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Minecraft 1.19.4 Update

Posted: Mar 28, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft is always going to evolve and grow over the years, so it’s no shocker that there’s another update. Introducing 1.19.4, a wonderful addition to the game that has some major changes. These include being able to switch between an Elytra more easily and the complete rework of the world creation screen. This update also has a 1.20 Experimental setup, but needs to be configured beforehand. It’s a wonderful time to create a server and enjoy the new tweaks with friends, especially with the hidden features. Besides this, there are smaller changes being implemented by this update that increase the quality of life for all players. Due to there being lots of aspects in Minecraft 1.19.4, we’ll review the most notable ones. Let’s begin!

New Changes in 1.19.4

Minecraft 1.19.4 Update

The vast majority of these changes are somewhat small when compared to the Caves and Cliffs update. Don’t worry though, there’s still plenty of useful tweaks Mojang decided to implement. These impact combat situations, horse breeding, player accessibility, and more. Whether you make a quicker getaway from an enemy or want the fastest rideable mob, the 1.19.4 update allows you to do that! As mentioned before, we’ll go through the most important features to get you started. If you’re wanting to learn more about this update, then visit the official changelog. Otherwise, the subsections below give you an overview of the best changes.

Armor & Elytra Interaction

Before 1.19.4, players couldn’t switch between their Chestplate and an Elytra. This has caused many deaths over time, as you’re vulnerable to more damage with an equipped armor piece. Fortunately, this changes now! Anyone can enjoy the freedom of switching between these items to easily fly or jump back into the fight. This will become the new normal in combat situations, so make sure you have a good spot for that chestplate in your hotbar.

Minecraft 1.19.4 Elytra Armor


Changed New World Screen

Minecraft 1.19.4 Create New World

Another incredible change is the new menu for creating worlds! This gives it an entirely different feeling compared to the older screen. The new layout provides more accessibility to players looking to change Game Rules or add Data Packs and Experimental features. Otherwise, some just enjoy the categorization and simplicity of the world creation menu. This isn’t a game changer in Minecraft, but improves the user experience for all players.


Better Horse Breeding

Instead of trying desperately to breed the best horses, it’s now a lot easier to selectively do it. The update introduces new and realistic changes for the babies! If you breed two strong, fast, and powerful horses, then its offspring will inherit their abilities. This applies to Donkeys and Llamas too, giving you more flexibility. Keep doing this and soon enough you’ll have an entire farm of the absolute best rideable mobs in Minecraft. This is a wonderful addition to the game, especially for users using horses to explore the world.

Minecraft 1.19.4 Breeding Horses


Improved Recipe Discovery

Minecraft 1.19.4 Unlocking Recipes

New players will love this change, as it allows them to have an easier time learning important recipes. Anytime you obtain useful items such as wood logs, your Crafting Table will be updated with unlocked recipes. This concept has been improved to help anyone discover essential ones. In other words, there are more unlockables and items displayed in the workbench. Old timers of Minecraft may dismiss this updated feature, but lots of players will find it helpful.


Other Changes

There are so many changes from the 1.19.4 update, with most being subtle and not impactful too much. These include adding different paintings in the Creative Menu, particle effects above a Jukebox when playing music, among several Accessibility improvements like auto-jump being disabled. That last one is an amazing change for millions of users, especially modders since automatically jumping by default isn’t viable when building. Besides this, potions now have their enchantment overlay removed and its colors emphasized. This is a good change that’ll help players use effects properly instead of accidentally drinking the wrong one. Almost everything else though won’t be noticed by too many players, but still subtly enhances Minecraft for all.

1.19.4 Gameplay

Minecraft 1.19.4

The gameplay itself is still the same old Minecraft, as nothing drastically was altered by the 1.19.4 update. However, don’t forget about the chestplate and elytra change! This is likely the most focused aspect of the changes due to it impacting how players fight each other or hostile mobs. With this in mind, expect PvP to be different and easier to escape. Disregarding this, almost everything else is the same with minor tweaks that don’t heavily affect gameplay.


There you have it, the highlights of Minecraft’s 1.19.4 update! This isn’t too much of a game changer, but certainly improves the quality of the experience. Whether you’re quickly swapping to an elytra for an escape or breeding the best possible horse, these features are good for Minecraft’s longevity. Sadly, not everything is all flowers for some players, such as disliking the new world creation menu. Regardless of this, many users enjoy seeing their beloved game getting updated. With all that said, we hope this blog helped you learn a bit more about the 1.19.4 changes in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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