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Understanding Premium Support

Last modified on Aug 7, 2023 in General

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Here at Apex, we understand how difficult it can be to create and develop a Minecraft Server. That is why we have created the premium support addon. With this add-on, we are able to assist you even further when it comes to creating your server. This means we can help you upload a world, set up a server icon, fix mod/plugin errors, and much more. All of this stuff can also be done on your own, but having this addon will make customizing your server easier than ever before with the help of our team of experts.

If you would like us to install mods or plugins for you please select our Plugin Installation or Modpack Creation service. This allows you to simply send us the links to a list of mods or plugins you want and our team will install them for you.

You can get this add-on for $5 USD per month. If you have a billing cycle that isn’t monthly, simply times the cycle by the rate. i.e Annual 12/m * $5 = $60 per cycle.

Premium Support

Getting the addon
When you order a server, you will see addons as an option during the checkout process. If you already own a server, the instructions for adding it are below.

  1. Head to your billing area on the Apex website.
  2. Click on the services box.
  3. To the bottom left, click on “View Available Addons”.
  4. Locate Premium Support and click “Order Now”, then follow the checkout instructions.


What you can use it for

  • Uploading Modpacks without a server version
  • Uploading a world (Up to 10GB)
  • Installing SpongeForge, Thermos, Cauldron, MCPC+, etc.
  • Adding server icon (you must provide the image)
  • Editing the server.properties or any other base server properties file (bukkit.yml, spigot.yml, etc)
  • Assisting with mod and plugin-related errors
  • Datapack installation
  • YAML and JSON errors.
  • Geyser Configuration
  • Dynmap Configuration

What you can’t use it for

  • Configuring plugins or mods
  • Managing the server for you
  • Frequent consecutive repeated requests
  • Custom-created mod pack installations
  • Plugin installations
  • Mod installations
  • Bedrock Behavior Packs (We can upload your world if the behavior pack is already applied but will not set it up locally for you).



If you have trouble customizing your Minecraft Server, premium support is an excellent way to get personal assistance from our team of experts. This add-on can be used for many things such as uploading a world, fixing server errors, setting up your server icon, and much more.

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