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Trail Ruins in Minecraft

Posted: Apr 11, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft’s upcoming 1.20 release, Trails and Tales, introduces so many new and exciting features. These include unique blocks, items, mobs, and much more! As we get closer to this update’s official date, Minecraft adds new content through its snapshots to prepare for the final version. In one of the most recent kinds, Snapshot 23w13a, there’s a mysterious structure that randomly generates in the world. This is called Trail Ruins and provides players with tons of resources, from terracotta to stone bricks. Where are they located? What other items can you get from them? Are these even useful? We’ll answer all these questions and others to get you started with this exciting change in Minecraft. Let’s begin!

What are Trail Ruins?

Each Trail Ruin found in Minecraft will be mainly underground with some of it extending to the surface. There are random collections of blocks, resembling large ore veins in caves. Players will immediately notice them in their world, as they stand out from its surroundings. Luckily, there aren’t any hostile mobs inside of this structure! This means players can peacefully mine away at its blocks to uncover secrets. Otherwise, some would rather dismiss trail ruins and focus on other activities. Don’t be like those players, as you can obtain some valuable items from digging away.

Trail Ruins Minecraft



Trail Ruins Locations Minecraft

As for trail ruin locations, there are many different kinds of biomes that’ll generate them. These include: Jungle, Old Growth Birch Forest, Old Growth Pine Taiga, Old Growth Spruce Taiga, Snowy Taiga, Taiga. The vast majority of the time, they’ll be hidden away on a mountain’s side or sneakily behind trees. Remember, trail ruins have unique blocks and will be hard to miss in your world. This will allow players to quickly find and confirm the structure’s location. However, as Minecraft continues to work on 1.20, these areas may change depending on their development.



Once you’ve begun digging around trail ruins, you’ll notice different layers inside. Whether it’s a downward spiral or zigzag shapes, there will always be unique levels to each structure. Expect lots of Sand, Gravel, Terracotta, and other blocks as you mine away. However, there are special kinds like Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel. These sus blocks may be hard to find, as they have slightly different textures compared to their counterparts. Don’t just break them, save each one for later to obtain useful or valuable resources.

Trail Ruins Guide Minecraft


Archaeology Loot!

Archaeology Loot Minecraft

If you know a thing or two about suspicious blocks in Minecraft, then you’d already understand their significance. Essentially, these trail ruins are a huge addon for Archaeology in the game since there’s more sus blocks to find compared to Desert Temples. Grab a Brush and start right-clicking them to begin collecting your reward! There’s plenty of loot to possibly obtain, such as artifacts from a lost civilization or rare minerals. Sadly, you may get unlucky and unearth dogwater items like seeds or color dyes. Now if you’re an extremely fortunate player, then you’d dig up some amazing loot.

Unique Armor Trims

New Armor Trims Minecraft

There are four unique Armor Trimmings available from these trail ruins to uncover. The first two are Wayfinder and Shaper, which looks absolutely amazing on netherite gear with gold. Obtaining any of them is a highly difficult feat to accomplish, so don’t expect one to magically appear after brushing off suspicious blocks. This won’t apply to the luckiest players in Minecraft, but that’s a small portion of the community. Once you’ve managed to get your hands on them, each type will have a unique pattern for the armor piece.


As for the other two, these are called Raiser and Host trimmings. These are all very similar, with some only having subtle detail changes. This might be underwhelming, but gives you more options to find the perfect one. My personal favorite is the Shaper trim, as it outplays any other type. This isn’t the case for all of them, especially since every player has specific tastes. Despite this, there’s bound to be a popular armor trim choice from these four kinds.

Armor Trimmings Minecraft



Trail ruins in Minecraft give archaeologists more opportunity to dig up some unique findings, but may change in the future. This depends on what Minecraft does for the official 1.20 update, so it might be possible that more items or blocks will appear in these structures. If you’re curious about trail ruins, then consider making an Experimental 1.20 Server to play with friends. Setting it up is super easy on our panel, which allows you to enjoy all the new features in the game. Besides this, we hope this blog gives you enough information and details about trail ruins in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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