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Start a Minecraft Hardcore Server

Last modified on Jun 9, 2022 in gametypes

mc head By ApexHosting

Start a Minecraft Hardcore Server

Setup Time: 5 Mins
Setup Difficulty: Easy
Players: 1+


Normal Minecraft survival has been around since day one, so we have decided its time to make it harder and more interesting. This pack has everything from Custom textures to Custom crafting. There is many changes so make sure to read about them all.

Getting Started

First of all, wooden tools and golden tools are removed.

sword and axe

So how can you survive without wooden tools? Fear not, a new bunch of new items are added.

minecraft wood tools

Understand the usage of tools

receipts for crafting wood tools

  • Punching wood? Nope. You must use a Hatchet or an Axe for breaking any wooden blocks.
  • Digging dirt with your bare hands? Nope. You must use a Shovel for breaking any dirt/sandy blocks.
  • Breaking stone? You must use a Mattock or Pickaxe for breaking any hard blocks.
  • Gathering fruits or vegetables? You must use a Sickle for harvesting crops.
  • Cut strings or disarm TnT? You must use a Shears for cutting.
  • Placing artificial blocks? You must use a Hammer in your offhand for placing blocks.

Survive and thrive

First, find some trees. Gather some sticks by breaking the leaves. Leaves have 25% chance to drop 1 stick, otherwise no drop.

Sticks are also obtainable from Saplings.

craft saplings recipe

Next, find some gravel. Gather some flint by breaking them. Gravel has 50% chance to drop 1 flint, otherwise no drop, by breaking with bare hands.

Gravel is usually found near lakes, rivers, extreme hills, caves, and cliffs. Hmm, if you can’t find any gravel in your area, try the following method if it’s available:

craft flint recipe

Now you can make a Hatchet with these two items.

craft hatchet recipe

Break down some logs with your Hatchet, convert some logs into planks and sticks.

Now you can make a Mattock.

craft hattock recipe

Next, find some stones. No, you can’t break dirt straight down to find stones yet, you will need a shovel. Hence, find a cave, or a mountain. Gather stones, and if you’re lucky, get some coal too.

To make a workbench, you need the last tool, Hammer.

hammer crafting recipe

It is used to make workbenches and build artificial blocks.(See below)

Get a weapon

You can choose either using a Stone Sword or Shiv as your basic weapon. Shiv adds poison effect on hit, but with less damage.

world image

Harvest cows and sheep to obtain Leather and String(from Wool)


If you are thirsty, craft a Bowl to obtain water. Simply throw 1 Bowl into a water source, it will become a Water Bowl.

minecraft bowl

Drinking it will quench the thirst, but purified water is recommended when cauldrons are affordable. (See section Thirst).

Plan and craft

Then, you craft a Workbench like so:

workbench crafting recipe

With your workbench, you can upgrade your tools to stone tools.

With a shovel, digging Gravel is less risky to get a flint.

stone tools

We need to go deeper

Need to discover the underground? You’ll need Torches. But you need to make a Firestriker for igniting.

firestriker crafting recipe

torch crafting recipe

Firestriker can also be used like flint and steel, cook some meat, smelt some simple items. It has a durability of 8. Right-click on the ground to set it on fire.

To use the smelting option of a firestriker, right click while sneaking.

smelt firestriker


  1. Put unsmelted/uncooked items in the smelting slot.
  2. Click on the result slot to smelt/cook one item.
  3. To exit, either click on the Firestriker or press Escape.

Firestriker Recipes:

Any cookable Food



charcoal firestriker recipe


glass firestriker recipe


brick firestriker recipe

To make a Furnace, further works are required.

Start gathering some Clay by breaking clay blocks, or:

clay crafting recipe

Turn clay balls into Brick with Firestriker, it’s an essential material for making furnaces.

brick firestriker recipe

Make your own Furnace in the workbench.

furnace crafting recipe

Now you can smelt ores with Furnace.

Settle down before sunset

Time to settle, make sure you bring the workbench with you, it’s important.

Make some Chests to store your items.

chest crafting recipe

Build your house This is where hammer comes in handy. All artificially crafted blocks (eg. planks) can only be placed when with the use of a hammer.

house building tools

Put a hammer on the off hand, your blocks on the main hand, start building your house!

Each placed block has 10% chance to reduce hammer’s durability by 1.


Thirst caps at 40 points, reduced when exhaustion point reaches the maximum. If Thirst drops to 0, you will suffer from dehydration and loses health. See Status for info on how to check your thirst status.

Thirst points:

  • Melon Slices restore 6 points
  • Water Bowls restore 10 points
  • Hot milk restores 10 points (Be careful, it’ll burn ya)
  • Dirty water bottles restore 13 points
  • Cold milk restores 15 points
  • Clean water bottles restore 18 points
  • Purified water bottles restore 23 points
  • Coffee restores 23 points
  • Mushroom Soup restore 12 points (Hunger is restored too, hybrid)
  • Milk restores 30 points

Water bowls bowl

If you are thirsty, craft a Bowl to obtain water.

Simply throw 1 Bowl into a water source, it will become a Water Bowl.

