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How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft

Last modified on Dec 14, 2023 in General

mc head By Nathan Young


Playing in your Vanilla Minecraft survival world can involve lots of time, as you’ll need to collect many resources to stay thriving in the harsh environment. Whether your goal is to reach the End or simply build the best base, countless materials and effort are required. In some cases, players may not be able to pull this off due to dying and losing all their items. Due to this, a few of them look for cheats to use for an easier time while enjoying their adventure. Fortunately, Minecraft makes it simple to enable them despite the edition you play on. For instance, creating a new world in Bedrock or Java provides you with an option to toggle cheat commands. However, some players may want to have them in an existing world rather than starting a new one. Once activated, the different types to use in-game can be confusing. With all this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to enable cheats in Minecraft and additional information to help you learn more about them.

Cheating in Singleplayer

Cheating in Minecraft

Instead of spending too much time in your world to collect all the necessary resources, cheating in your world can easily solve this situation. Some players may want to instantly spawn items or change their map settings to make everything smoother for their gameplay. For example, editing gamerules with a simple command can allow all your materials to remain in your inventory upon death. Another one is spawning bedrock blocks to create an indestructible base to prevent mob attacks. Regardless of your Minecraft edition, doing this is straightforward and easy-to-do. Review our subsections below to start cheating in your singleplayer world.

Java Edition

Before using cheats, you’ll want to create a new world to activate them. This is due to the game’s design, as allowing players to freely do this in existing worlds disables advancements. However, there are some workarounds mentioned in later sections that bypass this prevention feature. Follow the steps below to begin making a cheater’s world in Minecraft Java Edition.

  1. Launch Minecraft and click Singleplayer in the main menu.
  2. At the bottom right corner, press the Create New World button.
    Minecraft Create World
  3. In the list of options, click Allow Cheats to toggle it.
    Minecraft Allow Cheats Singleplayer
  4. Proceed to fill out the other world creation information.
  5. Afterward, simply press Create New World at the bottom left.
    Minecraft Singleplayer Create World
  6. Once in-game, you can now use cheat commands such as /gamemode or others.


Bedrock Edition

If you’re using Bedrock, then you can still enable cheats for new worlds like on Java editions. The process is relatively the same, but with different areas to navigate through. Review the instructions below to get a better understanding of how to activate cheats in your new Bedrock world.

  1. Open your Minecraft Bedrock Edition, then press Play in the main menu.
  2. At the top, click Create New and continue to hit the Create New World button.
    Minecraft Bedrock Create World
  3. To the left-hand side, scroll down and select the Cheats option.
    Minecraft Bedrock Cheats
  4. In the next area, click the Cheats button to toggle this feature.
    Allow Cheats in Bedrock
  5. Proceed to fill out other world creation information, then press Create near the top left.


Popular Cheat Commands

After enabling cheats in Minecraft, there will be lots of commands to try out. These can range from spawning items, managing the world’s border, or summoning mobs. Bedrock and Java have different sets of commands, but we’ve compiled a universal list of them down below. Some of them may have different arguments to use, depending on your game editions. Despite this, the following commands can be universally executed in-chat for you to begin cheating.

/clearRemove all items from a player’s inventory.
/difficultyChange the world’s difficulty setting.
/effectGive status effects on players.
/enchantForcibly enchant items with applicable enchantments.
/gamemodeSwitch between different modes in-game.
/gameruleControl specific rules for the world.
/giveSpawn any item or material in-game.
/locateProvides coordinates for specific biomes and structures in the world.
/summonSpawn any mob or entity in your world.
/tpTeleport to any coordinate or player.
/worldborderControl the world’s border settings.
/xpGive or take away experience points from players.


Cheating in Existing Worlds

If you’re wanting to toggle cheats in an existing Java world, then there are a few tricks you can try. The first is switching your Singleplayer world into LAN, allowing you to share the map on your local network. During this process, an option for allowing cheats will appear. Keep in mind that this isn’t suited for long-term gameplay sessions, as it’s only temporary. Otherwise, using the NBT Editor for Windows or Mac is required to manually edit your world files to accomplish the same task, but will make the changes permanent. This is a bit complicated for most players, so we encourage using the LAN method instead. As for Bedrock users, simply enter the Settings from the menu in-game and toggle Activate Cheats in the Game options. Remember, doing this for either edition will disable advancements. If you’re wanting to keep all your achievement progression, then don’t toggle cheats in your existing world.

Multiplayer Cheats

Minecraft Multiplayer Cheats

Hosting a dedicated Minecraft server allows you to have more control over everything, including cheats. At any time, you or permitted players can become operators to begin cheating. However, Bedrock servers need to enable Allow Cheats in the Server Settings before anyone can use them. The commands to use are the same, but with additional ones depending on your server’s type. For instance, using Paper allows you to execute more operator functions than normal setups. Bedrock servers are limited, but crossplatform is possible to include extra features for the most cheating abilities.


Whether you’re on Bedrock or Java, cheating is possible for both new and existing worlds. Players may want to mess around in-game or use commands to make the gameplay easier. Regardless of what you intend to do, cheats introduce wonderful features to try out. However, remember that activating them will disable advancements. If you wish to keep your legit progression in the world, then do not enable cheats. Although, you can make backups of your world before doing this so you can retain all legit progress. We hope this tutorial gives you the knowledge to begin cheating in Minecraft.

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