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Enchancement Minecraft Mod

Last modified on May 26, 2024 in Mods

mc head By Nathan Young

Whether you’re a fan of RPG or action-packed fights, enchanting your equipment in Minecraft comes in handy. These can be applied to your weapons, armor, and tools to gain special abilities. Examples include increased damage or stronger durability, but some players might want other options. Fortunately, installing mods in Minecraft is a wonderful way to achieve this goal – such as Enchancement for Fabric 1.18 to 1.20. This provides you with 29 unique enchantments for your equipment that range in abilities. For instance, automatically smelting ores or freezing mobs is possible with this mod. It also changes the enchantment table and how you’re able to use it. This is perfect for any Minecraft server looking to overhaul the gameplay. Let’s begin to learn how to install the Enchancement mod for Fabric and showcase some features to get you started on a brand-new adventure.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Enchancement on CurseForge, then click Files at the top.
    Enchancement CurseForge
  2. Locate your Game Version and press the three vertical dots on the right.
  3. Continue to select the Download File option, then wait for it to download.
    Enchancement Mod Download
  4. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.
  5. Repeat this process for Fabric API and ToolTipFix, as they’re required.

*Other Fabric versions might require other dependencies, so check the “Relations” tab.


Client Installation

Before setting up Enchancement on Minecraft, make sure to have Fabric installed with your desired game version. Otherwise, the mod will not be supported or playable. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to begin.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher, then click the Folder icon for your Fabric profile.
    Fabric Minecraft Folder
  2. Locate the mods directory and transfer all downloaded files into this area.
    Fabric Mods Folder
  3. Return to the launcher and begin loading up Fabric to confirm this worked.


Server Setup

Similarly to the above section, you must have Fabric installed on your Minecraft server with the corresponding game version. This can be achieved by accessing the Game File area in your main panel. If you don’t already own a server, purchase one here. Once you’re prepared, the following steps below will guide you through the installation process.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Login with your credentials and enter the mods directory from the list.
    Minecraft Server Mods Folder
  3. Press Upload at the top left corner, then drag and drop the files accordingly.
    Enchancement Mod Server Installation
  4. Restart the server from the main panel after all mods reached 100%.


Enchancement Mod

Enchancement Mod Minecraft Fabric Guide

While in your Minecraft world, craft and place an enchantment table to get started with the Enchancement mod for Fabric. Make sure to have diamonds and lapis on hand, as these materials are required. If you don’t have these resources, let alone an enchantment table, progress far enough to get them. When you’re ready to start, have unenchanted equipment in your inventory. These can be weapons, armor, or tools – even tridents and fishing rods. Afterward, you may apply special powers to them and begin using their awesome abilities. We’ll walk you through this process and showcase some examples to prepare you for the Minecraft Enchancement mod.

Enchanting Table

With the modification installed, you’ll notice the enchanting table is completely different. One of the benefits of this is the fact you’re able to quickly know what enchantments are available. Additionally, there’s no need for levels anymore – meaning each ability is maxed. Sadly, you’re able to have one enchantment applied per item. This means you have to be careful with what you decide on using for your weapon, armor, or tool.

Enchancement Enchanting Table

Another feature from the Enchancement mod is the removal of durability from most aspects of Minecraft and most vanilla enchantments. In other words, the abilities listed when enchanting is what you get. This is a huge change for most players but makes Minecraft more interesting to enjoy.

New Enchantments

Remember, there are 29 unique enchantments introduced in Minecraft with the Enchancement Fabric mod. These range from combat to movement, along with much more. The following lists below describe each enchantment in detail so you can get a better understanding of the mod.

Assimilation(Helmet) Consumes food and drinks automatically and faster, prioritizing off-hand.
Perception(Helmet) Increased visibility at night and allows mobs to be seen through walls.
Veil(Helmet) Hides your name behind walls and decreases mob detection range.
Amphibious(Chestplate) Increased mining and movement speed underwater. Decreases air consumption and time spent on fire, extinguishing you automatically. Use Riptide for 5 seconds after leaving water.
Strafe(Chestplate) Allows the player to launch themselves in a direction by double tapping L+CTRL.
Wardenspine(Chestplate) Harms attackers and decreases damage from behind.
Dash(Leggings) Allows you to press L+SHIFT in the air to launch yourself in a direction.
Slide(Leggings) Allows you to hold L+CTRL to consistently slide while grounded. Pressing the same key in the air causes you to slam, inflicting knockback.
Buoy(Boots) Walk on any fluid, descending when sneaking. Holding jump when submerged quickly moves you upwards. Prevents floating and grants speed boat for 5 seconds after leaving water.
Bouncy(Boots) Negates fall damage and launches you upward when landing if not sneaking. Holding a sneak charges a super jump.
Gale(Boots) Provides you with the ability to jump multiple times in the air.


