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A Guide to the Minecraft Sniffer Mob

Posted: Jun 19, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


The release of Minecraft 1.20 introduces many new features to millions of players, with some being obvious while others are harder to find. One of these are sniffers, a unique mob that doesn’t naturally spawn in the world. This means players have to do some activities before encountering one. The mysteries of a sniffer are locked away until you discover them, sparking questions in the meantime. What are they? How can you find them? What do they do? We’ll be answering all of these questions to help you learn all about sniffers in Minecraft. Let’s begin!

What are Sniffers?

Firstly, you should realize that sniffers are extremely ancient and large creatures. These mobs resemble dinosaurs more than anything else in Minecraft, but they don’t behave like them. They are slow moving that love grass and dirt, as their job is to sniff out rare seeds for players to collect. These items can be used to grow amazing flowers that’ve been extinct for a long time. Besides this, there aren’t other uses for these creatures sadly. Perhaps in future updates you and others can ride them or get more resources from their digging activities.

Minecraft Sniffer


How to Find a Sniffer in Minecraft

Minecraft Warm Ocean

Locating sniffers aren’t possible in Minecraft, but there’s another method to find them. This involves you searching warm oceans for ruined structures to grab their eggs. These items aren’t found in chests, but rather dug up from suspicious sand with brush tools. If you’re having trouble finding ruins in the ocean, keep in mind that warm parts of it have lighter colors. This change in contrast will help you quickly locate areas that may contain sniffer eggs.

Once you’ve found an ancient ruin in warm oceans, grab your potion of water breathing and dive towards it. Remember, you’re looking for suspicious sand to uncover the creature’s eggs. These blocks are found by its unique texture compared to its normal variant. Don’t break it, use the brush tool to slowly unearth the egg. However, you might end up pulling a completely different item. It all boils down to your luck and archeological skills.

Minecraft Suspicious Sand


How to Hatch Sniffer Eggs

Minecraft Sniffer Egg

Once you’ve obtained a sniffer egg, we encourage you to collect moss blocks. These are used to speed up the entire process, as it can take 10 or more minutes. Otherwise, you can use normal grass or anything else to hatch your creature. Simply place down the egg and wait until you see cracks, which slowly happens until you see a baby sniffer. Remember, these mobs are large when they reach adulthood, so try to build a suitable environment for it.


What Does a Sniffer Do?

Sniffers slowly walk around while smelling the grass in hopes of unearthing rare seeds. These items include torchflowers and pitcher pods, which grow into amazing flowers. Once a sniffer locates a seed, they’ll slam on the ground and start digging for it. This won’t take too long, but waiting for them to search might be. In some cases, you may be waiting for 5 minutes just for one item. We encourage you to raise multiple sniffers to increase productivity.

Minecraft Sniffer Dig
Minecraft Torchflowers Pitcher Plants

After gathering some seeds, you can grow them into rare flowers! Only one of these can be placed in pots though, while the other is too large. Torchflowers are small and pitcher plants are tall, with both being colorful. This adds a unique aesthetic in your garden, house, or other structures. Instead of decorating your buildings, use torchflower seeds to breed your sniffers. At the moment, there are only two flowers to get from this mob, which may change later on in future Minecraft updates.



Sniffers are truly remarkable creatures with a rich history in Minecraft. These mobs are ancient and are considered extinct in the game’s lore. It’s your job to bring them back to life to repopulate the world with large dinosaur-like animals! Grab a few friends and create a Minecraft 1.20 server to do this, among exploring all other new features in this latest release. Our panel gives you an user-friendly experience for this process, as it’ll take a few minutes to install after selecting it in our game list. If you don’t already have a server with us, review this page to purchase one. Besides this, we hope this blog answered all your questions and helped you learn more about sniffers. Have a good one, gamers!

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