Drinking it will quench the thirst. Drinking impure water runs a 60% risk of getting poisoned for 4 seconds. Purified water is recommended when cauldrons are affordable.

Water Bottles minecraft water bottles

Water Bottles can be obtained by right-clicking a glass bottle into a water source, but it’s not purified and not safe to drink.

Drinking impure water has a high chance to get Poison for 4 seconds.

To get rid of that risk, you can either clean your water or purify it:

Clean Water:

Clean water will have a medium risk of getting poisoned. There’s a couple of ways to get clean water:

1) Throw a dirty water bottle on the campfire:

clean water minecraft

2) Throw a dirty water bottle in a furnace or smoker:

how to clean water minecraft

To clean water this way will take longer than most cooking recipes.

Purified Water:

Purified water is the cleanest water you can get. It will have no negative side effects and it will replenish your thirst meter a lot quicker.

1) Make a Cauldron and prepare a fuel block.

2) Light the Cauldron with fire.

3) Fill the Cauldron with water.

boiling water in minecraft
4) Fill the glass bottles with this purified water.

purified water

Coffee: minecraft coffee

You can craft coffee in their crafting table.

When drank, it will increase your thirst level by 23 points, and will also refresh your energy level.

Emptying Containers

Simply throw a water bottle, water bowl or potion in your workbench, and you will get back an empty bottle/bowl


You can check your hunger or thirst by typing **/status **

2 bars representing Hunger and Thirst will be shown

The bars are also presented when consuming items.

/status can have one argument to show specific details

  • all – show all status
  • hunger – toggle/show hunger value
  • thirst – toggle/show thirst value
  • fatigue – toggle/show fatigue level
  • nutrients – toggle/show nutrient values
  • none – toggle all status messages off

Alerts will be displayed when either one drops down to a dangerous value


Raw Foods

Raw Meat will cause food poisoning, with a chance of 80%. Food Poisoning will stack if more raw meats are eaten. Better cook your meat before eating!

Cookies as Saturated Snacks.  Cookies can increase your health when you eat it more and more. Eating one of these will add a stackable 30 seconds of Health Boost.

Tiers – Eating a cookie when Health Boost’s duration is at least:

  • 15 seconds: Gains Health Boost I, 2 extra hearts
  • 1 minute: Gains Health Boost II, 4 extra hearts
  • 3 minutes: Gains Health Boost III, 6 extra hearts

The more you eat, the stronger you are!

Cookie’s Saturation Point restoration has been increased from 0.4 to 5.

Beetroots as PowerUPs

Beetroots can increase your strength when consumed. Eating one of these will add a stackable 10 seconds of Strength. Strength can be stacked up to a maximum of 30 seconds.

Poisonous Potato as Antidote

Poisonous Potato can purge all Potion Effects (like Bucket of Milk), and it’s stackable. However, eating one of these has 60% chance to get Poison for 4 seconds.

Food Diversity

Why should you only eat one type of food? Let’s make some variations.

Nutrients in the food are divided into 3 types:

  1. Carbohydrates – Mainly grains and sugars
  2. Proteins – Mainly meat, poultry, and milk
  3. Vitamins and Salts – Mainly vegetables and fruits

Eating lesser of a type of food will cause malnutrition, which will cause serious negative effects. Remember, eat healthily!



You will need to use a sickle to harvest fruits and vegetables in your garden. When you use a stone sickle you will notice there’s a chance that the plants won’t drop any food. You can use an iron sickle which will have a higher chance of dropping more food.


It’s weird to have instant baby chicks when breeding Chickens.

  • Chickens now lay 1-4 egg(s) instead of breeding a new chick.
  • Eggs have 100% chance to hatch a chick.

Sleepy Time minecraft bed

If you have not slept for an entire night, fatigue level will increase.

Fatigue levels:

  • Level 0 (Energized): No effects.
  • Level 1 (Sleepy): You felt your eyelids heavy, keep blinking.
  • Level 2 (Overworked): You felt your vision blurred, constantly blackout.
  • Level 3 (Distressed): You felt being enveloped by darkness, unable to see anything.
  • Level 4 and above: You collapsed on the ground, fatigued to death.
  • This can force players to sleep frequently, instead of having overextending night events.

Sleeping resets Fatigue Level to 0. Check out Status for info on how to check your fatigue level.


Custom Cave Monsters – Caves can be scary, so in order to make them as scary as possible, I added scarier mobs.

Alpha Spider

Alpha Spiders are the kings of the spider nation. They can poison you on attack, web you, and even summon minions to help attack. They are very dangerous in small spaces due to the fact that they can web you stuck if you are not careful.

alpha spider

Smoke Demon

Smoke Demons are the souls of many miners who have died in gas leaks. Due to their unrest, they hunt you down in the form of a shapeless cloud of poisonous gas. However, bright lights can kill them just like the hungering darkness.

smoke demon

Lava Creeper

Just when creepers couldn’t get any worse, now some that spawn in caves blow up into fire, lava, obsidian, and magma. Bring a water bucket and watch your back if you want to live.

