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Last modified on Sep 3, 2021 in plugins

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This plugin is best used when in the hands of server mods and server hosts, people who need to know when something happened and who did it, or even if something happened. We all have had that friend who says they got diamonds, but you’re never really sure how or when it happened. Maybe someone left a fence open and your precious chickens escaped. You can rollback to get your animals back where you need them to be. Coreprotect is fast, bringing up your requested information and executing your commands in what seems like an instant.

Coreprotect Lookup

You can look up information by heading into Inspector mode, simply typing /co i puts you into that mode. From inspector mode you can look up actions so specifically, down to the second of a day that a specific user did something with the /co lookup u:{name}command. This can vary from actions, to blocks placed, to lava placed, to water placed, to blocks removed, to even chat logs.

If after a certain time you can even /coreprotect restore to restore rollbacks or /co purge to remove all chat and command logs.

/co i
/co lookup u:{name}command 
/co purge
/coreprotect restore

What can you do with Coreprotect:

Coreprotect Chat Message

Coreprotect is a server inspection plugin, designed with the purpose of seeing what users are up to on your server. This mod is primarily used for griefing inspection but has a rather wide range of uses. Using the tool you can see so much of what users are up to, either by manually inspecting or looking up with commands. up to the exact second that a user did something. Commands like /co near scan the blocks near a player and give information about placed/destroyed blocks/entities.If a player gets to griefing in your server, you have /co rollback to turn back the clock when needed.

/co near
/co rollback

Setting up your server:

The first step when installing plugins like this is to make sure your server jar is on a compatible version. Core Protect uses spigot and it also uses paper with its jar. Down in the jar selection, select the version of paper or spigot you want after checking if it corresponds with the version of minecraft you want to use.

Selecting your plugin:

1: Go to the plugins tab on the left of your multicraft page and search for coreprotect and press enter.

2: Click on coreprotect and make sure it corresponds with the jar version of spigot. You can also check the versions on the coreprotect website. And then hit install.

3: On the multicraft main page, make sure to restart your server before hopping in.On the console tab you can check when your server is up and ready.

Coreprotect Plugin Install

Connecting MySQL:

One of the most important parts to Coreprotect is logging. In short logging is when your data is saved for future reference. I.e. If you did something in April you would be able to check it later in June. MySQL does just that. It logs server activity (including CP) to be checked at a later date.

1: You can connect MySQL,by going to MySQL on the left tab of your servers multicraft page.

2: Create a data base, and make note of your login info.

3: Open a new tab on the multicraft page and head to configure files.

4: Look for the coreprotect configure .yml and head into it.

5: Input your MySQL info into the corresponding inputs from the SQL info on step 2

-Host:Host, Database:Database, Username:Username, Password:Password

6: Save and restart your server.

Common Issues:

If you really aren’t sure of the version you should be picking for your server, check their website for the most up to date version.

If you cannot do rollbacks or process commands make sure to /op yourself or any player in console to allow command usage. (also a lot of the commands use colons “:” and not semi-colons “;”

/op [username]


Core protect makes a great addition to any server, whether it be for moderation or security. It works great for a small server for just you and your friends, or even a large server for hundreds.

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