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Breeze Mob in Minecraft

Posted: Feb 26, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Large updates for Minecraft typically include new mobs for players to encounter in the world. This also involves new item drops when slaying the creature, adding more content to the game. In Minecraft 1.21, there will be a few mobs added – with one being known as the Breeze. This is a hostile enemy that shoots wind projectiles at players on sight, sending them high in the air. These mobs don’t spawn in any specific biome, as they’re only found in certain structures underground. Additionally, their spawning is extremely limited. This means breezes are rare and uncommon in Minecraft but are worthwhile to defeat. Whether you want its unique item drop or extra experience points, these creatures make your gameplay more interesting. Let’s explore everything we know about the Minecraft breeze mob to help you learn about them!

What is the Breeze Mob?

Minecraft Breeze Mob

As hinted in its name, the breeze mob in Minecraft is air-based. They can shoot high-powered wind projectiles at players, launching them in the air to take additional damage. Encountering more than one of these creatures can land you in a heap of trouble. At first glance, breezes don’t exhibit dangerous features…but their rate of fire means you’ll hardly touch the ground. They also are extremely fast when retreating after shooting wind, making them more difficult to slay.


How to Find Breezes in Minecraft

Players with experimental features enabled on their Minecraft world can find breezes in Trial Chambers, summoned with a new type of spawner. Remember, only a few of these mobs can spawn at once. They will not continuously appear, as you’re required to slay one at a time. This isn’t a design flaw! Trial chambers challenge players with lots of creatures varying in abilities, so limiting their spawn rate is needed. Keep in mind that other spawners could increase their numbers.

Minecraft Breeze Spawner


Minecraft Wind Charges

Minecraft Wind Charges

Upon slaying one of the Minecraft breeze mobs, wind charge items can drop. These are throwable projectiles that inflict knockback damage, along with the ability to fling entities in the air. This comes in handy when you need to reach higher block levels since you can launch yourself. Otherwise, they can easily push back creepers from exploding near your base! At the moment, these are their only uses and could change with future updates.


Minecraft 1.21 Experimental

In the latest update, Minecraft 1.20.4, players can begin exploring trial chambers to find breezes with experimental settings enabled. However, we recommend using the most recent snapshot for the most content – as some features from this new mob aren’t accessible yet. When future versions are released, this won’t be an issue! If you’re wanting to explore this new structure, try out new items, and fight breezes with friends, then consider making a Minecraft 1.21 experimental server. This is a great way to see these new features for yourself, especially when having others around to join the fun. We hope this blog provided you with all the information you needed about the Minecraft breeze mob. Have a good one, gamers!


How to make breeze farms in Minecraft?

At the moment, making any breeze farm is challenging since their spawn rates are limited. However, it could be possible to build a structure around its trial spawner to move the mobs in the Nether dimension and then slay them there. We encourage you to play around with designs and put your theories to the test. In future updates, breeze farming in Minecraft might become easier to create.

What do you use wind charges for in Minecraft?

Players can use wind charges for increased movement and knockback damage. This comes in handy when escaping combat situations or exploring high block levels, without any ender pearls. Additionally, you can use it to prevent death from fall damage – similar to a water bucket.

How do you enable Minecraft experimental settings?

In singleplayer, use the latest version or snapshot of Minecraft and begin creating a new world. Proceed to select the “Experiments” button, then enable the “Update 1.21” option. Afterward, you can finish creating the world to begin playing with experimental features. However, some versions of Minecraft might require you to press “More” in the creation menu to access these options.

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