Lava Creeper Aftermath:

minecraft lava creeper

Lava Creepers shoot lava particles out of their head so that you know which type is which.

Hexed Armor

Hexed Armor is a more annoying than dangerous mob. If you get hit too many times by hexed armor, the cursed armor will rip off your current armor and glue itself to you.

minecraft hexxed armor

hexxed armor

Magma Monster

A monster so hot it scorches the land it walks on. Also sets you on fire if you are hit by it so watch out.

minecraft magma monster


A monster that jumpscares you if you are not careful. If you look away from it while it is attacking or following you, it will teleport in front of you and jumpscare you. Dangerous with other mobs around, but easy to kill alone.

minecraft watcher

TnT Infused Creeper

A project gone wrong by scientist. During a attempt to increase the explosion power of creepers, some creepers learned to build TNT out of their surroundings and increase their explosion power themselves.

When the creeper explodes, one to two TNT will appear and also explode causing triple the explosion power.

tnt infused creeper

Dead Miner

Miner who couldn’t find his way out of the caves below. Eventually by some unknown way, he was resurrected as a zombie and now stalks the caves looking for other miners to join him.

While he walks around, he will place torches if it gets too dark. He also drops items from time to time when he is hit.

dead miner minecraft


When the time of wither and their servants were still in their prime, wither scholars explored the vast network of magic that resided in the nether. The only problem is that the infinite amount of knowledge transformed them into a abomination that took on the powers of the wither and attacks any humans on sight.

minecraft necromancer

Old Shadow

A ancient manifestation of the fears of man that hungers for more power. It wanders the dark world of the nether in search of players and devours them inside of itself.


A being made of lava that is so hot it scorches the ground it steps on.

minecraft molten


A ghast trapped within a skeleton. Due to the skeletons power, the ghast can only launch weak fireballs at the player but they still pack a punch without fire resistance.

minecraft fireball


A flying eye that sees all and burns all. If a player is spotted, it will burn the player alive unless he is sneaking. Due to their low intelligence, sneaking causes the inferno to loose sight of a player.

minecraft inferno


A living error. Further research into the Sherogath gives evidence that the nether is a simulation of the overworld rather than a real dimension.

minecraft sherrogath


Living Sound that changes based on how close you are, attacking this sound close enough causes the sound to aggro and attack you back. Invisible Entity! Picture Not Available.

Alpha Pigman

Pigman that was given enhanced physical qualities during the great wither war to fight against the ghasts. Now wanders around without purpose with it’s brethren.

minecraft alpha pigman

Ghast Buff

Ghasts have also been improved. They now have a special ability where they can turn invisible for a short amount of time. Their fireballs are also faster and more powerful then they were before.


Overgrown Nether

The Nether is a ages old realm in the underworld of minecraft so you would think that over time it would be overgrown by fauna there, but it isn’t. In order to fix this, the nether now generates vines of cobwebs as well as mushrooms to give it that overgrown aesthetic.

New Nether:

minecraft hardcore nether

Old Nether:

minecraft original nether

Cave Growth –

Caves that are inhabited for a long time grow vines, stalagmites, and generate pebbles to make caves look more cave-y and run down.

minecraft cave growth

Hungering Darkness –

The hungering darkness are invisible entities that kill you if they find you in a place with zero light. If you are being targeted by the hungering darkness, you will hear a strange static sound coming towards you. The way to get rid or kill them is by light so make sure you have a lot of torches.

Cave Ins –

When very, very low underground you should bring a rabbit foot with you to avoid cave-ins from happening. Once a cave-in happens, the cave around you collapses with a deafening blast while blinding you in the process.

Cave Temperature –

When caving, the lava in caves brings the temperature to at least 200,000 C (trust me i’m a scientist). Because of this, when low underground your character will complain and you’ll fatigue every now and then.

Custom Structures –

Tiny little structures that spawn throughout caves to make exploring more interesting. Chests that can spawn in these structures contain items that you need to survive, so living only in a cave is now possible without traveling to the surface. There are currently 36 different structures, so finding two of the same is decently difficult to do.


Block Mechanics

  • Soulsand and Netherrack now have new mechanics that change the way you travel / mine in the nether.
  • Netherrack has a chance to spawn fire when mined.
  • Soulsand doesn’t like to be run on. If you are caught running on soulsand, the souls inside the soulsand slow you down drastically so that you can barely run.


We have pre-done all the ranks for you with Member, Mod, Elite, Admin & Owner.

  • Member is the default rank everyone will join as with permissions to join and play.
  • Mod is a staff rank with basic moderation permissions (/kick, /mute, /ban)
  • Admin has all the permissions to run the server.
  • Owner has every permission

The ranks can be edited using PEX (Note that you will need to set yourself to the owner at first) https://github.com/PEXPlugins/PermissionsEx/wiki/Commands.

Unique Plugins

Dangerous Caves

Dangeroues Nether

Survival Plus

Counting Game

Common Plugins



Holographic Displays

Nametag Edit


Placeholder API


World Edit

World Guard

How To Make a Hardcore Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Hardcore server will be created instantly