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StackMob Plugin

Last modified on May 9, 2023 in Plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


Managing a Minecraft server can be a challenging feat, as players can cause lag by a various amount of in-game activities. One of these is having too many entities at a singular location, causing gameplay-related problems for all players. This scenario can happen on any type of server, whether it’s factions or skyblock. Solving mob lag could involve lots of technical work, leading some people to search for simpler solutions. Luckily, Minecraft 1.16 and above servers that use Paper or other Bukkit variants can implement the StackMob plugin to reduce lag. Using this forces mobs into a stacked entity, meaning you can have hundreds of mobs that only appear as one. It’s an extremely useful plugin that lowers stress on your server, combined with its flexibility to give you more functionality control. Keeping this in mind, let’s learn how to install and use the StackMob plugin on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

Server Installation

  1. Navigate to StackMob on Spigot and press Download Now.
    StackMob Spigot Download
  2. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.
  3. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP

    Note: Make sure to be using the correct server profile for this installation.

  4. Login with your password and enter into the plugins directory.
  5. Afterward, continue to select Upload near the top left corner.
    StackMob Server Installation
  6. Drag and drop the plugin’s file into the respective area, then wait for it to reach 100%.
  7. Once it’s finished, return to the main panel and Restart the server to enable it.
  8. Join and use the /plugins command to confirm if the plugin was installed.
    Minecraft Plugins Command

    Note: This should display “StackMob” as green in the list, meaning it worked.


How to Use StackMob

Upon installing the plugin on your server, there should be noticeable changes. For instance, some or all your entities will be stacked, but isn’t always the case. This is due to the plugin’s default settings in the configuration, which is editable through our easy-to-use panel. Almost all StackMob features are in the config, as the main functionality is backend tasks. However, there is a unique tool to use for stacking mobs and minor commands to improve quality of life in-game.


As previously mentioned, the configuration carries most of the plugin’s features. These range from setting the max stack size to disabling specific mobs from stacking. With this in mind, we’re going to review how to access and edit the settings. Additionally, you can use our suggested options to see if that’ll work best for your server.

  1. Navigate towards the plugins directory from the FTP File Access area, in your server panel.
  2. Locate and select the StackMob folder, then press Edit for the config.yml file.
    StackMob Config Files
  3. You may now begin making changes to the plugin’s settings.
    StackMob settings
  4. Afterward, click Save at the top and return to the server panel.
  5. From here, continue to Restart and join the game to confirm it worked.
    Alternative: Use the /sm reload command in-game to apply the changes.


Suggested Settings
  max-size: 15
  on-spawn: true
    priority: 1
    priority: 2
    - ZOMBIE
    - PIG
    - COW


Custom Stacks

Custom Stacking Mobs with StackMob

An alternative method for stacking mobs is setting custom parameters for desired entities. This can be extremely useful if you encounter inconveniences from the plugin, as you control the stack size per mob. Inside of the config.yml file, you can find these settings at the bottom. Once it’s set up, it’ll override the default value and only apply to that entity. Otherwise, you may play around with other options in the file to get exactly what you need.

Stacking Tool

StackMob Stacking Tool

Instead of waiting around for mobs to stack, you can use this stacking tool. This is only obtainable through the /sm tool command, which is for admins or players with authorized access. It works by right-clicking the entity, but you’ll need to set a mode first by shift + right-clicking.

There are six modes to choose from: slice, slice_all, remove_single, remove_chunk, info, and modify. They are mainly self explanatory, as slicing a stacked mob will withdraw one from the stack. The best type to use is “modify”, allowing you to manually change the mob’s amount. Any of these help with preventing players from lagging the server by entities.


There aren’t too many commands to use in-game, but each of them are important for managing the plugin. For example, after making changes to some settings, using the reload function will apply them without a server restart. Others include forcefully stacking mobs, spawning stacked entities, among other helpful commands. Players don’t have access to these by default, but becoming a server operator will change that. Alternatively, if you use LuckPerms or another similar plugin to manage permission nodes, they’ll become available to use.

/sm aboutstackmob.adminShows information about StackMob.
/sm forcestackstackmob.adminForces all loaded entities into a stack.
/sm reloadstackmob.adminReloads the plugin to apply config changes.
/sm removestackmob.adminRemove specific entities and the number of their stacks.
/sm spawnstackmob.adminSpawn a new stacked entity.
/sm statsstackmob.adminDisplays the plugin’s statistics.
/sm toolstackmob.adminGive your character the stacking tool.
/sm updatestackmob.adminChecks for any recent plugin update.
/sm upgradestackmob.adminAutomatically upgrade the plugin to the latest version.


Common Issues

Plugin Not Working
If after installing the plugin and it doesn’t work, double-check your server’s version or type. It must be above Minecraft 1.16 and for Paper, Spigot, or other Bukkit types. Otherwise, it could be that the plugin’s version is outdated or problematic. In this case, find another compatible variant on its Version History page to download and use. Although, sometimes the plugin might have been uploaded to the wrong server profile. Make sure to upload this into the correct one so it can successfully load.
Changes Aren’t Applying
When making config changes, make sure to Save the file and either Restart the server or use /sm reload in-game. This will apply everything you edited, but in rare cases won’t apply due to a number of reasons. For instance, using the incorrect format or value for a setting results in the problem. A popular issue is using capitalization or missing spaces for options, so ensure this isn’t happening for you.

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