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Minecraft ViaVersion Plugin

Last modified on Dec 13, 2021 in plugins

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ViaVersion Plugin

Basic Description

This plugin allows newer versions of Minecraft to connect to older server types or vice versa. For example, if you have a server running on 1.17.1 and you are playing on the 1.13.2 version of the game, you can still join the server so long as it is running ViaVersion. This is an extremely helpful plugin that will allow your players to join your server from any version of the game without having to make any extra changes to the server itself.

You can download the plugin here. Then follow our guide on how to add plugins to your server to get it installed and running properly.


This plugin is essential for running Geyser. Bedrock often gets smaller updates that don’t always make it compatible with Java servers, even if Geyser is installed on them. ViaVersion helps remedy that issue by making it possible for newer versions of the game to still join the server.

This plugin has a handful of admin commands, but they are mainly used for debugging issues with the plugin and should only be used if one of the developers asks you to. The plugin does not require any extra configuration to use, just drag and drop it into your plugins folder and the server will do the rest after a restart.

Common Issues

BKCommonLib doesn’t work with ViaVersion
This is a known issue that happens when you use ViaVersion with older versions of Minecraft. The author has created a patched version of BKCommonLib that is compatible with VaiVersion to help remedy the problem. You can download it here.

My blocks look weird
Go to the ViaVersion config file and change “serverside-blockconnections” to “true”.

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