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Farming Crossing 4 Server Hosting

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Farming Crossing 4 Modpack Server Hosting
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Fans of Animal Crossing may want to replicate similar features in their own Minecraft server to play with friends. This is only done with mods, which add and change aspects of the game. Instead of searching for lots of them, consider using modpacks – large collections of mods. This is the best way to transform your Minecraft experience! One such pack is called Farming Crossing 4, offering you a wide variety of content similar to Animal Crossing. Observe creatures, log them in your collection, bake many different types of food, explore the vast world to discover unique villagers, and advance through quests. Setting this up to play with friends is extremely simple, as our Apex Hosting servers have this modpack preinstalled for your convenience. Let’s begin to learn how to do this so you’re able to play Farming Crossing 4 in Minecraft!

Host Your Farming Crossing 4 Server

If you don’t already have a Minecraft server with us, purchase one before following the instructions below. All that’s required to host your own Farming Crossing 4 server is selecting it from our Game File section. This means there is no technical knowledge required, including the client installation portion. Everything you need is found below!

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate the Game File area.
  2. Click on the currently selected option, then type “Farming Crossing 4”.
    Farming Crossing 4 Server
  3. Once found, press it and continue to confirm the changes in the prompts.
    Farming Crossing 4 Minecraft
  4. Wait for this to load, then install the modpack on your CurseForge launcher.
  5. Afterward, you can join the Farming Crossing 4 server!


Farming Crossing 4 Modpack

Minecraft Farming Crossing 4 Modpack

Upon loading into your Farming Crossing 4 server, there are tons of new features to explore. This includes unique structures, villagers, environments, animals, hostile mobs, and so much more. There are even cosmetic items to customize your in-game character – not to mention a wide variety of decorations to amplify your home. For those players who want to quickly find out what’s new with this modpack, consider using cheats or server operator permissions to enter creative mode.

One of the first steps to do while playing Farming Crossing 4 is to open the Quest Menu, accessible by pressing the backtick (`) key on your keyboard or in the top right of your inventory. This is where you will find all the missions to complete, along with FAQ information about the modpack. We encourage you to select a few quests and read what needs to be done. Upon finishing one, you may receive rewards to further help you along the way.

Farming Crossing 4 Quest Menu


Farming Crossing 4 Animals

Animal Spotting

A common activity in Farming Crossing 4 is to observe the wildlife, which helps complete your collections. There are hundreds of species to find in Minecraft with this modpack on your server, including hostile mobs that lurk underground. The vast majority of these are passive creatures, with many residing in the oceans of your world too.

Animal observations are good for logging what species you encounter, along with completing quests. If you want special rewards, then find all the different types of mobs in Farming Crossing 4 to complete a collection. Each one will be determined by a category and/or biome. It may take you a lot of time before completing anything, but is worthwhile once you do. Keep in mind that there are other collection logs too, such as for cooking – offering similar rewards upon completion.

Farming Crossing 4 Spawn Eggs


Diverse Villagers

Farming Crossing 4 Structures

In the vast world of Farming Crossing 4 in Minecraft, there are tons of possibilities. An example includes villages, which come in all shapes and sizes. Some of these will be large towns on mountains or fortresses in the sky! We encourage you to explore the world and discover these structures, as they offer you diverse villagers to interact with – including special trade offers with custom items.

Farming Crossing 4 Villagers

Almost all villagers will have their unique role, skin, and name. Whether one focuses on armor or another prioritizing aquariums, you have endless opportunities. The best to kickstart your Farming Crossing 4 adventure is to find a nearby village, which shouldn’t be too difficult. In cases where you’re unable to locate one, don’t forget that they can be generated in the sky as fortresses.



On rare occasions, you might uncover a Waystone in a village or other structure. These are essentially waypoints, offering you quick transportation to places you’ve visited. We highly recommend crafting a few of these blocks to place down at your home and anywhere else you may want to return to in-game.

Farming Crossing 4 Waystones


Farming Crossing 4 Decorations


One of the most important aspects of this modpack is the ability to completely customize your bases. This comes in the form of unique decorations, functional blocks, and other features. Some of them might be required to complete a quest, such as a cooking stove! The best way to get started is to follow along each mission to advance your knowledge of decorations.


Unique Terrain

Farming Crossing 4 Biomes

As previously mentioned, Farming Crossing 4 offers a wide variety of unique environments to explore. These range from large deep forests, flowery fields with wild vegetation, large mountains with rivers, and so much more. The vast majority of them combine vanilla biomes with modded versions, resulting in a truly interesting landscape for all players to enjoy. There might be mysterious environments too, but rarely appear in-game.

The unique generation of terrain also applies for underground biomes, filled with custom blocks and environments. Digging deeper may reveal large caverns or enhanced mineshafts with goodies to loot. It’s similar to vanilla Minecraft, but with extra features to further immerse players. The Farming Crossing 4 modpack opens the door for all kinds of possibilities in its world generation! However, you must find them naturally underground and it can take some time.

Farming Crossing 4 Caves


Farming Crossing 4 Crops

Advanced Farming

One of the most major features of this modpack is farming, as it’s in the name. Expect to find all kinds of vegetables and crops to grow in your farm, later used for cooking or baking. Examples include tomatoes, rice, onions, cabbages, and so much more. Most of these are found naturally, but can be obtained by trading or looting chests in nearby villages.

We encourage you to review the Farmer’s Delight Mod for more information about these features.


There are tons of other features from the Farming Crossing 4 modpack to explore! These include cosmetic armor, clothing, custom equipment, statues, plushies, and much more. Players are given the capability to even build large factories of their own with the Create Mod. You’re able to get started by viewing the Quest Menu and searching for this feature, as it helps you begin the first steps.

Farming Crossing 4 Modpack


Animal Crossing in Minecraft!

Turning Minecraft into Animal Crossing is something that many players might want to try out. Thanks for the Farming Crossing 4 modpack, you’re able to do that and more! Whether you focus on baking goods or progressing through the quests, many options are available. Grab friends and embark on grand adventures together – such as building lovely houses with detailed decorations or logging all the different types of animals to complete quests. Get started today with your own Farming Crossing 4 Minecraft server!

FAQ – Farming Crossing 4

What Minecraft version is for the Farming Crossing 4 modpack?

This modpack is only available for Minecraft Forge 1.20.1, with no other versions available.

How many mods are in the Farming Crossing 4 modpack?

There are over 200 mods in this Minecraft modpack, making it a medium-sized pack.

How much memory (RAM) is required for Farming Crossing 4?

Due to the size of this modpack, 2-3 GB is the bare minimum for it – but more is better.

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How To Make a Farming Crossing Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your Farming Crossing server will be created instantly