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The Best CSGO Commands

Last modified on Jun 6, 2022 in csgo

mc head By Nathan Young

CSGO Best Commands


When playing a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match or server, you may enjoy the gameplay more with commands to enhance the experience. Viewing additional information, customizing the player model or minimap, bot functions, and cheats are all available if you use commands while in-game. Without commands, CSGO limits the amount of control you have in matches. Memorizing the vast number of commands can be overwhelming for users or server owners, which is why Apex Hosting created this guide to show you the most useful ones for Counter-Strike.

How to Enter Commands

  1. Launch CSGO from Steam and locate the Settings menu, then press it.
  2. After that, head to the Game category near the top.
    Game Settings
  3. The first section should have the Enable Developer Console setting, so locate that.
  4. Once you find that, click on the dropdown option and press Yes.
    Console Settings
  5. Finally, the console will be enabled, and you can use the ~ key to open it in-game.
  6. Start the server or match, press the console key, and then enter the command you want. Down below shows where to input the command.
    How To Use Commands

Visit our guide for opening and enabling the console here if you need additional information.

Command List

Before using commands, you’ll need to enable the console, which we have a guide about doing that here. After successfully activating the console, you can now use commands. Below are some of the most useful CSGO commands you can use in-game.

Client Commands

net_graph 1 – Allows you to measure the FPS, ping, tick rate, among other helpful information. It’s mainly used for debugging, map-makers, and confirming your computer’s output.
Down below is an example of the graph.

net graph csgo

cl_showfps 1 – If you only wanted to show the frames, use this command for that control. That can be helpful if you notice stuttering, lag, or are curious about your machine’s strength to run the game.

fps_max 0 – Maximizes your frames per second according to your computer’s design, thereby removing the capped FPS. If you have a poorly optimized system, then this command will make CSGO run smoothly.


Changing your weapon’s model field of view helps with showing off in-game skins and even affects your gameplay. An example of the command would be viewmodel_fov 50. You may customize the value to match your play style.

viewmodel csgo


cl_righthand 0

If you’re left-handed, you’ll likely want to be that in-game. This command allows you to switch hands to match your orientation.

righthand csgo


cl_radar_always_centered 1

This command increases accuracy for in-game locations for you and other players. Let’s say you encounter a sticky situation with enemies and require to have accurate location information, the command helps with that.

radar csgo

voice_enable 0 – The command prevents voice chat in-game from stopping annoying players or if you want to focus more on the match.

crosshair 0 – Toggles the crosshair visibility. This is helpful for showcasing skins, maps, or entities.

kill – You may use this command to instantly die if you are stuck in a position or otherwise do not want to play the round.

quit – Too quickly close the entire game and return to the desktop, you can use that command. It’s also handy for rage quitting matches without wasting time!

Cheat Commands

All commands in this list require the command sv_cheats 1 to be used.


Allows you to fly, go through walls, and explore the maps that normal players cannot do.


r_drawothermodels 2 – Renders player models in a wireframe, allowing you to view players through walls or structures.

sv_infinite_ammo 1 – Allows for an unlimited amount of ammunition in your weapon.

r_drawparticles 0 – Disables all smoke effects in-game.

give – Grants the ability to obtain any item with specified codes. The codes can be found here.

god – No damage for your player in-game, thereby making you invincible.

Bot Commands

bot_add – In a private match or server, this command adds a bot into the game. It’s useful for practicing aim, strategies, and filling player slots for the game.
Here’s an example for spawning a named easy bot: bot_add_ct easy Nathan


Gives the ability to kick all bots from a private match or server. It’s useful to remove unwanted bots to allow for more player-to-player combat.

bot kick

bot_difficulty – Bots can be either too easy or hard for players, so control over that is important. You may use this command to change that. Example: bot_difficulty 2
Down below are the difficulty levels.

  • 0 = Easy
  • 1 = Normal
  • 2 = Hard
  • 3 = Expert

bot_dont_shoot 1 – Prevents all gunfire from bots, which is useful for practicing your aim.

bot_quota – Sets the maximum number of bots in the server. For example: bot_quota 5

bot_kill – Kills the bot from the match, but does not kick them.


Common Issues

Unable to use Console
If you’re having issues with the Developer Console, you may have a different keybind assigned to it. By default, the key to press is ~, but double-check your settings if that fails. To check that, you may follow the directions here: Head to the Keyboard / Mouse category from the Game Settings, click UI Keys and check the Toggle Console option.

Commands are not Working
Some commands require you to specify the state of it. The usage for the command requires you to use a 1 for enabling and a 0 for disabling the function. An example is a righthand command, cl_righthand 0 or cl_righthand 1.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a wonderful game that contains over 3,000 commands, but knowing the exact ones can be confusing. No one can be expected to memorize all of them, so this guide showed you the best CSGO commands. For example, fps_max 0 is used for boosting your frames per second. However, the Developer Console is required for many of them to be executed, which is also shown in the resource. Now that you know how to run commands and the best ones to use, you may start customizing your game and Apex server experience!

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