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Minecraft Ominous Events

Posted: Apr 10, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

As Mojang continues to work on the Minecraft 1.21 update, newer snapshots are released. One of these is 24w13a, which overhauled the bad omen effect to become ominous events. Players won’t be able to obtain this by normal means anymore, as it comes in a potion bottle. This might sound bad at first, as some are concerned about their raid farms – but don’t worry! It’s mainly for trial chambers, making them harder to defeat. Expect monsters with powerful equipment and sweet rewards once you claim victory. These battles are amplified by the new Breeze mob too, so make sure to grab your mace and leap into the fight. Let’s explore Minecraft ominous events in the latest snapshot for 1.21 to see what’s new!

Bad Omen Update

Upon the release of Minecraft 1.21, the bad omen effect will only be available with potions. The names of them are called ominous bottles, which come in 5 levels. Keep in mind that the time for each one doesn’t change depending on its strength. The way to obtain this potion is by finding it in vault spawners or item drops from illager captains. Players who drink this will receive its effects and can embark on village raids or a new event in trial chambers.

Minecraft Bad Omen Ominous Potions


Ominous Trials

Minecraft Ominous Trials

While having the bad omen effect, players can make their way to trial chambers for a unique event. Upon approaching a spawner, it’ll transform into an ominous variant and result in powerful enemies. These mobs will have enchanted weapons and trimmed armor. Additionally, potions and projectiles can appear above your head while fighting these monsters – so watch out! Slay each and every single one of them to possibly receive an ominous vault key to get rare items.

Finding an ominous vault spawner in Minecraft can be challenging, as they’re located in high places and aren’t found in every room. This means players need to continue searching for them throughout the trial chamber. After you’ve located one, use your key on it to obtain awesome rewards! These range from emeralds, diamond weapons / armor, enchanted golden apples, and so much more. Additionally, you can also get ominous potions if you’re lucky to continue the fun.

Minecraft Ominous Vault


Minecraft 1.21 – Grand Finale

In the Minecraft Snapshot 24w13a, Mojang announced that the ominous events are the grand finale to their upcoming 1.21 update. However, this doesn’t mean other new features aren’t planned for it. Perhaps in the future, extra content will be added to this release of Minecraft. For the time being, you can use experimental settings when creating a world or dedicated server to try out the ominous events. We hope this helped you learn more about the new changes coming soon to Minecraft 1.21 – have a good one!

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