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Minecraft Mace

Posted: Apr 1, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

After many years, a new weapon is added to Minecraft! This is known as the Mace, but is unlike anything we’ve seen before in-game. Having one is only achieved through the Snapshot 24w11a version. Iron ingots, diamonds, or even netherite cannot craft it – as a special material is required. This can only be found in specific structures underground, along with the mace’s other requirements. This weapon can be used in various ways, as there is a unique property that makes it stand out. How can you craft the mace in Minecraft? What combat strategies are there? We’ll be answering these questions and more, let’s begin!

The Mace – Minecraft’s Newest Weapon

With this Minecraft 1.21 weapon, players can craft maces by collecting breeze rods and heavy cores in Trial Chambers. You must slay a Breeze mob to obtain its rod, then unlock a Vault Spawner to get the other item. Afterward, combine these two together in a workbench to make a mace in Minecraft. Keep in mind that this process will likely change in future updates, as hinted in the official Mojang video about this weapon. Examples include the process to obtain its crafting materials.

Minecraft Mace Recipe
Minecraft Mace

The mace in Minecraft has a special ability, increased damage with every block fallen. In other words, falling 70 blocks down and hitting a Wither allows you to one-shot it…that’s crazy! Whether you grab an elytra, scaffolding, or wind charge, there’s always a chance to pack more damage with a mace. Otherwise, players will notice only minimal attacks with it normally. Additionally, if you successfully land a hit while falling, all fall damage is negated. This can completely change PvP in Minecraft, as anyone can get one-shot from the sky.


The Future of Minecraft Weapons

Due to the mace in Minecraft being an experimental feature of the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update, its mechanics can change. This includes its crafting recipe, the process to get its materials, or the amount of damage per fallen block. There are many unknowns at this time, but shows that Mojang is trying to add extra content for players to enjoy. This new mace resembles its counterpart in Minecraft Dungeons, hinting at the fact that future versions may include other features from this second game. Grab friends and test out the mace on your own Minecraft Snapshot server to explore the combat possibilities!

Minecraft Mace FAQ

What Minecraft version do you need for the mace?

Players must use Minecraft Snapshot 24w11a or higher versions to play with maces.

How do you craft a mace in Minecraft?

You need x1 Breeze Rod and x1 Heavy Core to craft a mace in Minecraft.

What does the Minecraft mace do?

The mace allows players to have increased damage with every block fallen, along with negating fall damage upon a successful hit.

Can you one-shot mobs or players with a mace in Minecraft?

Yes – it depends on the fallen block height, but with enough levels you can instantly kill a mob or player. For example, 70 blocks means you can one-shot a Wither!

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