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Disable Chat Reporting Minecraft

Posted: Apr 27, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Many players in Minecraft’s community believe that Microsoft is slowly ruining their beloved game, while some disagree. There’s plenty of back and forth debate among users about mob votes or upcoming features in future updates. However! Only one topic has bandied everyone together against it, known as player reporting. This was introduced in Minecraft 1.19.1, leading to wild reactions from the community. If a player is found breaking the game’s guidelines, they can be banned from every server. This is problematic if you’re hosting a private server with rules that allow swearing or other similar ones. For example, someone can come along and report another person for doing nothing wrong since Mojang’s guidelines overrule any community. Many owners aren’t in favor of this, sparking mod and plugin developers to bypass this player reporting system. Can it be disabled? How can you protect yourself and others on a private server? Let’s break down everything you need to know about chat reporting and possible answers to these questions!

Player Reporting

In any 1.19.1 and above Minecraft server, players can click a report button in the menu to begin this process. It works by analyzing the chat’s message history and giving the reporter an option to select multiple ones. They’ll continue to choose a category and describe the overall situation, then send the report to Mojang. There’s a wide range of players in Minecraft, with some being adults on their own server. With this in mind, topics in chat may break the game’s guidelines and allow someone to get the “rule breaker” banned.

Minecraft Player Reporting

This entire system is in place to protect people from harm, but can be abused for wrong doing. You can be punished for a minor transgression without even knowing it until you log back in to find your account is banned from all servers.

Disabling Methods

Disable Reporting Minecraft

Due to all the nonsense that can happen with player reporting, server owners are taking it upon themselves to prevent such situations. This can range from using modifications to plugins, depending on their setup. Fortunately, there are some addons and tools to help bypass any chat reports. In the future, these may get patched or disabled by Mojang since they are adamant to keep the feature in Minecraft. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with that, but for now you can prevent player reporting.


Spigot Logo

If you’re hosting a Paper, Spigot, or other similar bukkit-based server, then consider using the No Chat Reports plugin. This only works on Minecraft 1.19.1+ since that’s when the reporting feature got implemented. Keep this in mind if you’re going to use it on your server. Another important aspect to remember is that ViaVersion and EssentialsX have become known as “plugin police”. This means they’ll send you a warning message about the No Chat Reports addon, as it’s preventing playing reporting. Don’t worry though, as of right now nothing happens even after being warned by those other plugins. If you’re curious about other alternatives to this, then consider reviewing our Finding Plugins guide.



Lots of other servers use Forge or Fabric to play with others, making plugins incompatible. If you’re wanting to prevent reporting with mods, then check out No Chat Reports on CurseForge. Yes, this modification has the exact same name as its plugin counterpart. Fret not though, this can be used on Forge/Fabric 1.19.1+ servers. Essentially, this strips away any chat message signatures from the client and server. This protects you and anyone else from wrongly being punished by Mojang! Some modpacks are starting to implement this in their collection, especially those using newer versions of Minecraft. If you’re wanting to discover alternative modifications to bypass reporting, then review our Finding Mods guide.

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Luckily, smart developers figured out an awesome way to prevent player reporting in Minecraft servers! This may have saved you some heartache, especially if you’re hosting an anarchy world or something similar. No one wants to be permanently banned from servers, making this feature one of the most hated ones. The only other way to not get reported is to tread lightly and not make anyone upset, in-chat or while playing. We hope this blog provided you with some useful tips on bypassing chat reporting in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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