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Minecraft 1.21: Features We Want to See

Posted: Jul 5, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


With Minecraft 1.20 and now 1.20.1 released to the world, what comes next? Many players are already asking this question, as they feel the latest update wasn’t all that good. Sure, there are new features like sniffers, cherry blossoms, and archeology, but beyond that, there’s nothing game changing. If anything, Minecraft 1.20 paves the road for something better to arise. Have you ever wanted a brand new dimension or an upgraded desert full of surprises? Many players do, so you’re not alone. We’ll be exploring what we all want to see in the future major update, Minecraft 1.21. Let’s get started!

What Does the Community Want?

Minecraft 1.21 Features

Breaking down what the community wants can be a hassle, especially since everyone has their own ideas. However, we can all agree that Minecraft needs to be heavily improved. For instance, some biomes are just completely boring or uninteresting compared to others. Mojang doesn’t like listening to their players, which isn’t the first time. Previously, they implemented chat reporting and recently a gun ban in Minecraft. This wasn’t favored in the community, as it’s becoming more stricter. Although, this is just one of many examples out there. Another one includes dismissing our cries to have more creatures added rather than only one through a mob vote. This and so many other issues drives players to use mods and plugins instead of enjoying vanilla Minecraft. In short, Mojang doesn’t entirely make their community and its players satisfied.

Desert Upgrades

One of the most boring places to be in Minecraft is in the desert, with only temples or villages to discover at times. There aren’t any trees or oases to collect resources, which makes some sense. However! Players don’t want to endlessly walk in this wasteland, as they may desire to find new dungeons, exclusive mobs, or literally anything besides cacti and sand. Upgrading the desert should be a priority for Minecraft 1.21, even if it’s small changes. There can be even variations of these biomes that have more resources, similar to savannas and plains. What do you think?

Minecraft Desert


More Storytelling

Minecraft Decorated Pots

Fortunately, we already have some groundwork for an actual story in Minecraft. This originates from the End dimension and decorated pots, along with other aspects. You and everyone else knows that the game is about creating your own story, but with Mojang’s recent restrictions on what you can say or do, they might as well make an official timeline of Minecraft. This isn’t too popular of an idea for some players, but more storytelling features wouldn’t hurt. Whether an update comes to discover written books by past explorers or spark dialogue with villagers, improving the lore of Minecraft might be good.


Villager Expansion

On the topic of villagers, an expansion for them would be lovely to see in Minecraft. We already have tons of jobs for them, but most aren’t that good. For example, who needs a butcher when you can cook your own food or even obtain it with fire aspect by killing mobs? Besides new jobs, villagers can get more houses or possibly larger towns for them. Imagine this, you’re exploring the world and uncovering an enormous civilization that can act as a base or to trade goods. This sounds a lot better than our current villages in Minecraft.

Minecraft Villagers


New Dimensions

Minecraft New Dimensions

It’s been years since the last dimension was added to Minecraft, it’s about time we get a new one. At the moment, there are only two extra kinds in addition to the Overworld: Nether and End. What if there was an oceanic world full of life to explore? What about having a sky world that resembles The Aether? Maybe add that instead of anything else, it’s already an extremely popular dimension mod. Regardless, Minecraft should likely have more worlds to enjoy so players can have more opportunities to explore everything.



There you have it, some intriguing ideas for Minecraft 1.21 or future updates. Lots of players want some of them, such as new dimensions or better biomes. Other suggestions may go unnoticed by you, which is fine! Mojang should take the community’s feedback more seriously to improve Minecraft. We can only hope that they consider some of our recommendations, as it’d be even larger than 1.20 features. Besides all that, we hope this blog gives you some ideas about what we can expect to see in Minecraft 1.21. Have a good one, gamers!

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