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How to Use Effects in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

How to Use Effect Commands in Minecraft


Players in Minecraft likely encountered effects from items or in-game events, causing positive or negative outcomes. These can be used for advantages in survival mode, such as strength or speed. However in some cases, server owners may want to set up automatic or overpowered status effects for their players. This is done through commands, which are highly customizable and have no level limitations for them. Using this ability is mainly for minigames, hardcore mode, or to mess around in-game. Although, the exact command usage varies depending on your desired goal and can be difficult to execute due to specific settings. It involves knowledge regarding the effect IDs and other values, which can be combined to make custom results. Keeping this in mind, let’s explore this Apex Hosting tutorial to learn how to use effects in Minecraft.

Effect Command

Minecraft Effects

Since 2013, the effect command has been around for players to use for a variety of reasons. It requires cheats in Singleplayer and Operator for servers, as this allows for advantages that default players cannot access. Additionally, these effects can be used in Command Blocks for an automatic system to constantly give them to users. Knowing this, we’ll review the effect command usage in-game for Java and Bedrock versions to get you started.

Java Examples

Before we dive into the examples, it’s important to understand there are two versions of the command depending on your Minecraft version. Make sure to confirm the exact one you’re using, then review the corresponding example for your reference.

Minecraft 1.13+

Minecraft Effect Command 1.19

For Minecraft versions exceeding 1.13, use /effect give [targets] [effect] [seconds] [amplifier] [hideParticles] in-chat to run the command. However, the amplifier and last value aren’t required, as these are optional settings to apply. For example, using /effect give Neme speed 120 gives the player speed for two minutes. Although, this effect isn’t a higher level since the amplifier isn’t defined. If you add “2” after the seconds, then it’ll apply speed 2 to your character.

Minecraft 1.12 & Below

Minecraft Effect Command 1.12.2

Minecraft versions under 1.12 use the /effect [player] [effect] [seconds] [amplifier] [hideParticles] command in-chat to run it. As previously mentioned, the amplifier and last values aren’t required to apply an effect to your character. However, if you’re wanting strength 2 as an example, then enter /effect Neme strength 120 2 for that. This allows for two minutes worth of the status effect, which can be any amount of time you want. Although, if you wish to hide the particles then add “true” after the amplifier value.


Bedrock Example

Bedrock Minecraft Effect Command

Unlike the Java edition of Minecraft, Bedrock only has one effect command to use across its many game versions. The format is /effect [player] [effect] [seconds] [amplifier] [hideParticles] and requires it to be used in-chat, just as other commands. An example for overpowered jump boosts is /effect EnderX jump_boost 60 5 true and only lasts for one minute without particle effects. This is using level five, but can technically be 50 if you really want to jump high.

Remove Effects

As for removing effects off your character, there are two commands for Java and one for Bedrock. For Java 1.13 and above, use /effect clear [targets] [effect] and for anything under 1.12 use /effect [player] clear. If you play on Bedrock, then you can use the same 1.12 command and it’ll remove all effects. Otherwise, players can drink milk from a bucket to erase them.

Effects List

absorptionAdds absorption health hearts to your character.✔️✔️
unluckLowers the probability to obtain valuable loot.✔️
bad_omenTriggers hostile mobs to spawn when entering a village.✔️✔️
blindnessSpawns a thick black fog in the player’s view.✔️✔️
conduit_powerAdds ability to breathe underwater, plus improved visibility and mining speed.✔️✔️
darknessThe world slowly gets darker over periodic pulses.✔️
dolphins_graceBoosts swimming speed.✔️
fatal_posionEvery 1.25 seconds, damage is inflicted.✔️
fire_resistanceGrants immunity to fire, lava, and fire balls.✔️✔️
glowingDisplays a bright white outline of players and mobs.✔️
hasteIncreases breaking block speed.✔️✔️
health_boostAdds more hearts to your health.✔️✔️
hero_of_the_villageReceive discounts for villager trades.✔️
hungerLose hunger points quickly.✔️✔️
instant_damageInstantly damages the player.✔️✔️
instant_healthInstantly heals the player.✔️✔️
invisibilityGrants invisibility so others can’t see you.✔️✔️
jump_boostAbility to jump higher.✔️✔️
levitationAutomatically start floating.✔️✔️
luckIncreases the probability of obtaining valuable items.✔️
mining_fatigueDecreases breaking block speed.✔️✔️
nauseaDistorts your player’s vision.✔️✔️
night_visionAllows to see up to brightness level 15 at night time.✔️✔️
poisonDamages the player every 1.25 seconds.✔️✔️
regenerationRestores half hearts every 2.5 seconds.✔️✔️
resistanceReduces all incoming damage.✔️✔️
saturationReplenishes hunger points.✔️✔️
slow_fallingSlows down fall speed and eliminates its damage.✔️✔️
slownessDecreases player speed.✔️✔️
speedIncreases player movement.✔️✔️
strengthImproves attack damage.✔️✔️
village_heroReceive discounts for villager trades.✔️
water_breathingAllows the player to breathe underwater without oxygen.✔️✔️
weaknessDecreases attack damage.✔️✔️
witherHurts the player every 2 seconds.✔️✔️


Common Issues

Unable to Use Effects
If the effect command isn’t working on your server, then make sure you’re the operator or have admin privileges. This can be done by using op [player] from the Console in your Apex server panel. This is also applied for Bedrock servers, but if it’s singleplayer then make sure cheats are enabled. Otherwise, the problem might be that you’re using the wrong command usage. For instance, players cannot use Minecraft 1.12 effect commands on 1.13 and higher. Confirm the version you’re on, then try using the correct one in-game to see if that works.
Cannot Remove Effects
If you’re unable to erase the status effects, then double-check the game version you’re on. As previously mentioned, Java has two variants of the effect command. Make sure the right one is being used in your server or singleplayer with cheats. Alternatively, you and other players can drink milk from a bucket. Obtaining this requires right-clicking on a cow with an empty bucket.
Inability to Set a Custom Duration
Unfortunately, Minecraft limits how much time a player can have a status effect. If it goes above a specific amount, then it’ll be permanent on their character. With this said, there isn’t a vanilla (default) method for changing it. However, it might be possible with plugins or mods if you find the right ones.

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