is a phantom-like apparition that fires wind projectiles at players, while the second is a swampy skeleton that acts similar to its counterpart. Both of these mobs can be found in trial chambers, but the bogged can be found in swamp biomes. Each of them drops items for you to pick up! The breeze has its own exclusive material too, used for crafting a particular weapon.

The Mace

Minecraft The Mace

That’s right, a brand new weapon is added in Minecraft 1.21 – the Mace. This item is extremely powerful, as its damage is determined by how many blocks you fall in-game. In other words, you can one-shot ender dragons or withers. That’s absolutely madness, but in a good way. Crafting this weapon requires you to find x1 heavy core and x1 breeze rod. All of this is only obtainable in the trial chambers, so good luck!


Trims & Patterns

After taking a break from slaying enemies or building massive projects, you might want to decorate the world or even yourself in style. In Minecraft 1.21: Tricky Trials, players can find new armor trims and banner patterns for more customization. This comes in handy when trying to create wild designs to hang up on walls, along with being decked out in netherite equipment. Find the right colors, themes, and styles to begin designing your banners or armor.

Minecraft New Trims and Banner Patterns


Pottery Sherds

Minecraft Pottery Sherds

As for a more obscure feature in Minecraft 1.21, you’re able to find new pottery sherds. For those loving archeology, this can be a great addition! These sherds can be used to craft decorated pots, which can store items. This means you can have a functional piece of decor in your base. Sadly, these pots don’t have enough storage space compared to chests. Regardless, the idea of this functional block plays smoothly in trial chambers for additional loot.


Paintings & Music

Minecraft New Paintings

Besides new blocks, mobs, structures, and whatnot – players can further decorate their base with new paintings! This hasn’t happened in a long time, marking the Minecraft 1.21 update as the first in 12 years to add new paintings. Additionally, Tricky Trials introduces a brand new soundtrack to the game. Players are able to find three music discs to play awesome songs, plus listen to others in the background music. This adds to the long list of official music used in Minecraft, with more to come in the future!

Beyond these features, there are plenty of other ones included. For instance, bug fixes, exploit patches, and other technical changes were added. All of these improvements help players enjoy Minecraft more while counteracting cheaters.

Minecraft 1.21 Server Hosting

Now that Minecraft 1.21 is here, you and players alike can come together in servers to try out all the new features. If you haven’t already bought one, purchase one to get started today! Exploring trial chambers, defeating new enemies, crafting the mace, building automatic factories, and more are all possible in Tricky Trials. Embark on these grand adventures on your own Minecraft dedicated server to play the latest update with friends.

Want even more features? Consider using Paper, Spigot, Forge, or Fabric for Minecraft 1.21 to install mods and plugins. These extra addons introduce a wide variety of in-game features, such as custom weapons, armor, mobs, structures, dimensions, and more.

Check out the following tutorials to set this up:

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Start Your Minecraft Server

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