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How to Make a Rust Server

Last modified on Jun 5, 2023 in rust

mc head By Nathan Young


Many players around the world enjoy Rust, as it involves surviving in a harsh environment and challenges them to upgrade equipment. However, in some cases people want to host a private world for their friends instead of being on a public server. Other times, these players may want to start a community in Rust on their own server. Regardless of the reason, it can be a difficult task to accomplish. This is due to the required technical knowledge, but with our easy-to-use panel you can become a server owner without too much experience. Additionally, our services allow you to easily customize the settings and install plugins or maps. These features are extremely helpful for private and public servers, as they grant owners full admin control. Keeping everything above in mind, let’s learn how to make a Rust server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

Creating a Rust Server

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and locate the Game File section.
    Apex Hosting Game File
  2. Click the dropdown menu and search for Rust in the game list, then select it.
    Apex Hosting Game File
  3. Confirm the changes in the following prompts, including making a new world and restarting the server.
    Apex Hosting Load Rust
  4. Wait for everything to load, then join to confirm everything was properly configured.


Getting Started

Now that you own a Rust server, you’ll likely want to learn about useful tips and tricks. In this section, we’ll explore helpful information to begin your ownership. For instance, a few topics include joining the server, editing its name, making yourself admin, and more. Let’s get started!

Joining a Rust Server

  1. Navigate to your server panel and find IP Address:Port, then copy its command values.
    Apex Hosting IP Address:Port
  2. Afterward, open Steam and startup Rust from the Library section.
  3. While in the main menu, press F1 and paste the IP Address:Port command.
    Rust Connect Command
  4. Press Enter on your keyboard and wait for a successful connection.


Making an Admin Account

  1. Head towards SteamID’s website and enter your Steam account’s username.
  2. Copy the SteamID64 values, then enter into your server panel.
  3. In the top left corner, click Console and enter ownerid [SteamID64] [username]
    Rust OwnerID Command

    Example: ownerid 76561420969511721 Neme

  4. Afterward, execute the writecfg command to save the changes.
    Note: Use removeowner [SteamID64] or removemoderator [SteamID64] to delete roles from accounts.


Changing Server Information

  1. Navigate to the server panel and enter in Customizations from the left.
    Apex Hosting Customizations
  2. Locate the Server Settings section and below it reveals Server Description, Header, Logo, URL, and Name.
    Apex Hosting Rust Server Settings
  3. Proceed to enter your desired information in their respective fields.
  4. Once completed, return to the main panel and Restart the server.


Review the resource list below to get additional help to change the server information.

Changing Rust Server Description
Uploading a Header Image to a Rust Server
Adding a Website URL on a Rust Server
Editing Rust Server Name


How to Ban Rust Players

  1. Copy the player’s SteamID64 value from SteamID for later use.
  2. Head towards your server panel and enter the Console area.
  3. Execute the banid [SteamID64] [Username] “[Reason]” command.
    Note: Make sure to correctly enter the respective information for it.
    Rust BanID Command

    Example: banid 76561198169700921 Neme “Hacker”

  4. Confirm they’re banned with the banlistex command.
    Rust Banlistex Command

    Note: To unban someone, use unban [SteamID64] in the Console.


Editing the World Properties

  1. Open Customizations in your server panel, then locate the World options.
  2. Edit the World Size & Seed values to what you want.
    Apex Hosting Rust World Settings Customizations
  3. Return to the main panel and locate the World section, near the Game File area.
  4. Press Change World and enter a new name, then Restart the server.
    Apex Hosting Rust Change World


Installing Plugins

Rust uMod Plugins

Rust plugins on servers can bring new features and custom content to every player, which can improve the quality of gameplay. For instance, owners can install Gather Manager to obtain more resources to help with building bases and crafting items, among other things. There are many plugins available to you, ranging from looting and combat, so explore the right ones for your server to get started. However, once you find a plugin it requires configuration after the installation process, meaning there are steps to follow. With this said, review our Add Plugins on Rust Servers guide for additional details.

Adding a Whitelist

Following our plugin installation section, having a whitelist is another custom feature for owners to add on the server. This will allow you to authorize specific accounts to join, meaning anyone else needs your permission to enter. Additionally, this will suffice as an example for installing Rust plugins.

  1. Download the Whitelist Rust plugin and navigate towards your server panel.
    Rust uMod Whitelist Plugin
  2. Enter in Customizations and confirm the uMod Support is check marked, meaning it’s enabled.
    Apex Hosting Enable uMod Support
  3. After confirmation, return to the main panel and click FTP File Access to the left.
  4. Once there, login with your password and enter in the Oxide directory, then open its plugins folder.
  5. In the top left corner, press Upload and drop the plugin file into the respective area.
    Rust Whitelist Plugin Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100%, then navigate to the main panel and Restart the server.


Using Oxide Commands

When adding lots of plugins and attempting to manage players, Oxide commands help by allowing you to easily add permissions to custom groups for users. This makes a default account have limited access to commands and functions, thereby not having admin privileges or unwarranted abilities. We’ll review these commands down below to help your player management on the server.

User Commands
oxide.grant userGrants a permission to a player.
oxide.revoke userRemoves permission from a player.
oxide.show userDisplays the specified user’s permissions.
oxide.show permDisplays all users that have specified permissions.
oxide.show permsShows all permissions.


Group Commands
oxide.show groupsDisplays all Oxide groups.
oxide.show permsDisplays a group’s permissions.
oxide.group addCreates a new group.
oxide.group removeRemoves an existing group.
oxide.grant groupGrants a permission to a group.
oxide.revokeRemove permission from a group.
oxide.usergroup addAdds a player to the specified group.
oxide.usergroup removeRemoves a player from a group.


Uploading Custom World

Rust Earth Map

Having custom worlds on your Rust server means that singleplayer maps or online ones can be used. This allows you and others to experience unique environments, builds, and more. For example, an owner can upload their purchased Rust worlds to the server to enjoy with friends. However, there are several preparations to complete before playing on a custom world. We suggest reviewing our guide here to get started with the process.


Customizing your new Rust server is what most owners do, as it allows you to completely control the settings and configuration. Whether you install plugins, worlds, or create permissions, there are many potential features you can implement. There are many possible features you can use, whether its plugins, worlds, or creating permissions. This can be used for custom role-playing servers or something entirely different. Explore endless possibilities to make the perfect one for you and others. We hope this tutorial helped you create and manage a Rust server.

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