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Easy Magic Minecraft Mod

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mc head By Dalton Whalen

Easy Magic Minecraft Mod


Despite being around for nearly 12 years now, vanilla Minecraft’s enchantment tables have remained relatively unchanged. While this block received an overhaul in 1.8 which added a Lapis Lazuli requirement for enchantments, very little has been achieved outside of this. Following this, many players may turn towards mods in order to bring this decade-old block to the next level. Introducing Easy Magic, a Minecraft mod that redesigns the enchantment table experience while maintaining its original charm. Whether you reroll enchantments with the click of a button or simply want to watch items float in the air, it is an excellent inclusion to any server world. With this in mind, we have created this Apex Hosting tutorial to assist you in downloading and using Easy Magic.


Easy Magic is a Forge and Fabric mod owned by Fuzs, with LunaPixelStudio’s credited as the mascot. The mod spans from versions 1.15.2 up to 1.19.3 with over 11.2 million downloads at the time of writing. Easy Magic adds various quality-of-life features to the enchantment table, allowing you to store items, reroll enchants, and more.

Easy Magic Download

  1. Navigate to the Easy Magic CurseForge page.
  2. Press Files at the top, then click View All to see all available downloads.
  3. Locate the Forge or Fabric version you wish to use, then press the Download button.
  4. Save the .jar file to a safe location, as it will be needed shortly.


Dependency Mods

In addition to the main mod file, there are various dependencies that are required, depending on your downloaded version:


Server Installation

  1. Navigate to your Apex server panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File section and make note of the version.
  3. If needed, change the version to either Forge or Fabric to match your mod.
  4. Afterwards, enter the FTP File Access from the left-hand menu, then log in.
  5. Create or locate the mods folder, then click to enter it.
  6. Press Upload in the top-left, then drag + drop your necessary mod files.
  7. Finally, return to the main panel page and restart the server to load up Easy Magic.


Client Installation

Before proceeding with the client-sided installation, you must ensure you have already installed either Forge or Fabric to match your mod’s version. Once done, you are ready to continue installing Easy Magic:

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher, then press Installations at the top.
  2. Highlight your modded profile, then press the Open Folder button.
  3. In the new folder, locate or create the mods folder, then enter it.
  4. Paste the Easy Magic and any dependencies into this location.
  5. Once done, return to the MC launcher, then press Play on your profile.


How to Get Started


Upon first spawning into the game, nothing will be immediately altered, as the mod primarily changes the effects of the enchantment table. To get started, simply craft an enchantment table as you would in the vanilla game. Once you add your item and lapis lazuli, you will find these new changes.

Rerolling Enchantments


One of the largest adjustments added throughout this mod is the ability to reroll enchantments without needing to actually perform an enchantment. For the cost of 1 Lapis Lazuli and 5 experience points, the enchantments will be rerolled. This can be done as many times as necessary until you receive the desired outcome.


Holding Items

Additionally, any items placed in the enchantment table will remain even after you exit. This means that both your lapis and tools will stay until you return. This can be extremely beneficial if you need to leave the table for a few minutes or want to enchant a tool later on.



Visual Changes


Once of the coolest changes made by Easy Magic is a new way to view the items that you keep in the crafting table. If placed within it, Lapis Lazuli can be seen orbiting the table in the air. If an item is placed with it, that will also float above the enchantment table as you get close. While the visualization doesn’t affect any gameplay itself, it’s a fun feature to make your world feel more vibrant.




If the mod’s default setup doesn’t suit your needs, you can also adjust a variety of settings. This can change the required number of bookshelves, whether you can reroll, and how many of the enchantments will be shown when hovering over an option.

  1. From your Apex panel, stop the server until it is marked as Offline.
  2. Return to the FTP File Access from previously, but enter the config folder.
  3. Locate the easymagic-server.toml file, then press Edit to the far-right.
  4. Make any adjustments you deem necessary, then press Save at the top.

Once the server is restarted, your changes should take effect, allowing you to continue with your customized adventure with Easy Magic!

Common Issues

I can’t join the server:

Oftentimes, this issue means there is either a problem with the server starting up or with the mod itself. If you are receiving a connection refused error, check the server console for any potential errors. Additionally, ensure you have installed Easy Magic and its dependencies on both the server and client itself. If a player is missing any of the mods, they will be unable to join and play.

There’s an error when starting up the game/server:

If the game or server crashes upon startup, this is likely due to an error with the installed mod files. Verify that the Forge download is matched with Forge and the same is done if running on Fabric. If errors persist, check that the required dependencies have all been installed alongside the base mod, as it cannot function without it. Once this issue is resolved, restart the game once again.

My configurations didn’t save:

When editing a configuration file, there are many potential issues you may encounter. If a config isn’t saving, ensure the server is fully offline before making any changes to prevent anything from being overwritten. Additionally, make sure any formatting found in the file remains, as adding an incorrect capital, space, or forgetting punctuation can break the file. Once all of this appears correct, press Save and start the server once again.

Helpful Links

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