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Pitcher Plants in Minecraft

Posted: Apr 25, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


As Minecraft continues to prepare for the Trails and Tales update, new snapshots are released to showcase upcoming features. As of Snapshot 23w12a, Sniffers now have the power to dig up a unique flower that can be grown into an amazing plant for decorations. This is known as a Pitcher Plant, which may go nicely with Cherry Blossom biomes. Whether you’re making a herbarium or simply collecting everything in Minecraft, this new plant could be perfect for you. Sadly, some players may not know everything about them. This is amplified when taking account of the sniffer’s major role in the process. Following this, let’s break down how to get and grow these majestic flowers!

What are Pitcher Plants?

There are tons of different flowers to collect and use in the game, but they all are small or unappealing. This boils down to preference though, but the majority of Minecraft’s community may find pitcher plants to be the best. These are tall flowery specimens with purple and light blueish colors. Wait, is it a weird type of green? Who knows. Regardless, pitcher plants can make for one pretty sight! Sadly, you can’t place them in a Flower Pot due to its massive height.

Pitcher Plants Minecraft


Collecting Pods

Pitcher Pod Minecraft

The only way to actually obtain pitcher plants is getting a Sniffer to snuff it out from the world. Unluckily though, players will likely get Torchflower Seeds instead. This is a common item for sniffers to find, making the other one rarer. If you do get lucky, then you’ll get a Pitcher Pod! This is basically a seed that turns into a plant, meaning you’ll need to grow it. The whole process for doing this is difficult, as you need to first obtain a Sniffer Egg and hatch it for the large creature to begin digging up pitcher pods.


Growing the Crop

If you haven’t guessed by now, growing pitcher plants is the exact same process as any other crop. That’s right! Grab your hoe and start making some farmland with water nearby, then place your pitcher pods on it. Wait for the flower to start blooming, which may take a little while. If you’re impatient like me, then use Bone Meal to easily grow these plants. Otherwise, grab a snack and wait for them to become fully grown in your farm.

Pitcher Plant Farm Minecraft



There you have it, pitcher plants in Minecraft! These tall flowers are only available in recent snapshots, then will be officially released in the Trails and Tales update. If you’re wanting to play with friends and use pitcher plants, then consider making an Experimental 1.20 Server. This process is straightforward and won’t take you that much time to accomplish. Besides this, remember to get a sniffer so the big guy can snuff out pitcher pods for your new flower. Make sure to have enough hoes and available water for your farm too. We hope this blog helped you understand a bit more about these colorful specimens in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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