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Start a Minecraft TNT Run Server

Last modified on Sep 2, 2020 in gametypes

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TNT RunmodpackTNT Run1.16.3Checkout

Setup Time: 5 – 10 Mins
Setup Difficulty: Easy
Players: 2 – 30


TNT Run is a game where you run around in an arena and while running each block that you walk/run over falls off down, there are about 3-7 layers on each arena and your goal is to be the last one standing whilst running around the arena trying not to fall into the void when running around the arena, each time you run over a block of gravel or sand which is the ground of the arena, a block of TNT is holding up the sand/gravel and when walked over the TNT will activate (no explosion will happen) and then releasing the sand/gravel down onto the next floor, basically what you’re supposed to do is run over gravel and sand blocks in an arena trying not to fall down the next layer and not falling in the void.

Here at Apex Hosting the installation of the TNTRun game type is as easy as selecting the game type from the drop down bar on your Multicraft Control panel! Once you’ve selected it simply restart your server and you’ll be good to go and ready to play TNT Run.

Getting Started

When you first login you will spawn in the lobby. Here you will see 3 holograms, 1 is for the total wins on the server, 2 is for how many coins each player have (Get 25 coins for winning on each map, you can spend them in the shop for extras in a round) and 3 is the welcome hologram, you can this ingame to display a welcome message you wish to use and include your server name.

Within the lobby there are 3 walls with the join signs on them. Each sign will display the arena name and the current player count on that arena. You will click on a sign to join that arena once the minimum number of players have joined the game will start automatically. While waiting for the game to start you can use the shop to buy extras for that round.

tnt run leaderboard
TNT Run Coins
TNT Run Maps
TNT Run Lobby

Basic commands

/coins - Show your coin balance (This is a command added to the commands.yml file)
/spawn /tr lobby - Go to the main spawn
/trsetup - Main setup command for the TNTRun Plugin
/tr leaderboard - Display the wins leaderboard in chat

Everything in the arena is done with items in the hotbar

Kits: A kit is a set of items, weapons, food and potions that can be allocated to players at the start of a game. The addkit command adds all the items in your inventory including armor and active potion effects to the kit. Kits are enabled on a per arena basis using the command below. Players joining an arena (with kits enabled) will be allocated a random kit from those that have been created. If there is only one kit, everyone will receive the same kit.

/trsetup enablekits [arena]
/trsetup addkit [kitname] - Add a Kit
/tr listkits - The list of available kits
/tr listkit [kitname] - The contents of a kit
/trsetup deletekit [kitname] - Delete A kit

Item slot 9 in the hotbar will always be the configured ‘leave’ item for the arena.

Shop: There is a in game shop system that has Items can be bought while waiting in the arena or during the arena countdown, and are given to the player immediately the game starts. Only one shop item can be purchased per game. Items to be purchased in-game can be defined in the shop.yml file.The description and prices can can be amended, items can removed completely or new items added provided they follow the existing convention. Each shop item can have its own permission node set (in shop.yml) which a player will need to have in order to purchase that item.

Heads: Heads allow players to purchase different heads to wear during the game. During the arena countdown, players can use a hotbar item to open the HeadsPlus interface and purchase a head to wear during the game. The head is automatically equipped on the player’s head when purchased, and removed at the end of the game. The price for each head is set in plugins\HeadsPlus\headsx.yml. The default price is 10.0 and is set in the same file, so if you want all heads to be free just change the default price to 0.0.

Maps: There is 13 maps preset up on the server, You can build more and add them in using world edit and the /trsetup command. The spawn area is self contained so players can not leave it.

Ranks: There are 4 Ranks setup on the server. Admin, Mod, Vip & Member
Member – By default everyone will join as the member rank. This will allow them to play the games but not edit them or have any extra perms.
Vip – Is setup if you wish to use it but it has no extra perms setup by default.
Mod – Has the ability to ban, kick & mute players. Mods can not edit maps.
Admin – Has every permission.
The ranks can be edited using PEX https://github.com/PEXPlugins/PermissionsEx/wiki/Commands.

Plugin List

Enhanced BalTop – Fully customizable and enhanced /baltop replacement command with holographic balance boards. (Uses Holographic Displays plugin) this provides the Top Coins hologram at spawn. With The use of this plugin we can display a players balance how we like, It has been set to show the users coins balance as this is used in the shop to buy perks for each round.

HeadsPlus – This is addon used by TNTRun to allow the use of heads in the arena shop. You can use 100s of different heads in the arena, all heads are in categories and can be searched too.

Holographic Scoreboard – A generic plugin that allows for easy creation of Holographic Scoreboards using the HolographicDisplays plugin. This provides the leaderboard hologram at spawn.

TNTRun – TNTRun is a fully automated minigame plugin that is based on the popular map TNTRUN. This handles all main aspects of the TNTRun server.

Coreprotect – Coreprotect is a handy tool to have if there are any accidents with the TNT it gives the ability to roll back any damage made.

EssentialsX – Essentials gives us the basic necessities for running the server.

HolographicDisplays – HolographicDisplays Provides the holograms around the server.

Papi – Provides placeholder support for other plugins.

PermissionsEx – PermissionsEX (PEX) Handles all the Permissions of each plugin. We have 4 ranks in the game Admin,Mod,Vip & Member Pex has a useful guide here: https://github.com/PEXPlugins/PermissionsEx/wiki/Commands

Protocollib – Provides other necessary assets and functions for the other plugins.

Vault – Vault provides the ability for each plugin to interact with each other.

World Edit – A Useful building tool.

WorldGuard – WorldGuard controls the protection of the spawn area.

Default Editable Configurations
Plugins omitted from this section are left as default and do not have to be edited to be used or should only be edited by the customer based on their intentions
EssentialsX – Join messages, MOTD, Chat format
TNTRun – Shop, Kits, Settings for each arena

Works Used

Spawn: https://www.minecraft-schematics.com/schematic/2439/