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Experimental Minecraft 1.21 Server

Last modified on Jan 30, 2024 in General

mc head By Nathan Young

Every year Minecraft releases a new version with minor to staggering changes, typically around June. However, there’s no concrete date for the upcoming 1.21 update. Considering many players were unhappy with 1.20, some might want to explore future versions with friends. This is typically achieved through snapshots but makes it harder for others to join since they must reconfigure their Minecraft launcher. Fortunately, Mojang allows official versions to use experimental features in singleplayer and multiplayer. If you want to get a glimpse of Minecraft 1.21 with friends, then consider making a dedicated server! In this Apex Hosting guide, we’ll show you how to accomplish that and showcase some exciting features.

How to Turn on Experimental Gameplay

Once the official version of Minecraft 1.21 is released, there will be dedicated servers available for it. In the meantime, you must use the latest update and configure specific settings to begin experimenting with upcoming features. Once completed, you and other players alike can enjoy the new Breeze mob, Trial Chambers, and so much more! If you don’t already have a server with us, purchase one at our Pricing Page. Otherwise, continue reviewing the subsections below to get started.

Minecraft 1.21 Server Hosting

It’s encouraged that you download the world and save your existing server data. Once Minecraft 1.21 features are introduced, they cannot be removed – even after reverting the settings to default. This means that you’ll be unable to use the world on other versions, unless newer. In other words, avoid using your primary maps from 1.20.2 and below with experimental features. If this occurs, then contact our Support Team for assistance.

Server Configuration

Before setting up Minecraft 1.21 features on your server, make sure you’re using 1.20.3 or higher. This is required, as previous versions don’t support it. Review this guide if you have issues changing the server to this release of Minecraft. Additionally, creating a new world is absolutely required for this process to work. When you’re ready, follow along below.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click Stop at the top.
  2. Afterward, press the Config Files option on the far left corner of your screen.
    Apex Hosting Config Files
  3. On the next page, proceed to select Server Settings from the list.
    Minecraft Server Settings
  4. While viewing this area, scroll down and locate the initial-enabled-packs option.
  5. Change its values to vanilla, update_1_21, bundle and click the Save button.
    Minecraft 1.21 Server Experimental Settings
  6. When you’re finished, confirm this by pressing Restart Now in the prompt.


Experimental Features

Minecraft 1.21 Features

The primary Minecraft 1.21 features are Trial Chambers and Breeze mobs, along with Decorated Pot functionality. The first is a large underground structure, resembling Minecraft Dungeons full of enemies, loot, and challenges. In this area, players will encounter the Breeze creatures – shooting whirlwinds upon getting too close. There aren’t any item drops from this monster, but provides you with lots of experience points. The last major feature allows players to use decorated pots for storing valuables, while also being breakable with projectiles. This means that you can use these as target practice, instantly seeing the results of your powerful bow. Besides these experimental features, there are new copper blocks to build within Minecraft.

Common Issues

Unable to Use Experimental Features

Server owners who cannot access Minecraft 1.21 experimental features might be using an incorrect version. Remember, only 1.20.3 and above can support it – meaning you must be on that beforehand. Solving this is simple, as all you need to do is switch to the right version in the Game File area of your server panel. Afterward, the “initial-enabled-packs” settings will work as intended and allow you to begin using experimental features.

My Minecraft Server is Stuck Restarting

This happens when you change Minecraft server versions while using the same experimental world. For instance, 1.20.4 maps cannot be played on 1.20.3. Worlds created on higher versions of Minecraft attempting to load on lower releases will result in your server crashing. Fixing this situation requires you to restore from a backup or contact our support team for extra assistance. Alternatively, create a new world on your desired version to continue playing Minecraft.

Can’t Remove Experimental Features

Remember, any worlds using experimental features cannot have them removed. With this in mind, the only options for removing them are a restoration from previous backups or creating a new map. Although, it might be possible to delete experimental features in Minecraft worlds by altering their data. This process involves downloading its files from the server and manually editing them accordingly – which is difficult to accomplish.

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