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How To Setup BungeeCord on Multicraft

Last modified on Jul 29, 2022 in plugins

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You may have seen servers with a variety of game modes, minigames, and worlds. Being able to bring a diverse gameplay to your users is a dream of many server owners. Sadly, this can’t be done with a single server.

However, with Bungeecord you can create a network of servers allowing you to have minigames, different game modes, and endless possibilities. This isn’t as simple as just setting your server to the Bungeecord jar though, Bungeecord is a proxy that will link multiple servers together. If you want a Bungeecord server, you will need at least 3 servers. In this, you will have one server acting as the proxy to link the other servers together. The more servers you have, the more possibilities. There are quite a few steps involved in setting up your Bungeecord network, but we will be walking you through each step to help you build your dream server.

Keep in mind that out of the 3 servers, you can only play on 2 of them. The server used as the proxy is just a connection bridge between the other servers. It is not one that can be played on.

Take a look at our Bungeecord Diagram below:

It is also highly recommended to download the plugin PreventPortBypass. This will prevent connection directly through one of your sub servers. If this plugin is not enabled, players may be able to connect to a sub server with cracked Minecraft.

If you do not want to set Bungeecord up yourself, you can order our `Bungee Setup` addon to have our team of professionals configure the proxy for you. To get this addon, go to your billing area, click the services tab, then to the bottom left click on View Available Addons.

How to setup a Bungeecord Server

Setting the proxy server

  1. If you do not already have a proxy server, you can order one here. Any of the server plans can be set up as a proxy, but it does not require a lot of ram so it’s best to use our Bungeecord plan. This comes with Bungeecord pre-installed as well.
  2. If you don’t want to use our Bungeecord plan for the proxy, you can easily set your server to run Bungeecord.
  3. Go to the game panel and stop the server.
  4. When switching to Bungeecord, it is best to reset the server files to make sure you get a fresh install. You can reset your server by clicking the Reset Server Files button to the left of the game panel. This will delete every file from your server and cannot be undone.
  5. Scroll down to the jar dropdown, select Bungeecord, press save and start your server.

Configuring the proxy

Stop the server.

  1. Press FTP File Access to the left of the game panel, then click edit to the right of config.yml.
  2. Locate `force_default_server`. If true, your players will always connect to the default server when they join. If false, the player will join the server they were last connected to. This option is especially important if you have minigames.
  3. Scroll down to where it says `ip_forward:` and set it to true. Also confirm that `online-mode:` is set to true.
  4. Locate `Motd:` towards the top of the config. This will change your server title, it can be modified anytime however you would like.
  5. Towards the bottom of the config, look for `servers:`. This is where you will be adding the servers to your network. You should see one already named “example”. The easiest way to add servers, is to copy and paste the example.
  6. For each server you add, you need to set the `address:` to the IP and port of the server you are linking. You will also need to change the names from “example” to other names such as “Lobby” and “Survival”. Keep in mind that the server names are case sensitive.

		motd: Example Server MOTD
		address: IP:PORT
		restricted: false


Find `priorities:` and you should see a name listed under it. This sets the main server for your network, generally this is the lobby server. The name must be the exact same, they are case sensitive. If you had set the name to “Lobby” under `servers:`, you will want to change it to “Lobby” under priorities as well.

Once you have configured all of this, save the file and restart the proxy.

Configuring the other servers

  1. You will follow the instructions below for every server but the proxy.
  2. Stop the server and click FTP File Access to the left of the game panel.
  3. Once connected to the FTP, press edit to the right of server.properties.
  4. Locate `online-mode=` and change it from true to false.
  5. Save and click back.
  6. Now find spigot.yml and press edit to the far right.
  7. Towards the top of the configuration, you will see `bungeecord:`. You will need to change this from false to true.
  8. Save, then head back to the game panel dashboard and start the server.

Common Issues

Kicked whilst connecting to Server

If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well!
This error means that you have `ip_forward:` set to false in the Bungeecord config. Simply go to your proxy, FTP File Access, click edit on the config.yml, change `ip_forward: false` to true, then click save and restart the server.

Getting a Server is online mode error on connection

This just means that you haven’t set offline mode to true on one of the servers. Double-check the server properties to make sure that each server besides the proxy is set to false.

Not using the default configuration

There are a decent amount of steps to configuring Bungeecord, please make sure that you do not copy and paste a template from online. Each Bungeecord config must be set for your specific servers, it is best to use the default configuration and manually modifying it to match your server needs.

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