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What should Minecraft update next?

Posted: Apr 10, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Over the past few years, Mojang has made it their mission to update different aspects of Minecraft that many in the community feel to be barren and ‘unfinished’ at least compared to the Overworld. Rather than adding a plethora of new content, the goal is to take an existing part of the game and make improvements. This is done in the same way a normal content update is done, but the focus is very strict as the content is tailored to improve a specific area of gameplay. Unfortunately, there are many parts of Minecraft that feel unexplored. Because of this, today, we are going to speculate which areas Minecraft plans to expand on in the future. Let’s begin!

The End

Minecraft is a popular video game that has captured the imagination of players around the world. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the ability to explore and build in different dimensions, including the End dimension. However, many players feel that the End dimension has not been fleshed out enough, and they would like to see it refreshed with new content and gameplay mechanics.

the end

Firstly, one of the main reasons why players would want Minecraft to update the End dimension is the lack of content. The End has not received a major update in a long time, and as a result, players have already explored all the available content. This makes the End feel stale and uninteresting, which can discourage players from wanting to explore it further. Updating the End with new enemies, biomes, and structures would give players new challenges to overcome and new things to discover, making the dimension more engaging and fun to explore.

Secondly, updating the End dimension could also improve the gameplay of Minecraft. By adding new mechanics and features, the End could become a more challenging and rewarding dimension to explore. For example, adding new types of enemies or obstacles could provide new challenges for players, while adding new types of loot or rewards could give players more incentive to explore the End. This would also make the game more interesting for veteran players who have already explored other dimensions in the game. Most would say that End Cities are a pretty engaging structure, but no dimension should have just one structure. It gets repetitive!

Thirdly, the End dimension could benefit from updates to its aesthetics. While the End is already a visually striking dimension, it could be improved by adding new blocks, textures, and effects. This would help to make the End feel more immersive and otherworldly, and it would make players feel more connected to the game’s lore. Players would also have more options when building structures in the End, which could encourage them to spend more time exploring and building in the dimension. If I’m forced to travel through one more chorus fruit forest, I’m gonna lose it!

Finally, updating the End dimension could help to rekindle player interest in Minecraft. Many players have been playing the game for years, and updating the End could provide a fresh new experience that would encourage them to continue playing and exploring the game’s world. This could also attract new players to the game, as they would have more content to explore and enjoy. Updating the End dimension would benefit Minecraft as a whole, making the game more exciting and engaging for players of all ages and skill levels.

The Combat

One of the most important aspects of any game is combat, which is used to defend oneself from mobs and defeat other players. However, many players feel that the combat in Minecraft is lacking and needs to be updated to make it more engaging and complex. Here are some reasons why Minecraft could update its combat:

combat snapshot

Firstly, the combat in Minecraft is very basic and lacks depth. Players have limited options when it comes to attacking enemies, and battles can quickly become repetitive and uninteresting. By updating the combat system, Minecraft could provide players with new mechanics and strategies to use during battles, making them more engaging and rewarding.

Secondly, the current combat system in Minecraft is imprecise and difficult to master. Players often have to rely on spamming attack which can be frustrating and unsatisfying. Updating the combat system could provide players with more accurate and precise controls, allowing them to execute more complex and satisfying attacks.

Thirdly, the current combat system in Minecraft is not very challenging. Most enemies can be defeated by simply hitting them repeatedly with no combos, dodging, or blocking, which can make battles feel monotonous and unexciting. By updating the combat system, Minecraft could provide players with new and more challenging enemies, requiring them to use advanced tactics and strategies to win battles.

Finally, updating the combat system in Minecraft could attract new players to the game. Many gamers are looking for engaging and challenging combat systems in their games, and updating the combat in Minecraft could provide that experience. This could help Minecraft to stay relevant and continue to attract new players, ensuring that the game remains popular and successful for years to come.


Minecraft is a game that has grown significantly since its initial release, and as the game continues to expand, it’s essential to prioritize optimization and performance. One way to improve Minecraft’s performance is by implementing multithreading support. Currently, Minecraft only uses a single CPU core, which can lead to lag and decreased performance in more demanding situations. By utilizing multiple CPU cores, Minecraft could run more smoothly, especially on larger servers or in more complex worlds.

optimization performance

Another area that could be improved is chunk loading. As players explore the game world, new chunks need to be loaded, which can cause lag and reduce the overall performance of the game. By optimizing chunk loading algorithms and improving the way that chunks are cached and stored, Minecraft could reduce lag and provide a more seamless gaming experience. This would be especially helpful for players who enjoy exploring the game’s vast and varied landscapes.

Lastly, Minecraft could improve its performance by optimizing its memory management. Minecraft uses a lot of memory, and as players build more elaborate structures and explore more of the game world, this can become an even bigger issue. By reducing unnecessary memory overhead and optimizing the game’s memory usage, Minecraft could run more smoothly and provide a more stable gaming experience. This would help to ensure that players can enjoy the game without encountering frustrating performance issues. As Minecraft grows with every update, these issues only become more exaggerated.


That’s all I got! I’ve highlighted several areas of the game that could benefit from updates, including the End dimension, combat, and optimization. The End dimension has not received a major update in a long time and would greatly benefit from adding new enemies, biomes, and structures to make it more engaging and fun to explore. I also suggested updating the combat system to make it more challenging and rewarding for players, and optimizing the game’s performance by implementing multithreading support and improving chunk loading. Overall, these areas of the game provide insight into what would enhance Minecraft’s gameplay and attract new players to the game. With that being said, have a great day!

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