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How to Set a Server Password for Arma 3

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mc head By Dalton Whalen

Arma 3 Set Server Password


When charging through the battlefields of Arma 3, the type of players on the field can define the gameplay experience. While playing with random people online can be entertaining and provide some unknown possibilities, many server owners prefer to choose who is able to join. Whether it is to only allow friends, experiment with mods by yourself, or simply allow trustworthy people to join, this can all be achieved with the server password function. Within Arma 3’s server config file, the password field can easily be adjusted to allow this change. In addition to setting the password, it can be changed at any time if the situation arises. With easy access to the Config Files tab, we have written this Apex Hosting tutorial to guide you through the steps required to add a password to an Arma 3 server.

Setting a Password

  1. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
  2. In the left-hand menu, enter the “Config Files” tab.
    Arma3Password Config Files
  3. Here, locate and enter the Server Config file.
  4. Once the text editor opens, find the password section.
    Arma3Password Editor
  5. Between the quotations, type in your desired server password.
  6. Once this is done, press the Save button at the top.
  7. Restart the server when the prompt appears.

The server will now start up with your chosen password enabled and will be available to use once the server is online!

In-Game Changes

With these new changes taking effect, you may be requested to enter your server password in a few different locations, depending on how you join the server.

Steam Password

Arma3Password Steam

When connecting through the Steam server browser, you will be prompted to enter the server password before it can proceed. Simply enter your password then press Connect to open the launcher and prepare connecting to the server.

Launcher Password

Arma3Password Launcher

Whether you connect through the Steam server browser, the Apex Panel, or from the launcher itself, you will then need to enter the password here before the game can fully launch. Enter in the previously set password, then press Connect to bring up the prompt screen to select your dlc and mods before connecting.

In-Game Password

Arma3Password In-Game

Lastly, if you decide to connect to your Arma 3 server directly from in-game, a password prompt will then appear in the bottom-left of your screen. As usual, the chosen password will need to be entered which will then immediately allow players to connect to the server and play.

Common Issues

My server is not requesting a password:
If the server is not asking for a password anywhere, this could indicate an issue with the Server Config file itself. Return to the file editor and check the password field to ensure it is filled in. If not, fill in the password once again, make sure the file is saved, then restart. If the password is still filled in, make sure there is not a // before password. Once it is removed, save and restart as normal. Otherwise if everything looks correct, simply restart once more to allow the changes to fully take effect.

Cannot join the session. Wrong password was given:
As the error suggests, this error will appear if the password is incorrectly entered when trying to join the server. Ensure the password is correctly typed into the game before trying to reconnect. If you are unsure, try to copy and paste the password directly from the Server Config editor. Otherwise, return to the editor and ensure the password is the one you desire.

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