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How to Give Players Permissions in Minecraft Server

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mc head By Nathan Young

How to Give Players Permissions in Minecraft Server


Setting up your Minecraft server to play with others involves installing plugins or mods, configuring files, and another important aspect. This last one is known as permissions, providing players with the ability to use commands and actions. In other words, no one can interact with plugins or mods without them. In some cases, permissions aren’t required due to the addon’s design, but the majority of them do need it. Regardless of your server setup, ensuring all your users can run commands and other activities is critical to their gameplay. Whether you’re hosting a dedicated minigames world or an intricate custom modpack, adding permissions is necessary. Fortunately, there’s an all-in-one tool to achieve this goal. Due to the utmost importance of this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to give players permissions in a Minecraft server.

Permission Managers

Minecraft Permissions Setup

As briefly mentioned above, there’s a universal addon for any modded or plugin-based Minecraft server to implement permission nodes. This is known as LuckPerms, a powerful tool that gives you many customization options. Whether you want unique ranks, prefixes, or suffixes, there are plenty of possibilities. This plays an important role in server development, as it not only allows users to execute commands or actions but also differentiates each member with their certain rank. Whenever they send chat messages, everyone will know what role they have on their account. Otherwise, it can be used to simply regulate what abilities players can use in-game. With all this in mind, review the subsections below to get started with this process.

LuckPerms Plugin / Mod

Whether you’re using mods or plugins, LuckPerms provides you with many downloadable options. Using the latest versions of Minecraft is best suited for this process, but still allows for older choices too. This can even be used on Bungeecord servers too, meaning networks can be fully integrated with LuckPerm permissions. Once installed, there’s a built-in editor to easily manage everything. Alternatively, manually assigning permissions to groups or accounts can be done in the configuration file. We’ll showcase some of these features to help you begin adding them to your Minecraft server.

LuckPerms Logo


Features Showcase

LuckPerms Create Groups

While inside the safe and secure editor, you can create a new group for players to join. Fill out the fields accordingly to achieve this goal, such as Group Name, Display Name, Prefix, and others. Keep in mind that this is completely optional, as there’s a “default” rank for all users. This is primarily for those looking to customize their in-game chat and/or organize permissions. Although, it’s still highly recommended you create ranks for your Minecraft server.

Once you’re satisfied with the groups, you may begin adding permission to them. This process involves searching for specific nodes to use, such as EssentialsX kinds from their official wiki. It’s encouraged to review the addon’s main page or website to find this information. This applies to both mods and plugins, more so the latter than anything else. After gathering a list of these permission nodes, begin to type them in the editor and save the changes.

LuckPerms Permissions Editor



Building a Minecraft server involves lots of processes, with setting up permissions being a major part. Whether you play on Forge or Paper, this still stands true to ensure all players can run commands and actions without issues. Both mods and plugins can have permissions, so configuring them properly on your Minecraft server is heavily suggested. Using LuckPerms makes this entire process much easier, as there’s a built-in editor to manage everything. Besides this, we wish you the best of luck when giving players permissions in Minecraft. If you have any questions or concerns about this, contact our 24/7 Support Team for assistance.

Permissions FAQ

Are there other plugins or mods to use besides LuckPerms?

Yes! There are plenty of other options available online to use on your Minecraft server. We suggest reviewing the Finding Mods or Finding Plugins guide to see about doing that. However, these other permission managers may have a lack of features or functionality compared to LuckPerms.

What are the “Weight” and “Parent” options when making groups?

The Weight field determines what group is prioritized over others, while the Parent option allows another role to inherit its permissions. These come in handy when saving time, effort, and resolving conflicts with ranks. For more information relating to this, visit the LuckPerms Wiki.

How do you find permissions from plugins or mods?

Head towards the main website or page for your addon, then search for them. This technique varies but typically is listed out for your convenience or found in wikis. Keep in mind that LuckPerms automatically hooks into your mods or plugins to find this information, but can occasionally run into problems.

What happens when my permissions aren’t working?

Double check to make sure your permissions are correctly spelled and entered properly, while also ensuring that you’ve installed its corresponding mod or plugin on the Minecraft server. Afterward, save these changes and apply them accordingly to see if that works in-game. LuckPerms allows you to do this without having to restart the server!

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