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Artifacts Mod for Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

Artifacts Mod Minecraft

Scavenging the world for valuables in Minecraft can lead you on an amazing adventure with many rewards. If you want to amplify this experience, then consider using mods. One such example is Artifacts for Forge and Fabric, adding 34 wearable items that give you special abilities. These cannot be crafted, meaning you must find them in naturally generated structures. Alternatively, you might stumble upon a zombie wearing an artifact! Grab friends and begin exploring the world to find these unique items to greatly improve your gameplay experience. Let’s begin to learn how to install the Artifacts mod for Minecraft Forge and Fabric in this Apex Hosting guide to get you started.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Artifacts on CurseForge, then click Files.
    Artifacts CurseForge
  2. Locate your desired Game Version and press the three vertical dots on the right.
  3. Proceed to click Download File, then save it on your desktop for later.
    Artifacts CurseForge Download
Required Dependencies

Repeat the above steps with the following mods, according to your version.


Client Installation

Playing with the Artifacts mod requires you to install Forge or Fabric on the Minecraft launcher. Once you’re finished, review the steps below to set up the modification.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher, then click the Folder icon for your modded profile.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  2. Locate the mods directory and move all downloaded files into this area.
    Minecraft Mods Folder

    *If you don’t have this folder, create it before adding the files inside.

  3. Return to the launcher, then click Play on your modded profile to load it up.


Server Setup

Anyone seeking to play with friends must purchase a Minecraft server if they haven’t already. Afterward, you’re able to change the Game File to Forge or Fabric – depending on your setup. Once this is completed, follow the instructions down below to install the Artifacts mod.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top.
    Minecraft Server FTP
  2. Login with your credentials and enter the mods directory from the list.
    Minecraft Server Mods Folder
  3. Continue to click Upload, then drag and drop the files accordingly.
    Minecraft Server Artifacts Installation
  4. Wait for these files to reach 100%, then generate a new world from the main panel.
  5. Once that’s completed, join the server to confirm everything works.


Mod Showcase

Minecraft Artifacts Mod

One of the major features of Minecraft is the ability to find hidden treasures. Whether these items are commonly found in villages, dungeons, or rarer structures like ancient cities – there are countless possibilities in Minecraft. This gets amplified when using the Artifacts mod for Forge or Fabric, as it introduces exclusive items in lootable chests. These provide you with unique powers, such as the chance to walk on water, fly in the skies, have increased damage, and so much more. In the following sections, we’ll showcase the ways to find these artifacts and provide examples of them. Let’s get started!

Finding Artifacts

The most popular way to find artifacts is locating villages in Minecraft, as they are common and tend to have multiple chests full of items. This increases the odds of stumbling on an exclusive wearable hat, gloves, necklaces, and other treasures. However, it’s important to note that any naturally generated structure with lootable chests can also result in your finding an artifact. Get friends to tag along the journey to scout the world for these items.

Minecraft Village


Minecraft Artifacts

Rather than seeking chests, avid archeologists can discover artifacts in suspicious sand or gravel with their brush. This can be more troublesome, but it still provides you with another route to discover some treasure. Albeit, players most of the time will find other items than artifacts – but that only means you must continue onward. Alternatively, you might find a zombie or skeleton wearing an artifact for you to take!


Artifact Types

There are 34 available artifacts to find in Minecraft with this Forge and Fabric mod. Due to this, we’ll only showcase six of our top picks. Keep in mind that there are many others to try out. If you’re curious, consider using cheats or server operator permissions to enter creative mode. This is a convenient way to discover all the items from this Artifacts mod.

Superstitious Hat

Superstitious Hat Minecraft

For those who have mob farms, the Superstitious Hat will certainly come in handy – as it gives you another looting level to any killed enemy. This means you’re able to gather more item drops than usual. The best way to maximize your profits is to use looting 3 with this hat equipped, giving you a grand total of level 4.

