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How to Set Admins on an Arma 3 Server

Last modified on Nov 3, 2022 in arma

mc head By Dalton Whalen


When playing on an Arma 3 server, organization and control can be effective for managing the gameplay. In most cases, you would need to access the server panel in order to make changes or adjustments to the ongoing game. Luckily, Arma 3 allows you to add an admin password and provide players with access to a variety of server commands. Whether this is used to moderate troublemakers, restart the server after a mission, or adjust the active mission, all of this is possible. Adding an Arma 3 admin password is easy with Apex Hosting’s config editor, so we have created this guide to help you get started.

Setting an Admin Password

  1. Navigate to your Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
    Arma 3 Admin Stop
  2. Within the left-hand menu, enter the Config Files tab.
  3. Select the Server Config to open the editor.
    Arma 3 Admin Server Config
  4. Locate the passwordAdmin = field, then remove the // if present.
  5. Within the quotations, enter your desired server admin password.
    Arma 3 Admin Config File
  6. Press “Save” once complete, then restart the server.


Becoming Admin In-Game

  1. Launch Arma 3 and join the server as normal.
  2. Once in-game, press / to open the chat box.
  3. Enter #login [AdminPassword] into the chat.
    Arma 3 Admin Command
  4. Replace [AdminPassword] with your password from earlier.
  5. Press Enter to submit the password.
    Arma 3 Admin Login

You should now receive a message confirming that you are logged in as an admin. You should now have access to a variety of server commands that can be used in your server.

Admin Commands

#login [Password]Log into the admin account using a password.
#logoutLog out of the admin account.
#mission [filename] [difficulty]Select a mission with a known name and set a difficulty.
#missionsAllows selection of missions on a shown list of all available missions.
#restartRestarts the mission.
#reassignStart over and reassign roles.
#shutdownShutdown the server immediately.
#restartserverShutdown and restart the server.
#shutdownaftermissionShutdown the server after the mission ends.
#restartserveraftermissionRestarts the server after the mission ends.
#initReload server config file.
#exec ban [player]Ban a player from the server.
#kick [player]Kick a player from the server.
#monitor [interval]Shows performance information of the server. 0 stops monitoring.
#monitords [interval]Shows performance information in the server console.
#debug [interval]Enables debugging at a set interval.
#debug offDisables the debugging.
#debug [command] [param]View debug information on a specific parameter.
#lockPrevent new clients from joining the server.
#unlockUnlocks the server, allowing new clients to join.


Common Issues

Nothing happens when using the #login command:
If the login command is not working, it often means that the password is being typed incorrectly or may not be enabled through the config file. First, return to the config file and ensure the // at the beginning of the password field is removed. Otherwise, make note of the exact password spelling and try it once more. The server console can also be checked to see if there are messages about an incorrect password entered.

Commands are not working:
If commands are not working on the server, ensure you are fully logged into the admin account before attempting to use any commands. If you do not receive a login message after entering the admin password, then commands will not work normally. If you are successfully logged in and believe commands still aren’t working, try using a command like #restartserver to see if it reboots.

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