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How to Add a Minecraft Server Icon

Last modified on May 14, 2021 in control panel

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Since Minecraft v1.7.2 server owners have been given the ability to further customize the look of the server in the multiplayer server list in-game. One very important feature that was added is the ability to customize the icon that will display next to their server. This is an ideal way to make servers more recognizable in the server list. With thousands of servers and the vast majority of players having extensive server lists, a server icon is very important in order to stand out and be recognizable.

While it may seem like a fairly simple concept there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure the icon is working properly on the server. In this guide, we will walk you through how you can prepare and upload the server icon to your Apex Minecraft server.

Prepare Your Icon

A server icon must follow three simple rules to be able to be used on a minecraft server.

Server Icon Example
  1. The icon must be 64×64 pixels in size
  2. The icon must be named server-icon
  3. The icon must be in .PNG format


How to check the picture size


  1. Right Click the image and select Properties.
  2. Select the Details tab on the top to view the dimensions.
Server Icon Properties


  1. Right Click the image and select Get Info.
  2. The dimensions will be listed under the More Info section.
Mac Server Icon

If your image is not currently 64×64 pixels there are simple ways you can convert the dimensions! We recommend using Simple Image Resizer

How to resize the icon

  1. Head to the resizing websites here.
  2. Click Select Image and find the icon you wish to use and hit Open.
  3. You will now want to select the Dimensions instead of Percentage and enter 64 for the width and height. Then click Resize.
  4. After a few seconds you should see a green box popup with a download button. Click download to get a new page with the resized icon.
  5. Once on this page simply right-click and select Save Image As
Simple Image Resizer Server Icon

Your server icon may not be following the proper naming conventions or file format at this point. If this is the case you will want to fix that when saving the resized image. If the Save as Type shows any format other than PNG image you will want to click the dropdown and select All Files. You will then want to enter the name you save it as to be server-icon.png. If the Save as Type is already PNG just set the name to server-icon.

Once this is complete you would have successfully resized, renamed, and formatted the image to work on your server. The next steps would be to upload the image directly into your server’s files.

Upload to Your Server

Once you have a properly sized, named, and formatted image you will be able to then upload it to your server to let it start displaying in the server list.

  1. Head to your control panel and stop your server.
  2. To the left of the game panel, navigate the FTP File Access tab. Once in that tab please login using your panel password.
  3. Stop Server Open FTP Panel
  4. To the left of the panel, you will see an upload button. Click this and then drag your image into the uploader.
  5. Once you see the image reach 100% you will be able to then go back to the main panel page and start the server.
  6. FTP Panel Upload Button
    FTP File Upload

Assuming all three of the criteria are met you will then be able to see your newly uploaded icon in-game when you ping the server in the multiplayer server list.

Common Issues

Server/Server List Refresh

If you are not seeing the image display in your Minecraft server list you will want to be sure you have restarted the server after uploading as well as refresh the server list in-game. If it is still not showing you can also try re-adding the server to the list in-game. If it once again does not show then you most likely have encountered one of the following other issues.

Incorrect Name

Sometimes if you are renaming the file after it is already uploaded you might find that it is not correct. Since the file format, in this case .png, is included in the name on the panel you might forget to include it when renaming the file server-icon.

Incorrect Size

The image may not be displayed due to it being too large or too small. You can check the image dimensions on your PC in most cases by right-clicking and selecting Properties. Once this window is open you can then head to the details tab to see the image dimensions. Anything other than 64 pixels in width and height will not work on the server.

If the image is not the correct dimensions then you can use this resizing site to fix that.

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