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How to Edit CS:GO Server Settings


mc head By Nathan Young

CSGO Server Settings


Customizing your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server can involve lots of time, effort, and research, especially for new owners. This is due to the overwhelming amount of files and settings to review, among other aspects. For example, some players may want to start off with specific weapons rather than the default pistols. Tweaking the server files allows this and additional changes to be done, but can be confusing to do. This is amplified when considering that certain files override others and behave differently than other games. Fortunately, our panel simplifies the entire process for you to easily manage your CS:GO server. Whether you’re wanting to edit gamemodes or general settings, these changes are straightforward with our system. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to remedy any confusions about CS:GO server settings to help you begin customizing your gameplay.

Server Files

Before accessing and editing your Counter-Strike files, you’ll want to understand a few important details about them. The first is that there are two types of options to review: general and gamemode-specific. These change how you edit and apply them to the game, as they act differently when loading on the server. General changes tend to only include certain settings, meaning gamemode options aren’t supposed to be included. This is a crucial aspect when managing your CS:GO server since the essential gameplay edits are found in their respective files. Due to this importance, we’ll focus on that and walk you through the rest of the changes down below.

Gamemode Settings

CSGO Flying Scoutsman

In any CS:GO server, gamemodes are selected to use for players to enjoy. If you’re wanting to change anything regarding these modes, then editing their respective settings is essential. There are two files that control each gamemode, with only one being used to control the in-game behavior. Every kind of mode has their own file to tweak, which is gamemode_*_server.cfg. For example, if you’re wanting unlimited ammo or custom starter weapons in Casual, then editing “gamemode_casual_server.cfg” is needed. Keeping this in mind, follow along down below to begin making your desired changes.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and click FTP File Access, near the top left.
    CSGO FTP Server

    Important: Ensure you’re using the correct Server Profile for this process.

  2. Login with your password, then continue to the csgo directory.
  3. Once inside of this area, locate and select the cfg folder.
    CSGO Server cfg Folder
  4. Scroll down until you find the desired gamemode_*_server.cfg file.
    CSGO Gamemode Server cfg File
  5. Press Edit to the far right of it, then make any necessary changes and click Save.
    CSGO Server Gamemode Settings
  6. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.


As a general rule, editing a setting’s value to “0” makes it disabled while “1” enables the option. However, there can be multiple togglable features for it, showing up as “2” instead. Although, some of these options have higher or lower values depending on their exact setting. Other times, you’ll see text instead of numbers, which is typically used for maps, weapons, or modes. If you’re unsure about changing anything, then make sure to research them to know what’s available.


General Server Settings

CSGO Custom Servers

As for general and global settings that apply to every gamemode, it’s mainly controlled by the Customizations area in your panel. This area allows you to enable cheats or change the map of your server. It’s straightforward to use, as there aren’t code-like options to edit. If you’re wanting to do this, then follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Navigate to your server panel, then locate and click Customizations near the left.
    CSGO General Settings
  2. Locate your desired settings and make your necessary changes.
    CSGO Server Settings
  3. Afterward, return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply them.


Automatic Execution File

For anyone wanting more control over their server, using the automatic execution file is required. This loads first in the server, before any gamemode specific configurations. However, only certain settings can be used in this area due to the game’s design. It’s mainly used for the server name or workshop maps, but can involve other options. The steps below showcase how to access and edit this file properly.

  1. Open your server panel, then select Config Files near the top left corner.
    CSGO Config Files
  2. Once there, locate and click the autoexec.cfg file option to reveal its contents.
    CSGO Server autoexec.cfg File
  3. Inside the file editor, make your desired changes and press Save at the top.
    CSGO Automatic Exec File Settings
  4. Restart the server from the main panel to apply the edits.


Common Issues

Settings Aren’t Working

In cases where your settings aren’t working or applying to the server, it’s likely that you’ve either used an incompatible option or wrong file for it. For instance, when trying to add values to the autoexec.cfg file, make sure these are supported by it. This may take a bit of research, as every option is unique with its own properties. However, if you’ve attempted to alter a gamemode file, then double-check you edited the gamemode_*_server.cfg version of it. This is required for everything to load properly, but always be sure to Save your changes.

File Changes are Being Reverted

If after changing any file and it reverts to default settings, then it’s caused by the Steam File Validation system. This can be fixed by disabling the feature from your Customizations area in the main panel. Additionally, this allows the server to quickly load instead of verifying the files. However, it may be possible that you aren’t saving the changes in the editor. Ensure you Save all edits, then Restart to apply them successfully.

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