Running Shoes

Running Shoes Minecraft

While you sprint in Minecraft, consider slapping these Running Shoes for improved speed and step height. In other words, save your potions and say goodbye to two block levels preventing you from sprinting. These shoes will boost your abilities to explore the wild world with friends – but it can also be used to escape nasty situations.

Helium Flamingo

Helium Flamingo Minecraft

In cases where you don’t have an elytra, equip a Helium Flamingo! This artifact grants you the power to not only soar high in the skies, but swim in it too. That’s right, you’re able to reach heights unimaginable without elytras. However, there is a time limit – but don’t worry, you will slowly fall back to the ground.


Scarf of Invisibility

Scarf of Invisibility Minecraft

Want to troll friends in Minecraft? Use the Scarf of Invisibility. This is a straightforward concept, as you become invisible to anyone around you in-game. Unfortunately, hostile mobs will still be able to sense your presence. That’s why we encourage you to only use this for recreational purposes, as it doesn’t suit any known fighting style known to man…or does it?

External Stake

External Stake Minecraft

In cases where you’re growing tired of holding a lot of food in your inventory, only pack one – the External Stake. This item can be found by slaying cows or by other methods. Once obtained, you’re able to eat it without the artifact disappearing. This saves you time, effort, and inventory space to hold even more valuable treasures while looting structures.

Villager Hat

Villager Hat Minecraft

There are too many times where villagers feel the need to scam you with high prices for low-tier items. Adios bad deals! Equip the Villager Hat to instantly have lower prices than usual. This means you can truly rack in the profits and save a ton of emeralds in Minecraft. Combine this with Hero of the Village effect and you’ll have even more opportunities.


Powerful Combos

Players will spend hours searching for these artifacts, but once many of them are discovered – it can lead to wild combinations of power. One such example is fit for warriors, made to easily slay opponents and gain extra rewards. This combo requires the following items: Superstitious Hat, Power Glove, Chorus Totem, Bunny Hoppers, Golden Hook, and the Cross Necklace. Each attack now has increased damage, with every kill resulting in more experience points.

Artifacts Mod Minecraft

Additionally, any fatal wound will instantly teleport you somewhere safer. This is the almighty combination for fighting in Minecraft, only with the Artifacts mod for Forge and Fabric.

Artifacts Mod Minecraft

Those who love to mine, smelt, and collect ores will surely need a powerful combo to maximize the experience. Equip the following artifacts for massive benefits: Night Vision Goggles, Charm of Sinking, Crystal Heart, Digging Claws, Pickaxe Heater, and Kitty Slippers. Never again will a creeper sneak up on you! Your character will have increased mining speed, ores will automatically smelt, extra hearts for security, and you’re able to freely move in water without limits.

There are more abilities too, all of which help you become the ultimate miner in Minecraft.

Using Mods with Friends in Minecraft

Setting up your own Minecraft Forge or Fabric server with the Artifacts mod installed is a great way to spend time with friends. As you and others explore the world for unique items, prepare yourselves for a grand adventure. This is especially true once you obtain powerful combinations of artifacts to become the best fighter, miner, sprinter, farmer, or anything else you can possibly imagine. We hope this article helped you install and use the Artifacts mod for Forge and Fabric!

FAQ – Artifacts

Why can’t I find artifacts in Minecraft?

In cases where you didn’t generate a new world, this could explain the situation – as the loot table for naturally generated chests are altered. Creating a new map is the best solution, but you’re also able to load ungenerated chunks to get the same results. However, artifacts themselves are extremely rare and challenging to discover in Minecraft. We recommend using cheats or operator permissions to start using them.

What versions are available for the Artifacts mod?

The Artifacts mod is available for Minecraft Forge and Fabric 1.12.2 to 1.20.4, with future updates planned. Additionally, NeoForge is also available for you to check out. Keep in mind that some features or abilities might change depending on the game version used for it.

Is it possible to edit the Artifacts mod?

Yes and no. You’re able to edit its configuration file, but there are minimal settings to tweak. One major issue is the inability to change the chances of finding artifacts. This applies for both Minecraft servers and singleplayer saves.

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