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How to Enable Cheats in CSGO

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in csgo

mc head By Nathan Young


Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is fun with all the original gamemodes, but sometimes it can become boring after a while. Thankfully, CS:GO allows you to enable cheats to access settings that aren’t usually allowed. However, enabling cheats can be complicated or confusing, so we created this guide about enabling cheats to support you through the process.

How to Enable Cheats with the Server Console

Using the console to toggle cheats is helpful for immediate results.

Toggling Cheats

  1. Go to your server panel and navigate to the Console.
  2. Once there, type sv_cheats 1 in the text bar to enable cheats and click Send. If you were to disable cheats, then type sv_cheats 0 instead.
  3. After that, you can confirm cheats are toggled by the in-game message.

That message would look like this:

In-Game Confirmation


How to Enable Cheats in Customizations

Instead of running a command for cheats, you can toggle it with one click.

Toggling Cheats

  1. Go to your server panel and click on Customizations.
  2. After that, you will see Allow Cheats under the Server Settings section.
  3. Make sure to checkmark the box for that option to enable cheats. Otherwise, you can uncheck the box to disable cheats.
  4. Customizations
  5. Finally, give the server a restart to apply the changes, and cheats would then be toggled.


How to Enable Cheats via the Config File

It is a little more technical than other methods, but it achieves the same function and is the most reliable option.

Toggling Cheats

  1. Go to your server panel and click on Config Files.
  2. Once there, you want to click on the autoexec.cfg option.
  3. You will then see the file’s contents and would want to edit the sv_cheats setting to sv_cheats 1 to enable cheats. Disabling cheats would require that setting to be set to sv_cheats 0.
  4. Config File
  5. Make sure to click Save and restart the server to apply the changes.


Common Issues

Sometimes when following any of the methods above, issues may arise. Here are the most common issues that may occur for you on your Apex Hosting CS:GO server.

Command is Not Working

Make sure that the command is spelled correctly as detailed in the method instructions. The format is important for all commands, so be sure to follow them. If you are using the proper usage for the command, then be sure to check if cheats are already enabled or disabled by using a cheat command in-game. For example, the god command would be a good check. If issues still occur, your player may not be an admin within the server, preventing you from performing some commands.

Customization Option did Not Work

Make sure to checkmark the box and restart your server, so the changes get applied. You may need to stop the server first before making any changes, to prevent any options from being overwritten while the server is online. In other words, stop the server, then make the necessary changes, then start up the server.

Config File Method Failed

If the cheats are not enabled through the config files, visit the config tab once again and ensure the page is saved after any config changes. If issues still occur, turn off the server first, then make the necessary changes. Once this is complete, restart the server to try it once again.


Cheating in your Apex Hosting CS:GO server is lots of fun, which can be used to explore sections of the map, prank your friends, and so much more. No matter what cheat command you or other use, no one will get banned from the game. All the needed information is detailed in the guide with several methods to enable or disable cheats.

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