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How to Get Unique Armor in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

How to Get Unique Armor in Minecraft


While building an arsenal in Minecraft, players have a wide variety of armor sets to try out. These range from iron to netherite, which all have basic appearances in-game due to its design. This may lead some players to desire for armor customization, leading to a distinctive appeal. Fortunately, doing this is possible in Minecraft servers and singleplayer worlds. Whether you want to use mods or vanilla features, there’s always an opportunity to get unique armor. However, the process for this customization isn’t commonly known in the game’s community. Jumping into this blind isn’t ideal, so we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you multiple methods for enhancing your armor in Minecraft.

Customizing Minecraft Armor

As previously mentioned above, players in servers or singleplayer worlds have the ability to get unique armor. Minecraft 1.20 implemented a new function for the smithing table, directly impacting how you appear in-game. This is considered a universal way to upgrade your helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots. Whether you’re on Java or Bedrock, this method is viable to try out. However, if you want more customization than anything else, then consider using armor mods. These addons allow you to have tons of new items to wear, which may serve multiple purposes. It all boils down to what modifications you used for this process, which can be overwhelming at first since there’s many of them. With everything in mind, review the subsections below to understand more about getting unique armor in Minecraft.

Trimming Templates

Starting off with the first method, players in newer versions of Minecraft can use armor trimmings for customizing their appeal. These are found throughout the world in all kinds of structures, including desert pyramids, woodland mansions, shipwrecks, and many others. However, they’re also located in suspicious sand or gravel in trail ruins. Whether you find them in a lootable chest or uncovering them with brushes, there are lots of chances for you to obtain these armor trimming templates.

How to Find Armor Trimmings Minecraft
Armor Trimmings List Minecraft

As of Minecraft 1.20, there’s around 16 armor trimmings to find in your world. All of them have unique designs that can be applied to your helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots. Some of these will appear similar to others, but have subtle differences. Due to them being randomly found in-game, it may be difficult to gauge what’s the best kind for you. With this in mind, consider enabling cheats and entering creative mode to try them out.

As briefly mentioned previously, smithing tables are required to use these armor trimming templates. Additionally, you and others alike need to have extra minerals such as diamonds, emeralds, gold ingots, among other types. This is needed for the new design to appear on your armor. Keep this in mind when playing around with making unique sets. Once you’ve applied some trimmings on your armor, it may remind you of Minecraft Dungeons due to its unique appeal.

Minecraft Armor Trimmings


Minecraft Armor Mods

Minecraft Armor Mods

If you’re wanting to truly get unique armor in Minecraft, then using mods is required. For example, Extra Armor on CurseForge allows you to craft and wear several different sets in the world. These include emerald, amethyst, magma, reinforced iron, obsidian, and so many others. Although, using Block Armor instead provides you with over 1000 types to try out.

We highly encourage you to give these a shot if you’re interested. Besides this, players can instead use modpacks rather than standalone mods for Forge and Fabric. There are countless of them, typically including lots of new features other than more armor customization. For instance, DawnCraft and Better Minecraft provides players with lots of wearable items that sometimes have unique effects. This can be a wonderful experience with friends and family, especially with the other features to enjoy. Remember, these modpacks aren’t only for customizing armor in Minecraft.

Armor Behavior Packs

Similar to modifications for Minecraft Java Edition, behavior packs can help you create unique armor in Bedrock. These are also referred to as addons, with many different kinds of them to install. Some of these packs allow players to craft special sets in-game that have status effects. It depends on the type of pack used for this, but all of them introduce new armor pieces. Whether you have bedrock armor or custom-made types with new minerals, the possibilities are endless.

Minecraft Bedrock Armor Addons



Getting unique armor in Minecraft is relatively easy, especially in the 1.20 update with trimming templates. Whether you use these items or install mods for enhanced helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots, there are plenty of options. Armor customization isn’t only for the Java Edition, as Bedrock versions have their own set of opportunities. These are behavior packs and addons, allowing singleplayer or multiplayer worlds to have new items for players to wear. Regardless of your Minecraft edition, we hoped this tutorial provided you with more information about getting unique armor.

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