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Minecraft 1.20 is Here!

Posted: Jun 7, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


The wait is finally over, Minecraft 1.20 is released to all players wanting to enjoy it. Previously, only pre-releases, snapshots, and experimental features were available. This helped the community test out new mobs, blocks, biomes, and other aspects of the new update. With the official release, you and others can create servers to play with friends on the latest version of Minecraft! Whether you want to build with bamboo or dig around for artifacts, there’s plenty of activities to try out. We’ll show you the most popular features from the Trails & Tales update and how to create a server to have fun with others. Let’s begin!

Trails and Tales is Released!

Minecraft 1.20

Unlike other updates in the past, Minecraft 1.20 opens the door for more storytelling and lore. This is made possible due to the new mob and archeological discoveries, likely being expanded upon in future versions. Dig up some rare shards to make ancient pots or try to learn the mysteries of the sniffer creature in your world. These are fun activities to do with friends, but there’s plenty more of them too. For example, you can build an awesome japanese styled house with cherry blossoms or customize your library with new bookshelves. The possibilities are truly endless!

Minecraft 1.20 Server Hosting

If you’re curious about making a Minecraft 1.20 server, then you’re in the right place! Our panel allows you to quickly select this version of your favorite game, only taking a few minutes to fully install. You’ll need a server with us if you don’t already have one to do this, which can be done here. Besides this, check out the steps below to make your own Minecraft server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and locate the Game File area.
  2. Click the currently selected option and type “Minecraft 1.20” in the search field, then click it.
    Minecraft 1.20 Server Hosting
  3. Proceed to press Change Version and confirm this installation in the following prompts.
    Minecraft 1.20 Servers
  4. Afterward, click the Restart Now button to begin loading this version of Minecraft.


Cherry Blossoms

One of the most exciting features of Minecraft 1.20 is the new Cherry Blossom biome! This beautiful landscape is the ideal location for a house, especially if you enjoy the pink petals scattered around. These biomes are typically found in high places, meaning you want to search nearby mountains and hills for them. Sadly, they tend to be rare in the world. If you’re having trouble finding cherry blossoms, then consider using the /locate biome command to quickly locate them. This can be executed with cheats and operator permissions, but isn’t necessary to enjoy this new biome.

Minecraft Cherry Blossoms
Minecraft Cherry Grove Items

There’s plenty of new resources to collect and craft from the cherry blossom biome. Whether you want pink wooden hanging signs or planks to build a new house, you have more building options. This can be used to decorate your existing bases, especially if it’ll match your current color scheme. If you find yourself running low on resources, then consider making a cherry tree farm to continuously collect these items.


Ancient Sniffers

Instead of a new biome, there’s an awesomely large creature known as a Sniffer. This mob is ancient, and that’s not an understatement. The only way for you and others to encounter one is to hatch it from its egg. These can be found throughout the world, mainly in warm ocean ruins. Who knows how long these mobs have been around in Minecraft, but it’ll be worthwhile to bring them back from extinction! Once you’ve grown one to adulthood, they can begin sniffing around to dig up rare seeds. These can grow into amazing flowers, used to decorate your garden or structures. Perhaps in future updates of the game these can be expanded on for more uses.

Minecraft Sniffers


Digging for Mysteries

Minecraft Trail Ruins

On top of discovering ancient seeds from sniffers, you can dig for artifacts and unique items. Grab your brush and find some trail ruins or temples in the desert. Once you encounter one, mine the blocks and search for suspiciously textured ones. Use your brush on them to begin uncovering loot! Whether you find shards to make a pot that tells a story or simply obtain emeralds, you have a lot of items to loot. These materials can help transform your library into a highly detailed one, among other rooms in your base.


Tons of Features!

Minecraft 1.20 Features

There’s just so many features from Minecraft 1.20, such as the ability to play mob sounds by placing their heads on note blocks. Other ones include that new bookshelf mentioned somewhere above, giving players the chance to store their enchantments or written books. Some users may even want to customize their armor with brand new trimmings, which will only get better with future updates. Don’t forget about the new bamboo blocks, giving you tons of new creative ideas for houses. Explore all of these features with your friends to have the best experience in-game! Otherwise, ride it solo and continue working on your perfect world.


That’s about it, Minecraft 1.20 is officially here and ready to be played by millions of people. There’s loads of new content to enjoy, such as the new biome or mobs and other features. Some of these changes were inspired by Minecraft Dungeons, like the pottery items from excavating trail ruins. What other features should be in the game? Who knows, maybe they’ll enhance everything in the future version of Minecraft. Besides this, we hope this blog helped you learn all about the Trails and Tales update. Have a good one, gamers!

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