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How to Ban and Unban Players on Rust

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in Rust

mc head By Dalton Whalen



When owning any Rust server, moderation is one of the most important aspects to have. When a player is breaking rules, sometimes it becomes necessary to administer a ban, preventing them from joining the server. Rust is no exception, as you may encounter cheaters or bad behavior on a server, leading you to give a ban. With Apex Hosting, players can be banned directly from our server panel, so today we will show you how to do it!

SteamID Ban:

  1. Navigate to the SteamID.io website and search for the desired player’s Steam.
  2. Once found, copy the SteamID64 number.
    Rust Ban ID
  3. Access your Apex server panel, then press the ‘console’ tab on the left.
  4. To ban a player, you will use the following command:
banid [SteamID] [Username] “[Reason]”


Rust Ban ID

Example: banid 76561198169700921 Daltondorf “Being too awesome”

Username Ban:

  1. Access your Apex server panel, then press the ‘console’ tab on the left.
  2. To ban a player through a username, you will use the following:
ban [Username] “[Reason]”


Rust Ban User

Example: ban Daltondorf “Being way too cool”

How to Check the Banlist:

Checking the banlist is quite easy. To check the banlist, enter the following:



Rust Ban Check


How to Unban Players:

Unbanning a player is just as easy. In order to unban a player, simply use:

unban [SteamID64]


Rust Unban

Example: unban 76561198169700921


With that, you will now have all the information needed to begin moderating players on your Rust server! Whether you are banning players for breaking rules, or simply messing with your friends, you can now ban and unban them at will. This information is good to have on-hand, as you never know when the time will arise. Enjoy your newfound command powers and as always, have fun!

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