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How to Set Up a Minecraft Fabric Server

Last modified on Jul 8, 2024 in Control Panel

mc head By Nathan Young

Hosting your own Minecraft server opens the door to endless possibilities, especially with friends and family. One of the best ways to experience a grand adventure is by using mods, which add new features to the game. Examples include new enemies, passive mobs, weapons, tools, magical abilities, and so much more! This requires you to set up a Fabric server, a modded API for Minecraft that allows modifications to be installed. Configuring this alone can be challenging, so we’ve made it easy for you here at Apex Hosting – with just a few clicks you’re able to host your own Minecraft Fabric server. Let’s begin!

Getting Started

Minecraft Fabric Server Hosting

There are two ways to create a Fabric server in Minecraft, using the latest versions or custom ones. Our system allows you to select any major type to get started, along with the ability to use a specific mod loader type. The choice is yours! The following subsections will showcase how to create a Minecraft Fabric server and to use a custom version, if you want. Additionally, we’ll give popular examples of mods to try out with friends. Whether you want to have unique items or completely different dimensions, you have plenty of options with a Fabric server.

Setting Up a Fabric Server

Before anything, make sure to purchase a server with us if you haven’t already. Afterward, you’re able to follow the instructions below to begin playing with Fabric. This process will only take a few minutes to complete! We strongly advise that you install Fabric on your computer for Minecraft too, which can be done here.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File section.
    Minecraft Apex Hosting
  2. Proceed to click on the currently selected option and type “Fabric” in the search bar.
    Minecraft Fabric Apex Hosting
  3. Choose your desired game version, then press on it and confirm the changes.
    Minecraft Fabric 1.20.6 Server Hosting
  4. Make sure to Restart the server so Fabric will generate its required files to run.


Custom Fabric Loaders

If you want to select a specific Fabric mod loader for your Minecraft server, then the following steps is how you can achieve that. Keep in mind that this could result in crashes or other issues if it’s not supported by your installed mods.

  1. Navigate to the Customizations area from your main server panel.
    Minecraft Customizations Apex Hosting
  2. Continue to enter your desired Fabric loader version accordingly.
    Minecraft Custom Fabric Loader Apex Hosting
  3. Afterwards, click on it and queue the installation when prompted.
    Minecraft Apex Hosting Custom Loader
  4. Restart the server to begin using this new Fabric loader version!


Modding Capabilities

Minecraft Fabric Mod Hosting

Discover a wide range of mods to install on your Minecraft Fabric server! These range from adding new creatures to dimensions to the game, leading players on wild adventures. There are even optimization options to try out too, which can significantly improve your performance. The table below showcases some of our top picks for Fabric mods to get you started.

ArtifactsDiscover unique items from lootable chests that have special powers
Critters and CompanionsEncounter a wide variety of new land and aquatic creatures in-game
Easy MagicQuality of life change for all enchantment tables, making it possible to reroll choices
Eden RingEmbark on a grand journey in a new dimension in space, accessible via portals
EnchancementAdds a whole lot of new enchantments and changes how players apply them


Common Issues

My Fabric Server Crashed

In some cases, you and others alike might notice that the server crashed after installing Fabric via the Game File area. This happens if you have existing mods installed that aren’t for this Minecraft version, along with missing dependencies. There can be other reasons too, which can be difficult to troubleshoot. We strongly encourage you to make a new server profile to ensure that you get a fresh installation. Alternatively, you can reach out to our Support Team for extra assistance to resolve this situation.

Custom Fabric Loader isn’t Used

If you’ve decided to use a custom Fabric loader version for the Minecraft server, then double-check that it’s a valid type. This can be done by confirming the correct values are being used – a great place to check is here. If the server continues to not load or work properly, then this could be a result of incompatible mods with the Fabric version. Some modifications require special loader versions while others don’t, so it’s important to know this information.

Unable to Use Mods

The vast majority of issues relating to mods boil down to two possible causes: incompatibility or missing dependencies. Make sure you’ve installed Fabric API, as this is required for anything to work. Check your other mods’ descriptions for listed dependencies, as some might need multiple ones. If all of this is done and your mods still won’t work, then make sure Fabric is successfully installed on the Minecraft server. All of this still applies even if you’re experiencing these issues on the launcher.

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