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Minecraft 1.20 Release Date

Posted: Jun 2, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


It’s almost time for yet another amazing Minecraft update, Trails and Tales! This version of our beloved game introduces a wide variety of new features and content for millions to enjoy. Whether you want some pink building blocks or experience what an archeologist feels like, you have so many different possibilities. Recently, Mojang finally announced the official date for this Minecraft 1.20 update. Here’s a little hint, Summer is going to be very fun for you! There’ll be many players trying this version out for the first time ever, but there’s an available pre-release right now. Load it up and see what amazing content Minecraft is throwing at us. We’ll go through how we were told about this date and what upcoming features are to be expected. Let’s begin!

Trails and Tales Coming Soon!

Minecraft 1.20 Release Date

As of writing this, you should expect Minecraft 1.20 to release on June 7th, 2023. That’s right, it’s literally around the corner! There’s brand new mobs and blocks for you to begin playing around with, among many other new features. For instance, you can build that perfect Japanese styled house with cherry wood and bamboo. Otherwise, you can vibe with an extremely large and ancient creature! Regardless of what you wanna do, check out the sections below to see what’s coming up in Minecraft Trails and Tales.

Cherry Blossoms

The first major change on our list are cherry blossom biomes, containing gorgeous trees made from pink leaves. These are small areas found throughout the Minecraft world, typically in high locations. Make sure to grab your climbing boots and tools for this traveling adventure, especially if you’re afraid of heights. Once you reach this grand biome, you’ll see petals scattered all over the place, primarily under the trees. We advise you to take some cherry saplings for the ride back home, that way you can make a farm for them!

Cherry Blossoms Minecraft
Cherry Blossom Blocks Minecraft

After gathering their resources, you have tons of new blocks and materials to craft. These include the standard wood variations, from carved wood to planks. Other ones are fences, doors, trapdoors, boats, and hanging signs. The last one is completely new to Minecraft 1.20, allowing you to get more creative with building designs. Imagine this, you’re making a small little shop on your server and want to attract customers, this sign is perfect for that! You can even combine these cherry wood blocks with other kinds to find your ideal building pattern.


New Sniffer Mob

If you’re curious about ancient Minecraft secrets, then consider getting a Sniffer in your world. This large dinosaur-like mob sniffs all around the environment for rare seeds that no longer naturally exist. Revive this extinct species to enjoy tall turquoise and purple flowers! It may take some time though, as you’ll need to find sniffer eggs to hatch them before anything. This marks the start of Mojang building the lore of Minecraft, hopefully. Regardless of what they do, this is a wonderful addition to the game for florists and builders looking for extra decorations.

Minecraft Sniffer



Minecraft Archaeology

Similar to the ancient sniffers in the world, you can dig up some crazy artifacts that tell stories of a long time ago. Welcome to archaeology! Find some trail ruins and use brushes on suspicious looking blocks to uncover a wide variety of items, including armor trimmings. These areas in the world are noted by their out of place nature, like bricks and colored terracotta underground. Once you’ve found one and began brushing the sus blocks, you might find shards. These items are used to create special pots with symbols on them, but you may also dig up emeralds or junk.


So Much More!

Minecraft 1.20 Changes

Those were just the major changes to Minecraft, but there’s so many other ones too! For example, players can use mob heads on top of note blocks to play their sounds. You can scare friends if you use a creeper for this, as it plays the hissing noise. Otherwise, using bamboo to help you create structures is another option. What’s a house without decorations? Try using the new bookshelf that allows you to store enchantments and written texts. This acts like a storage block, while providing the room a new look! Minecraft 1.20 opens the door for countless creative ideas and possibilities, so many people are looking forward to the official release.


There you have it, Minecraft 1.20 should release on June 7th of 2023 and introduce tons of new content to the game. Whether you’re building a cherry blossom house or playing around with archeology dig sites, grab some tools so you may enjoy Trails and Tales! What’s even better is playing with friends on this version, so stay tuned as we’ll have Minecraft 1.20 servers available shortly after it officially releases. In the meantime, you can create an experimental server with either pre-releases or snapshots to get started. We hope this blog helped you learn all about this exciting update. Have a good one, gamers!

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