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How to Upload Java or Bedrock Server Worlds to Singleplayer

Last modified on Jan 22, 2024 in General

mc head By Nathan Young


In some cases, Minecraft server owners may want to download their worlds and play them on singleplayer. This applies to Java and Bedrock editions, even across modified versions such as Paper or Forge. Whether you want to simply save your server maps or send them to friends and family, the process for activating it in singleplayer can be challenging. Regardless of your reasoning, there are many steps involved to accomplish this goal. Due to this, some confusion might happen for you or others alike. This is amplified by the need to download and possibly merge files into one folder. Fortunately, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to upload Java or Bedrock server worlds to singleplayer to help you do this properly.

Getting Started

The process for achieving this task depends on the type of Minecraft server you host. For example, vanilla worlds are straightforward while modified ones involve more steps. This applies to downloading and uploading them, with Bedrock servers having it a little easier. Despite these potential challenges, the following subsections will help you through each part of the process. Once you’ve successfully completed them all, you should be able to enjoy the Minecraft worlds in singleplayer. With this in mind, let’s begin to unravel the steps required to finish this setup.

Downloading Server Worlds

How to Download World from Minecraft Servers

Starting off with the first step, you’ll need to download the world off your Minecraft server. This is done by using an FTP client such as FileZilla or Cyberduck, which hooks into your files. Once connected, you’ll be able to directly download any world onto your computer. However, smaller maps could be done by zipping them from the FTP panel instead. This should allow you to easily download the world files, but may disallow you from doing it if they exceed a certain size. We strongly recommend using an external client for this process, as it’ll 100% guarantee that you can obtain any world. However, there may be multiple folders for your map files which can make downloading them more confusing.

World Folder Format

Due to some server types having multiple world folders, it’s important to understand their format. We’ve created a list of the popular ones down below so you can quickly learn more about them. This comes in handy when downloading and uploading maps to singleplayer, as you may need to merge some files. We’ll discuss this more in detail later on in the subsections. Keep in mind that some plugins or mods may store these files in other areas and possibly change the format. For example, Multiverse allows you to create worlds in-game with it formatting the data into one folder.

Server TypeWorld Folder(s)Folder Location / Format
Vanilla1 Folder…/[World]
Paper3 Folders…/[World], _nether, _the_end
Spigot3 Folders…/[World], _nether, _the_end
Forge1 Folder…/[World]
Fabric1 Folder…/[World]
Bedrock1 Folder…/worlds/[World]


Uploading Worlds to Singleplayer

How to Use Minecraft Server Worlds in Singleplayer

Once you’ve downloaded the world files from your Java or Bedrock server, you’re ready to begin transferring it to singleplayer. Remember, this process changes depending on the version used for it. For example, Paper servers have a few extra steps compared to Bedrock due to their respective designs. Regardless of this, there shouldn’t be too many differences overall since it’s mainly the preparation and world activation that changes. However, keep in mind that corruption may happen if you’ve failed to download all files beforehand. This means you’ll need to confirm everything worked after completing this process, which we’ll help you do later on in this guide.

Java Edition Setup

Remember, there are many versions of a Java Minecraft server, ranging from vanilla to modded types. These change the world file formats, possibly requiring you to merge folders into one. Make sure to check the chart in our previous section to verify this information. Besides this, the details below will guide you through the process for the kind of world formats used on your server.

Single Folder Worlds
  1. Locate and keep your server’s world folder somewhere easily accessible.
  2. Open the Minecraft launcher, then click Installations at the top.
    Minecraft Installations
  3. On any profile, click the Folder icon to reveal the local game files.
    Minecraft Folder Icon
  4. In the newly opened window, navigate to the saves directory.
  5. While inside of this area, drag and drop your previously downloaded world folder.
    Upload World to Minecraft
  6. Afterward, load up the game and confirm this worked by checking the Worlds menu.


Multiple Folder Worlds
  1. Navigate to the three world folders you previously downloaded from the server.
  2. Enter [world]_nether and [world]_the_end directories, then locate the DIM folders.
    DIM Folder Minecraft

    Note: There’ll be two of these called DIM-1 and DIM1, stored individually in each.

  3. Proceed to move both of them into the main [world] folder, then wait for this to finish.
    Merge DIM Folders Minecraft World
  4. After you’ve done this, delete the _nether and _the_end folders.
  5. Open the Minecraft launcher and click on any profile’s Folder icon in Installations.
    Minecraft Folder Icon
  6. In the newly opened window, locate and enter the saves directory from the list.
  7. From here, simply drag and drop the already prepared world folder in this area.
    Upload Server World to Singleplayer Minecraft
  8. Once finished, head to the Worlds menu from Minecraft to check if this worked.


Bedrock Edition Setup

Similar to Java, the Bedrock edition of Minecraft is a simple process for you to transfer server worlds to singleplayer. This is due to the single folder format, meaning all you need to do is transfer it in your local game files. There’ll be a missing thumbnail for it until you load the world. If you want to change the name or anything else, then do that in the settings for it. Besides this, follow along below when you’re ready to begin this process.

  1. Locate your previously downloaded server world on your computer.
    Bedrock Server World
  2. Keep this somewhere easily accessible, then navigate to this local directory:


  3. Once there, drag and drop your server world folder in this area.
    Upload Bedrock World to Singleplayer
  4. Afterward, open Minecraft and head towards the Worlds menu.
  5. If successful, you’ll see your Bedrock server world in the list for you to play.
    Minecraft Bedrock Server World in Singleplayer


World Upload Confirmation

Minecraft Gameplay

Once you load in the world, regardless of whether it’s for Bedrock or Java, all progress should be kept. This includes all items in your inventory, experience points, structures, and everything else. If there are more players in the world’s data, then this too is also saved properly. This can be confirmed by joining with the other Minecraft account, even on LAN connections. Besides this, these uploaded server worlds can be transferred back through the panel if you want. All progress should be kept too, meaning anything you do in singleplayer will carry over.

Common Issues

Unable to Locate World on Server

If you cannot find the map’s folder in the FTP area, then check the World section of the main panel to learn its name. It may help to save this information for later, as you’ll be working with it for the singleplayer uploading process. However, keep in mind that specific plugins and mods can store worlds in another directory. An example of this is Multiverse, as it has a separate folder containing your data. Although, Bedrock servers have these maps stored in the worlds folder. If you’re completely unable to find this in the server panel, then consider reaching out to our Support Team so they may further assist you.

My World isn’t Showing In-game

In some cases, the world will not appear in-game for a couple of reasons. The main one is failing to upload the folder into the correct local directory. Remember, Java editions of Minecraft store them in the saves area in the game files. As for Bedrock, this is contained in the …/minecraftWorlds location. Remember, there are many other folders before reaching this one. It’s encouraged to re-review the steps involved to accomplish this goal. However, another possible reason is that the world is simply incompatible with your current version of Minecraft. Make sure that everything matches and is supported, so it works without further issues.

World Progress Was Lost

Other times, the world may lose progress after successfully completing the uploading process. This happens when an issue arises from the downloading steps. For example, some worlds may have too many regions or playerdata files to correctly transfer. Solving this tends to involve you zipping the files before obtaining them. This can be done by check-marking the world folder(s) and clicking Zip at the top of your FTP panel. Once you’ve done this, try to download it and redo the uploading steps to see if that helps. If you had any behavior packs or mods installed with this world, then this could explain the situation. Make sure all of these addons are correctly installed on Minecraft or the world before trying to load it.

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