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Understanding Premium Support

Posted: Apr 5, 2016 in Miscellaneous

mc head By Apex

What is it?

Premium Support means that we help you upload a world, setup a server icon, fix mod/plugin errors and more. You can do all of this on your own, but adding this service makes it easier to customize your server with our expertise.

*If you would like us to install mods or plugins for you please select our Plugin Installation or Modpack Creation service where you can simply send us a list of plugins/mods that you would like and we will install them for you including basic configuration.


How do you get it?

It can be selected as an addon when checking out with the server you plan to order. If you already have a server, then you will need to request a quote for the addon to be applied to one of your servers via a ticket.


Whats the cost?

An additional $5 a month. If you have a billing cycle that isnt monthly, simply times the cycle by the rate. i.e Semi-annual 6/m * $5 = an additional $30 per cycle.


Do you need it for each server?

No, if you have it for at least one server then it will cover all other servers you have with us.


What you need it for.

Basically anything that involves us uploading and or editing base server properties.

  • Modpacks without a server version
  • Uploading a world
  • Setting up a Bungee Network
  • Installing SpongeForge, Thermos, Cauldron, MCPC+ etc.
  • Adding server icon (you must provide the image)
  • Editing the server.properties or any other base server properties file (bukkit.yml, spigot.yml, etc)
  • Uploading files of any kind
  • Fixing mod and plugin related errors
  • Datapack installation


What you don’t need it for.

  • Modpacks with a server version
  • Transfering servers to a new location
  • Transfering from another host
  • Changing player count
  • Restoring from a backup


What it does not include.

  • Configuring plugins or mods
  • Managing the server for you
  • Frequent consecutive repeated requests
  • Custom modpack installations
  • Plugin installations