Berserk(Sword) Increased damage proportional to missing health.
Frostbite(Sword) Hit mobs to freeze them and ice shards will be launched upon death, making nearby enemies frozen.
Beheading(Axe) Killing mobs or players has the chance to drop their heads.
Chaos(Bow) Gives all arrows negative potion effects. While sneaking, these will be positive.
Delay(Bow) Arrows won’t launch after shooting, building more damage over time. This can be prematurely shot by punching, while sneaking redirects.
Phasing(Bow) Causes all arrows to have no gravity, allowing them to pass through walls – which returns gravity.
Brimstone(Crossbow) Shoots a piercing laser, ignoring armor and increasing damage with charge/distance. Costs health to fire.
Scatter(Crossbow) Amethyst shards can be loaded and exploded upon firing, bursting into projectiles.
Torch(Crossbow) Only loads torches, but ignites all mobs when shot. Torches can be placed by sneaking + shooting a block.
Leech(Trident) Hitting mobs will make the trident stick, resulting in more damage. Regenerates HP when attacking.
Warp(Trident) Allows you to teleport to the thrown location, if no mob was hit.


Extracting(Pickaxe) Instantly mine all connected ores, leaving behind stone and disabled when sneaking.
Molten(Pickaxe) Automatically smelts all applicable ores upon breaking them, but is disabled when sneaking.
Lumberjack(Axe) All connected logs will break. Sneak to disable.
Bury(Shovel) Interacting with a mob allows them to be buried if the ground below is soft.
Scooping(Shovel) Inflicts extra damage and increases mob loot.
Disarm(Fishing Rod) Steal or disable an entity’s held item when latched.
Grapple(Fishing Rod) Allows the ability to latch onto any block, throwing yourself towards it. Better strength when reeling in entities.


Unique Abilities

Enchancement Freeze

One of the funniest ways to slay hostile mobs is with the Frostbite enchantment, allowing you to completely freeze enemies. It may take a few hits! Once inflicted, they’ll instantly drop their loot and turn into frozen statues. You can move them around as you wish – but upon breaking them, ice shards will shoot all over the place to freeze others. This helps when you’re surrounded by a pile of zombies, skeletons, and creepers. Consider using this while discovering dungeons or caves.

Another useful enchantment from this mod is Molten, providing you quick and easy access to smelted ores. Simply break its block and boom – you have its ingot without any need for a furnace. This greatly reduces the amount of resources and time needed to smelt goods in Minecraft. Additionally, you also receive all the EXP orbs when automatically smelting ores. We highly recommend trying this out on your own server with friends, as it speeds up the process of getting diamonds!

Enchancement Molten


Improved Enchanting

The Enchancement mod for Minecraft Fabric is growing with popularity due to its simple, yet advanced nature. Whether you want to overhaul the enchanting process or build the best RPG server, this provides everything you need for an improved experience. Some of the new enchantments even work on other players, meaning you can have tons of fun with friends. This might even be suitable for PvP servers too, as you’re able to completely configure Enchancement to your liking. Grab friends and set new standards in Minecraft with this mod on your own server!

Enhancement – FAQ

What Minecraft versions are for the Enchancement mod?
Only Fabric 1.18 to 1.20.1 are available to use, meaning you can even have 1.19 if you want.

How many enchantments are added with the Enchancement mod?

There are 29 unique enchantments introduced to Minecraft with this modification.

Does the Enchancement mod for Fabric require dependencies?

Yes! You must install the Fabric API and ToolTipFix mods for this to work properly.

Can I disable certain features from the Enchancement mod?

Yes, you’re able to do this in the mod’s configuration file. This is located in the “/config” directory for both your Minecraft server and client, under the “enchancement.json” filename.

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