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How to Find the End Portal

Posted: Oct 7, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft has many different biomes, locations, and structures to stumble upon as players explore the world. However, there are unique dimensions other than the default environment. One of these areas is called the End, which allows for valuable loot and the ability to “finish” the game by defeating the Ender Dragon. Although, there are many steps required before reaching the End Portal to teleport there. Players will need to gather specific resources scattered throughout the world, then begin their hunt for it. Once these are collected, the navigation towards the portal is next and could be an even more challenging task. There are tips and tricks to make this process easier on you and others. With this in mind, let’s jump straight into how to find the End Portal in Minecraft.


Minecraft Enderman

Before entering in the End dimension, let alone finding the end portal, you’ll want to collect Ender Pearls. These items are found by killing Enderman mobs, which is unfortunately a difficult task. This is due to their spawn rates, as they are uncommon in every biome except for Mushroom Fields and the Deep Dark caves. Additionally, endermen must spawn in a 3 block high solid position with the Overworld’s light level set at zero. The combination of their rarity and unique prerequisites results in a low spawn rate, but players have better luck finding them in the Nether. Once you do find an Enderman, it’s extremely possible there will be two of them. Upon killing them, it’s not guaranteed to drop an Ender Pearl. Use the Looting enchantment, build a mob farm, or keep hunting them down until you obtain at least 12 pearls.

Eye of Ender Recipe

However, it’s suggested to go above the minimum amount for Ender Pearls. These items are required for the End dimension, as players must craft Eye of the Enders and place them inside of End Portal Frames to make the portal. There are 12 frames in total, with some already being filled with some. Crafting them is easy when you’re in the Nether since it needs Blaze Powder. In other words, it’s best to head towards this dimension right away to gather the required resources for the End. This is why you see speedrunners in the Nether, as there are plenty of useful items for their adventure.


The Search Begins

Minecraft Eye of Ender

As for the hunt, you’ll want to use the Eye of the Enders to navigate towards your world’s Stronghold. This is the location of the End Portal and other rooms with unique loot to collect. When actively searching for this structure, right-click the Eye of the Ender and it’ll launch the pearl in the air that points you in the right direction. Afterward, these items will drop to the floor for you to reuse them. Unfortunately, they might disappear instead and make you lose a pearl. This is why you and other players should stock up on Ender Pearls instead of only getting the minimum amount. If you have a lot, then continue onward until you reach a point where all Eye of the Enders stay at one position. This is where the Stronghold is located, so dig downwards! Just don’t fall into lava as you do that.

Stronghold Located

Once you’ve found the Stronghold, it may be easy or challenging to locate the End Portal room. This is due to the immense amount of structures and areas to explore. Whenever you do find the correct room, kill the Silverfish mobs and right-click all portal frames with Eye of the Enders to activate the End. As previously stated, some of these will already be ready for you. This is randomly determined upon generating the Minecraft world, so sometimes you’ll get lucky and other times not-so-much.

Minecraft End Portal

When everything is completed, the portal will be enabled for players to teleport to the End dimension. Be cautious though, there are many endermen and hostile environments in this location. Make sure to have good gear, useful items, blocks, and anything else that may help you. A good tip is to bring beds, bows, fishing rods, and water buckets to help slay the Ender Dragon.


The End dimension is the hardest location in Minecraft, or at least on par with the Nether. This is a place for experienced players to thrive or a graveyard for newbies that wish to explore the daunting challenges ahead of them. Regardless of that, everyone must first locate the End Portal before teleporting to the dimension. This process varies from person to person and world to world, as luck is an important factor. For instance, someone can spawn right on top of the Stronghold and simply dig down to easily find the End Portal. Otherwise, players would be thousands of blocks away from it and must collect rare materials in the Nether, which is already a hard feat to win. However, it’s very likely that every Minecraft player will sooner or later encounter the End and its many unique elements despite the challenges. We hope this helped you learn more about the entire process for finding the End Portal.

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