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Minecraft 1.20 Mobs

Posted: Mar 27, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft’s Trails & Tales update is on the way for millions of players to enjoy, especially with new animals you’ll find throughout the world. Instead of Bees or Polar Bears that aren’t too useful for average users, these exciting 1.20 mobs offer rideable abilities and unique ancient seeds. There’s only one kind that is the buzz all over Minecraft’s community since a possibility exists that it’ll reveal hidden lore and history about the game. Unlike other mobs, these are truly a good addition that players can use in their world. Let’s begin to check them out and see what else could have been introduced to Minecraft!

New Mobs

There are two new mobs to discover in the Snapshot 23w07a version of Minecraft, as the official update isn’t released yet. These include the Camel and Sniffer, two totally unique animals with special behaviors. Sadly, there are some limitations to them since Mojang is still working on them. Despite this, we do have a wide range of information about each mob!


Minecraft Camels

These tall, humped back, passive creatures are found in the Desert, specifically near Villages. They offer a means of transportation, as you and another player can ride them! That’s right, two people can mount themselves on a camel to begin a sandy adventure. This requires a Saddle, just like any other rideable animal in Minecraft. Due to their height, camels can walk through water easily. Sadly, after three block levels they’ll start to suffocate and slowly fade away into nothingness. If you’re wanting to save them in this kind of situation, then you’ll be able to make them sprint forward up to 12 blocks. This can come in handy for even combat scenarios, such as escaping an incoming enemy. In some cases, players may consider camels more superior than horses.


Minecraft Sniffers

An ancient critter that can only be hatched has made its way into Minecraft. This is unlike anything we’ve seen before, as no other mob behaves such as sniffers. Players will need to hunt down unique eggs, then begin taking care of them so the animal can come to life! Once they’re reached adulthood, sniffers will carefully walk around in search of ancient seeds. These items have been lost in time, just like this mob. Players can grab unearthed seeds such as a Torchflower, used for making more sniffers. There could be more on the way, depending what Mojang decides to implement. Besides this, sniffers are extremely large dinosaur-like creatures that move slowly. Players cannot ride them unfortunately, but they offer an interesting site to behold!


Missed Mobs

Minecraft Rascals
Minecraft Tuff Golems

There were other possibilities for Minecraft’s latest creatures, but weren’t too popular in the Mob Vote. These include the Tuff Golem and Rascal, two fascinating prospects that offered new abilities. The first would be great for museums, as they’re statues that freeze and hold nearby items. Tuff Golems can also wander around your base if you get lonely in a Singleplayer world. Some players have considered this with redstone engineering, as they could potentially activate or trigger power. Besides this, rascals are odd humanoid creatures hidden in Mineshafts for players to stumble upon. They love to be mischievous and play games, which rewards the user with loot. Sadly, not enough information is known about these missed mobs, but provides a glimpse into what could have been in Minecraft.


If you’re wanting to explore any of these new mobs with friends, then consider making an Experimental 1.20 Server. This will give you an excellent experience with each creature, but not all everything is included since not all features are available. Regardless of this, play around with camels and sniffers to learn more about their behaviors. A fan favorite is likely going to be the ancient animal, especially since special seeds are only found through its sniffles. We hope this blog helped you understand all the new mobs in Minecraft’s 1.20 update. Have a good one, gamers!

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