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How to Connect to an Arma 3 Server via FTP

Last modified on Aug 10, 2023 in Arma

mc head By Nathan Young

Arma 3 FTP Server


Managing your Arma 3 dedicated server files allows you to install mods or tweak settings, leading to a customized gameplay experience. This is an important aspect of ownership, but some owners may not fully understand the process to do it. The majority of this is controlled through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) system, which is built-in to our server panel. This area permits you to view, download, upload, and edit most game files. However, navigating through the directories can be difficult for newcomers to the Arma hosting scene. This is amplified if owners decide to use an external FTP program, another method to access the server files. Each way has its benefits and drawbacks, adding onto possibly confusion for the process. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to make an FTP connection to your Arma 3 server and where important files are located to get you started.

Arma 3 FTP Connection

Arma 3 FTP Connection

Briefly mentioned above, there are two primary methods for establishing an Arma 3 FTP connection. The first way is to use our built-in system, directly accessible through the server panel. This is straightforward and easy for almost every owner, but there are downsides. For example, there are limitations for downloading large files. If you’re wanting to obtain these kinds of documents, then using the second method is recommended. This leads us to an external FTP program to access the server files, which allows you to download any amount of them. Additionally, uploading can be quicker and easier depending on your intentions. For instance, this is typically used for transferring lots of modifications within a zip file. There are differences for each method, which we’ll be discussing the following subsections below.

Online Panel

Using our built-in system requires you to only enter the Password to begin viewing the server files. This makes it simpler than the other method, since additional information is necessary to make the connection. Fortunately, our panel is designed with convenience in mind for owners to easily manage their Arma 3 server. Although, remember that you’ll be unable to download large files due to limitations. This can be applied to uploads as well, but these tend to take a lot longer to complete. Once connected, there are multiple options to become familiar with, such as the “Edit” button for specific file types. With this in mind, review the steps below to learn how to make an FTP connection on your server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and press FTP File Access near the top left.
    Arma 3 FTP
  2. Proceed to type your Password in the text box, then click the Login button.
    Arma 3 FTP Server
  3. Afterward, you may begin viewing, downloading, uploading, or editing any server files.
    Arma 3 Server Files

    Important: Ensure you’re using the correct Server Profile for this process.


External Program

As for the alternative method, many server owners use this for larger uploads or downloads. However, it requires the following information from your FTP panel before making the connection: IP Address, Port, Username, and your password. These details are entered into an external program such as CyberDuck or FileZilla. Across the server hosting industry, these are the two best services to use since they’re stable and secure. Other applications could be used, but proceed at your own risk if you decide to do that. Making this type of FTP connection has its downsides, like being unable to edit files. This is due to the lack of an editor within most programs, so downloading and tweaking them on your computer is required. Besides this, the instructions below will show you the exact process for using a third-party FTP tool.

  1. Begin by downloading an external FTP program, such as FileZilla, then install it.
    Arma 3 FileZilla
  2. After it’s finished, prepare for the connection by opening the application.
  3. Navigate to the FTP File Access area from your server panel.
  4. Continue to copy the following: FTP Address, Port, Username, and Password.
    Arma 3 FTP Info
  5. Return to the third-party program and enter this information accordingly.
  6. Once you’re ready, press Quickconnect or a similar button to establish a connection.
    Arma 3 FileZilla Connection
  7. Upon doing this, you’ll see the server files to manage if successful.


Important Files

Arma 3 Important Server Files

Once you’ve connected to your Arma 3 server via FTP, navigating through the files can be confusing at first. This is amplified by all the different kinds of directories the game has stored in the system. Due to this, we’ll go through some important folders and files down below to get you started. However, it’s worthy to mention that using the Config Files and Customizations tabs from the main server panel allows you to tweak critical settings. Whether it’s configuring a password or adding a MOTD, these areas mainly control those aspects. Although, accessing the server.cfg hardfile through the FTP is an option to directly manage it.


Arma 3 Keys Folder

Installing any modifications to your Arma 3 server requires you to manage the …/keys directory. This folder contains important data for each mod that you’ll begin using in the game. Without controlling this area, these wouldn’t function properly on the server. Owners must upload special bikey files in this directory for everything to work. However, the majority of configurations require transferring these documents into the directory instead of manually uploading them again. Make sure to keep this in mind as you install modifications.


Arma 3 Server Logs

Another important directory to mention is the …/logs pathway, giving you the ability to view past gameplay sessions. This can be used to determine possible issues, who connected to the server, among other aspects. Most owners use this area as needed since it’s not required to track everytime you startup. However, underneath this directory is the mpmissions folder that stores multiplayer scenarios for the server. This is also an important element to bear in mind as you manage the files.


Common Issues

Unable to Establish Connection

One of the most common issues server owners encounter is being unable to establish an FTP connection. This can be caused by a wide range of reasons such as, using the incorrect login credentials or having an antivirus/firewall block the process. Whether you’re using the online or program method, make sure to use the correct details to login. In other words, ensure you’re using the right FTP Address, Port, Username, and Password. Additionally, confirm that your computer can allow a third-party connection if you’re using the alternative method.

Cannot Transfer Files

In some cases, server owners may have issues uploading or downloading files. These kinds of situations are likely to occur if the documents aren’t zipped. Our online panel has a feature for you to select any file, then zip it so the transfer can safely happen. However, an external FTP program doesn’t have this and requires another application to do it. For example, using WinRAR or 7zip are good choices to install on your computer for this process.

Data is Missing

On rare occasions, server owners will use the incorrect Server Profile when uploading files. Each profile creates a separate directory to store game documents, meaning if you use the wrong one it’ll appear to be missing. Ensure you’re using the correct one for this process, but the situation can also be caused by not zipping them before the upload.

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