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Valheim Xbox Console Commands

in Valheim

mc head By Nathan Young

Valheim Xbox Console Commands


Valheim is now playable on the Xbox, allowing many users to enjoy the gameplay experience. Although, some players may want to use commands in their crossplay server or singleplayer world. This can provide them with unique abilities, such as flying around or whispering to others. Unfortunately, the console must be enabled and opened before using commands. The process for this isn’t common knowledge in Valheim’s Xbox community, as it involves a specific combination of controller buttons to do. Additionally, navigating through the console itself may be difficult for some players. Once you’ve become familiar with these controls and features, then you’ll be able to enjoy the special abilities in-game. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to access and use console commands on Xbox in Valheim.

How to Access the Console

Once you’ve entered your server or singleplayer world, opening the console is a straightforward process. Simply press and hold the following on your controller: LT + RT + LB + RB + Options (Menu) Button. After doing this, the console is enabled and will appear on your screen. This can be opened and closed accordingly by pressing RStick + LStick, meaning you wouldn’t have to redo the initial combination all the time. Due to Xbox’s design, the keyboard to begin using commands isn’t there by default. Getting started with this involves you pressing the A button on your controller.

Valheim Open Console Xbox

The following list will show you other controls to easily navigate through the console.

ABring up the keyboard overlay to type
LBErase text
DPad (Up/Down)Cycles through history
DPad (Right)Autocomplete commands
DPad (Left)Show commands
Left StickScroll through the console
RStick + LStickShow or hide console
X + DPadSave quick select option
Y + DPadLoad quick select option


Command List

Valheim Console Commands Xbox

There are many kinds of commands to try out in Valheim on Xbox, but they aren’t all available on servers. This is due to the game’s design, so we’ll simplify them for your convenience. Whether you’re wanting to cheat on your solo world by entering ghost mode or simply trying to better manage your players in multiplayer, there are lots of useful commands. However, we aren’t going to review all of them since there are too many, so reviewing the official wiki is suggested if you’re wanting to understand everything. Otherwise, the following subsections will help you get started with using console commands on Xbox in Valheim.

Player Commands

The following commands to try out in Valheim work for singleplayer and servers, as they only impact the individual executing them. These can help improve the quality of your gameplay, such as whispering to another player or toggling the map’s visibility.

clearClears the history of your console.
lodbias [value]Changes the draw distance between 1 to 5.
nomapToggles the visibility of your map.
respawnKills your in-game character.
tutorialresetReset any viewed tutorial messages.
tutorialtoggleToggle the tutorial messages in the world.
W [player]Whisper to any player for a private message.
printseedsReturns seeds and positions of nearby dungeons.
fov [value]Sets your field of vision in-game.
helpShow a list of all available commands.


Admin Commands

Anything from the list below requires you to become an admin on the server to use them. This only applies to servers and not singleplayer, so keep this in mind. These commands are useful for banning problematic players or saving the game files.

ban [player / IP / userID]Permanently ban a player or IP address from the server.
bannedReturns an entire list of banned users or IPs.
kick [player / IP / userID]Forcibly remove a player or IP address from the server.
saveSave the entire world and game progress on the server.
unban [player / IP / userID]Removes the ban from an IP address or player in the server.


Singleplayer Cheats

These commands are only executable after running devcommands in the Console on your singleplayer world. These can allow the player to fly, become a god, among many other cheats. If you’re wanting to disable them, then simply enter the above command again.

flyToggle flight for your character.
godBecome invulnerable to any in-game damage.
ghostEnter into ghost mode so no enemies can see you.
nocostForcibly obtain all recipes in the game and the ability to build without material costs.
raiseskill [skill] [amount]Raise or lower a specific skill’s level.
spawn [entity] [amount] [level]Instantly summon an entity at your location.
timeReturns the current in-game time and if sleeping is available.
goto [x] [y]Teleport to a specific set of x-y coordinates.
healAutomatically heals your character.
tameForcibly tame all nearby creatures.
sleepSkips the current day, acting as if everyone slept.
event [name]Spawn a specific event in the world.
killenemiesKills all hostile enemies near your character.


Common Issues

The Console Isn’t Appearing

In some cases, the console may not open or become enabled on Xbox for Valheim. This tends to happen when players press an invalid button combination. Ensure you’re doing this in order on your controller while in-game: LT + RT + LB + RB + Options (Menu) Button. Additionally, players must hold these buttons down for the console to become activated. After this, remember that by pressing RStick + LStick allows you to toggle its visibility. If you’re not using Xbox for this process, then review our other tutorial to accomplish the same task via another method.

Unable to Use Server Commands

While playing on your server and attempting to use commands, make sure to become an admin beforehand. Essentially, you need to manually enter your player ID in the configuration on the panel to get this working. However, restarting the server may be beneficial if nothing seems to be happening after executing admin commands. If you’re trying to use cheats, then remember that they only work on singleplayer worlds and not on dedicated multiplayer modes.

Cheat Commands Aren’t Working

Playing in singleplayer and trying to use cheat commands requires you to enter devcommands in the Console before anything. This enables cheating on your world, allowing for special abilities like flight or no material cost. If you’re unsure if this worked, then look for the confirmation message in the Console. This should state “Dev commands: True”, along with a warning beneath it. Remember, this will only work in singleplayer and not on your crossplay server.

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